My first baby shower!

This is my first relatively personal post (and hence will explain what’s been keeping me so busy the last few days!)… my baby shower!

I’ve read that normally baby showers are held when the mother is about 8 months pregnant, but I reckon it’s good I had it a bit earlier (I’m about 29 weeks) as I felt more energetic and mobile.

Also, it was good to have enough energy to clean the house before the guests arrived – I do admit that I can get quite slack at cleaning the house, and only pull myself together when under pressure (i.e. started cleaning at 10.00am for a 2.00pm party!) But, at long last, the house was in order (and nobody discovered my “junk” room).

The theme was yellow and green (as we haven’t found out our baby’s gender yet). It was after looking at the napkins that I bought that I realised it was quite a patriotic “Australian” theme – but the balloons softened the effect.



It’s funny how most of my friends are Asian – now, don’t take it as being biased. I know lots of Caucasian Aussies (and people of other ethnic groups, for that matter) that are really awesome people. It boils down to three factors:

1. When I was at Uni, my course was quite a highly exclusive one where Australians would only pay for it if they were granted scholarships (otherwise, it would be way more than they would need to pay to do a similar course at a local institution). There were only 4 Australians in my graduating class of 100+.

2. At church, my husband grew up with a group of Caucasian Australian & NZ guys, and guess what – majority of them married Asian girls! In the pic above, all of us girls who have partners have Caucasian partners.

3. At work, I’m at an Australian based company but the founders are Singaporean and for some reason, our team is highly multicultural – not to mention, lots of employees LOVE the Asian culture (or at least, love to put on an Asian accent).

But anyway, Asian or not Asian, I love my girls heaps and want to thank them so much for always being there for me!


And with lots of variety with the guests comes a variety of food! We had lots of yummy things to eat (and drink) – on the top right is one of my party favourites (though it’s hard to take to people’s houses due to spillage, so more of a party at home food). It’s called Honeydew Sago, though I did mine with rockmelon as well. And below is a treat my father-in-law made, called cream lillies! He’s truly a Masterchef – he also does some mean cheesecakes, which you may see in the course of my future posts too.


And what is a baby shower without games?


1. Mum-to-be crossword puzzle – it’s so easy to make crossword puzzles online and I had real fun making it. I put in questions like “How much weight did I gain?” (8kg), “What’s my biggest craving?” (KFC) and “What’s my baby’s Chinese zodiac sign?” (Snake).

2. Diaper Derby – the two bottom photos might explain the gist. A group wraps one person up in a ‘diaper’ made from toilet paper – and the person who can catwalk around the room without it falling will be the winner. My niece Esther was the cutest model (and she’s probably used to being in diapers too!)


3. Guess the price – My mum-in-law bought a whole lot of baby items and we had to rank them from the lowest priced to the most expensive. It was actually pretty tricky – I don’t think any of us got all correct!

4. Guess the mum’s measurements – Basically, I cut a string measuring the actual length around my belly (probably around the bellybutton is best) and then the guests cut a piece that they estimate. Most of them got it way too long! It’s really quite deceptive…

5. Decorate a jumpsuit – All you need is a few plain jumpsuits, some fabric paints, permanent markers and ribbons for a fun decoration session! It’s funny how nobody used any ribbons as majority think my baby’s going to be a boy…
Which one would be your winner out of these?

IMG_7913 IMG_7912

6. Catch the what? – At weddings, people catch the bouquet so I thought it was fitting that at a baby shower, guests can catch a diaper and will potentially become the next mum-to-be? Lots of cheering and laughter to follow…

7. Baby names – I also put up posters on the wall for baby names. I love my friends & family – they have such creative ideas!

IMG_7911 IMG_7910

And finally, I would love to thank everyone for their thoughtful and gorgeous presents! I really am so blessed!



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