Happy hens night!

I don’t mean to go back on my word, but I do have an excuse for a girly post this week – hens nights can’t help being girly! We organised a simple yet fun hens night for our friend Dayu, who’s getting married in Bali in October.

For some people, hens nights involve hitting the town in skimpy clothing, dancing, drinking and other naughty things that will make your grandma blush. It doesn’t always have to be done that way though, and some types of debauchery are not for everyone.

For Dayu’s hens night, we had a gorgeous (and spicy) Thai dinner before doing a bit of a dress-up and watching some girly movies. The next day, we had Mi Goreng for breakfast and took a refreshing walk on the beach. In a way, I wish I had organised more but it was only four of us (and only three at the sleepover), so the laid-back approach worked out quite well.

“Dayu, I wish you all the best on your big day and hope you’ll have tons of happiness with Andrew! I wish Dan and I could be there, but I don’t know how well our baby will cope with flying to Bali  at about 1 month old. Love you babe!”


I never had a Hens night myself, but if I’d had one, these would have been my Top 5 choices:

5. Paintballing – Some friends of mine had a co-ed paintball Hens/Bucks party, and I heard it was pretty action-packed! I’ve never ever been paintballing myself but it sure sounds like a lot of fun (and I can put my M-16 skills to the test – more details next time). My only worry would probably have been the physical damage to the bride and groom – though bruises can be photoshopped out of wedding pictures, I guess.

4. Camping – I love being out in nature and it would be awesome to just be out there with the girls, going for walks in nature and huddling around the campfire. Of course, it would be great to have the boys there to put up our tents, collect firewood, cook the barbie, massage our feet, etc.

3. Beachside retreat – I love chilling out on beach – playing beach volleyball, body surfing and just lying in the sun (though Asians and tans do not socially go well together). Hiring out a beach house would great, not to mention it would be awesome to flaunt bikini bods.

2. Spa Day – Which girl doesn’t love a spa? I can imagine myself being massaged in amazing places (e.g. feet) and just having a good girly chit chat in a hot spa bath. If I lived close to one, I would go to outdoor hot springs – I once went to Peninsula Hot Springs in Victoria and it was divine!

1. White Water Rafting – One thing that bums me about South Australia is that we don’t have any really good white water rafting spots. My first (and favourite) rafting experience was at Tully River in Queensland where we hit some crazy rapids, jumped off cliffs and got flipped out of the boat (deliberately). The adrenaline rush is amazing – just what a bride would need to calm her wedding nerves… in my opinion anyway.


I would love to ramble on more, write some movie reviews or share some thoughts on politics and the weather, but this pregnant woman needs a bit more sleep after being rudely awakened this morning by a somersaulting fetus.

My final comment will be on the AFL game between North Melbourne and Adelaide Crows. I don’t actually watch footy much, but my interest has increased since I started Footy Tipping at work. For some reason, it felt slightly disrespectful not to support the Crows, and am I glad that I tipped them. I still doubt I’ll win anything through my tipping though, because I’ve been wrong pretty much every other time.
Full details here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-05-26/hawthorn-back-up-to-second-after-beating-gold-coast-suns/4713770

Good night and happy Monday for tomorrow.


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