The babymoon and other pregnancy luxuries…

I think I made quite good use of this first week off work. Some of my highlights of the week:

  • Wrapping up some things at work – I knew I would forget some things, like handing in my key card etc. I’m still not used to the fact that I’m not working – it just feels like I’m holidays for a few days and I’m expected to go back to work next Monday.
  • Signing up with Centrelink – it’s such a blessing living in Australia where they actually support you financially for a certain period of time when your baby is born. Of course, the process can take a while, hence why I’m trying to apply early.
  • Buying more baby stuff – I love shopping on Gumtree, honestly. Bought a Baby Bjorn carrier for $80 and the lady also gave me her vibrating rocker that plays music. I still have to head out and buy a few more things at some point.
  • Walking Skittles a few times – We managed to get a bit of sunny spring weather, so I took Skittles down to the reserve. Lovely blossoms all around!


  • Routine blood tests for pregnancy – I’m so used to blood tests now…
  • Got my hair cut – I’m blessed with thick hair but it can get so incredibly thick sometimes! I swear I lose at least 500g (if not more) when I get a haircut.
  • Meeting up with my girlfriends – In a previous post, I might have mentioned that my girlfriends and I love having hot pot. We’re such creatures of habit (but it was yummy mind you!) Look at me stuffing my face, haha!


Evidently, I’m quite tired today from all the gallivanting, so going to take it easy. My main goal today is to work on a playlist for my labour – mostly relaxing songs, but also energetic ones where I can chill out and sing along (probably only in the early stages anyway). Music has an amazing way of influencing emotions (and I’m hoping it’ll distract me from the pain too!).

This is my all time favourite song though:
f I was only allowed to listen to one song in this world, it would be this one (and even if I couldn’t listen to it, I can play it on the piano so it would resonate with me forever).

Anyway, the main point of my post today was really to talk about my recent Babymoon… Now, before you think that I am a woman of too many indulgences, we actually had a free 1 night stay on a loyalty card we had – and what better way to enjoy it but somewhere memorable yet close to home?


We went to the Novotel Barossa over the weekend – it’s a relatively secluded resort set against the beautiful backdrop of the Barossa Valley, and it was also the place Daniel and I spent our wedding night.

We initially were planning to go out for some nature walks, perhaps explore the nearby town Tanunda – but it was a bit cold and rainy, so we spent more time indoors. I’m not sure what your idea of fun is, but we really enjoyed our time talking, playing board games, taking baths (separately cos the tub was too small – why are you so tall, Daniel?) and lounging around in the soft fluffy bathrobes. I love hotel bathrobes!

Another highlight was the food – we decided to be lazy and have both meals in the hotel restaurant. I can’t say much for the service (but then again, I have high standards as I used to work in F&B and pick up on any parts of the order of service that they miss) but the food was great!


I had this for dinner – the salmon was cooked to perfection and all the other elements blended together well. A great hearty dish for a cold night – though a reminder to pregnant ladies, don’t eat too much fish to prevent high mercury levels.

For other expecting mums, I highly recommend taking a babymoon somewhere – preferably during your second trimester. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or action-packed (though if you want to, go right ahead!) – but it’s just a great way to celebrate the event with your partner and to enjoy being husband and wife before the many new duties come along!


Anyway, that’s all for now! I should really head out to the shops to get more baby essentials. Enjoy your Friday everybody!


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