30 days and counting…

I think I’m losing the plot this week. Part of it is my busy week, but there are other elements to be added to the picture such as a lack of sleep and perpetually sore ribs. I have to admit that I’m still sleeping pretty well for a pregnant woman, though I’m usually wide awake at 12 midnight but yet, can’t drag myself out of bed at 7 a.m.

Strangely enough, as I was browsing the net today, I came across this condition:

That, my friends, is frightening. Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI) is a rare and fatal genetic disease where you just can’t sleep to a point of mental instability and finally, death. Very sad – apparently, the average survival span for patients diagnosed with FFI after the onset of symptoms is 18 months.


Skittles feels quite sad learning about that article. As for her, she has the “eat-everything-in-sight” disease. I decided to Google “Which is better to eat, paper or plastic?” but did not find any helpful information.

Anyway, in less depressing news, I am almost 36 weeks pregnant and I’m starting my countdown officially today. 30 days to go… I’ll probably do very short day-by-day reviews, just because I can.

Day 30
A standard day at work – I have about a week left. I can’t wait but at the same time, money-minded me just wants to stay and earn more money until the day I pop. I went to the chiropractor who said that my back is going pretty well for this stage in pregnancy, which is good.


I was frustrated at Skittles for biting a hole in her indoor bed so I patched it up. I think I did an okay job – though I bet it won’t be long til there’s another hole somewhere.

Another thing I did today was try my Raspberry Leaf Tea. I’m not a huge tea drinker, though I do like herbal teas and bubble teas. Raspberry Leaf Tea is supposed to tone your uterus and help the labour progress at a nice, steady pace. And here is my tea review:

This tea has an earthy, light scent that resembles Rooibos’. If you drink it when it’s too hot, it tastes like “Ouch”. It has a slightly fruity taste (duh, it’s raspberry leaf) and seems like the type of tea you could drink in the morning to refresh you, but also at night to soothe you to sleep. I have not found any link with this tea and heartburn just yet. I would love to try this tea in bubble tea form (i.e. cold with powdered milk and bubble tea pearls). 

Do you reckon I’d be a good tea reviewer? Haha. I remember the days at Uni where I used to have to review wines (I was studying Hospitality). Once the lecturer asked me what the wine tasted like to me and I said “dog pee”. I’m surprised I passed.

On an ending note, I was just pondering what the baby would look like. I was just looking at Daniel’s and my baby pictures and wondering what the combination would be like. 

Image  Image

What do you think? And yes, the one on top is me and I am a girl. 

Have a lovely night folks!

2 thoughts on “30 days and counting…

  1. I dug out our baby photos to ponder about how our baby will look like too! Turned out that he got a bit of everything haha. Really excited to know that you’ll be seeing your little one very soon:) Take lots of pictures and videos!


  2. Haha you can never tell which bits they’ll get from each parent, but I’m sure it’s a special feeling, meeting your little one for the first time and knowing he’s all yours. 🙂 Thanks!


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