Finding that four-leaf clover

I never quite understood the concept of a four-leaf clover, probably because we don’t have clover in Malaysia. We have lalang which is like tall grass that can cut you if you touch its edges, and semalu, or sensitive grass, which folds up upon being touched. But not clover.

This winter, our area seems to be plagued with clover – it spreads itself across the reserve and filled in the hole-dug parts of garden. Some have round leaves, some little heart-shaped leaves and they come in a whole array of sizes. 

And I’m intent to find that lucky four-leaf clover, thought it’s not in luck that I believe.

I’m the type of person that believes that nothing is by chance – everything happens for a reason and there is an underlying plan behind everything that goes on. Good things may lead to bad things, just as bad things may lead to good. There is a bigger picture that I may never fully understand until I am beyond this world.

People say that my sort of thinking takes an immense amount of faith. But don’t a lot of things take faith? Faith is believing in things unseen. Isn’t faith needed when placing your trust into things or in people? Does it not take faith to believe that we’ll make it through the end of the day? Do you not need faith looking into your future ahead of you?

Too often we assume that things will continue the way they do, day in day out. When we are in a good place in life, we may take things for granted and almost assume that we are entitled to such luxuries. And when things go wrong, we look for someone to blame, and this is where we are tested to see where our faith lies.

There may be a four-leaf clover out there waiting for me. I may never pick it up (or Skittles may have squished it) but I believe it is there. And that takes faith.

But if I can have faith in something so uncertain, something that’s one in a million, why not in something that is centered in truth?

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