Should I write a book?

I have the day off work tomorrow (for my midwife appointment), and I’ve found that I really treasure these mid-week off days – they just help me catch my breath.

Breath is something I’ve been rather short of lately – this baby seems to be taking up a lot of space. He or she has assumed a rather comfortable position (for himself/herself at least) – head on my bladder, arms sometimes poking into my kidneys, bum in my ribs and feet into the other side of my ribs. Oh well, not too long now… 


One thing I love about Australia is the old buildings, particularly the ones in the countryside. We went to this quaint little church a few weeks ago, and it had a lovely rustic flair to it (despite being a bit chilly inside). I love the smell inside old buildings as well as the way it sounds inside – voices seem to resonate off the walls in a gentle, warm manner.

I believe that despite growing up in the city, I’m a country girl at heart. I love the fresh air, the greenery and running water, along with the sense of peace that comes from it. My husband disagrees at times because I’m afraid of the dark and don’t like it when it’s quiet at night (hey, I’m used to be serenaded to sleep by sounds of traffic). He also thinks I may not survive without a shopping mall nearby (and perhaps he’s right – will have to test this theory at some point by moving far out into the country).

One of my pet peeves about living in (or in my case, commuting to) the city is the traffic. I’m blessed to live along an express bus line, but it still takes a good 30-40 minutes to travel to and fro. Today, though, I was stuck on the bus for an hour – frustrated as I was, it was well warranted and it’s such a shame to hear about it:

Anyway, I’ve become a bit sidetracked from what I actually wanted to write about – yes, you can blame it on the baby brain. I was surfing Linked In (which is almost like Facebook for the corporate world, minus the crazy pictures) and came across a really awesome article, titled “Should You Write a Book?”. The article discussed a few good and bad reasons to write a book, and it got me thinking about whether (or rather, when) I should get myself organised and put my thoughts into writing.

Back in high school, I was voted as the person “Most Likely to Write a Bestseller” and back then, I always asked myself “When do I start?!” I had so many ideas swirling in my head, from constructing a huge fantasy world like Narnia (only better!) to writing true and honest memoirs from my eventful 20 something years of life. There are random pieces of writing sitting all over my computer, from songs and poetry to short stories which I wrote for competitions and drafts of novels that never eventuated.

And the question I still ask myself today is “When do I start?!”. I believe I have commitment issues with longer pieces of writing, and I can’t find a reason compelling enough to focus all my efforts into developing a story worth telling.

After reading the article on Linked In (which you can read here:, it made me ponder a few things about writing a book that made me give it more serious thought.

The writer, Guy Kawasaki, states some good reasons to write a book:

1. To enrich lives
When I was younger and access to TV was scarce, books were my life. Stories enveloped my dreams and eventually helped me grow into my own skin. I do admit that the Harry Potter series, in particular, was really close to my heart and I spent a few years waiting for that letter from Hogwarts. And I believe that if I had that talent, to write a book (or books) that can bring fantasies to life, or draw people to a better understanding of reality, then I’d better go and start writing right away!

2. Intellectual challenge
I believe this is very relevant, seeing that writing a book is one challenge that I haven’t been able to achieve just yet. It’s not difficult to write a book, but it is difficult to write a good one. And in the next few years, the time factor may be something that is less of an issue (though I’m good at finding things to keep me occupied unfortunately). 

3. Further a cause
I’m not really a conservationist or an advocate of any particular cause (though I am involved ADRA and church causes), but I believe that these things can be weaved into a particular story. You may have noticed that I’m more likely the type to write fiction than factual – however, mixing fact and fiction to come up with something compelling and believable would probably be my preferred focal point.

4. Catharsis
I had to look this word up on Google – yes, my Engrish is not that powderful okay? But I completely agree with this point – this blog was honestly set up as a means of self-expression, though I really do like the attention too (haha!). Depending on the topic I choose, writing a book could help me release pain from the past and come to terms with the person I am today. It could also help me move into a creative world bigger than I could have ever imagined my world could be.

So, yes, I do believe I should write a book. What I should write about… well, that’s another story. 


Meanwhile, Skittles loves books but she feels they’re a bit too hard for her. Have a great rest-of-the-week!


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