Payday and other myths…

Don’t we all love it when that nice fat paycheck comes in? Mine must be on a diet, I reckon… But anyway, it’s always a great opportunity to reward yourself to give yourself that sense of achievement.

So, my money comes in and I decide to rewards myself with some extra special goodies from Ebay!

In conjunction with the weather becoming significantly colder, I’ve got myself a pair of gloves for just $5 (free postage). Let’s hope they’re actually warm (and they get here from China before winter is over!).

My puppy also deserved a treat, so I got her a Kong Wubba. She’s managed to tear the cloth bit already but I believe it will survive longer than some of her other toys. She has got jaws of steel – I’ve seen her crush a golf ball, so I know what I’m up against!


For the hubby, rather than buying chocolate again, I decided to buy the healthier option – liquorice! Mind you, it probably has as much sugar as chocolate (if not more), but it’s yummy so why not?liq

And I’ve also decided to invest in some lovely colourful cloth nappies! Just because every woman loves spoiling herself…

Honestly, I’m not a crazy shopaholic. I do spend money once in a while on smaller things, though I’m the type that will cringe if a piece of clothing costs over $20. Perhaps it’s in my upbringing, because my mother is also a shrewd spender and taught me the love of op-shops.

I read this article recently about tips to save money, especially in light of my giving up my job for full-time parenthood:

Handy, only I do most of these things already. I take the bus into work (because I REFUSE to pay for parking), I don’t go out partying or drinking – not to mention, I am the master of all things second hand or anything from the Ebay domain.

Mind you, frugality honestly makes me happy. Some people are happy when they buy something that they’ve been eyeing for ages – they’ve saved up and finally can afford that dress, phone or car of their dreams. And then, you get people like me, who are just happy they were able to get a used designer dress off the rack of a Salvos shop for less than $10. I’m sure there’s a place in the world for people like me (and it’s probably not on a catwalk).

I’m just thankful that there’s more to life than what money can buy. And some of the best things in life come free… Like this:


Location: Chillagoe, QLD
Time: Around sunrise
Emotion: Tranquility, Perfection

May the rest of your week be filled with a whole lot of wonderful things that money can’t buy!


2 thoughts on “Payday and other myths…

  1. Knowing the value of money n that money is not easy to come by except through your own effort n hard work is what I hope to have inculcated in you. We all love a good bargain n it is okay to spoil youself sometimes but always remember to live within you means n never s borrower or lender be…


  2. sry, typo error with SG … live within youR means n never A borrower or lender be…
    The value of anything is in how much you appreciate the thing n not its cost so spend if u need to n save where you can.


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