Checking in from the world of motherhood…

I did say before that I didn’t really want this to be a fully dedicated pregnancy/baby blog but at the moment, this seems to be all that’s happening in my life (and I can’t complain!).

Here are 5 things I learned this week:

1. Babies will do things in their time (particularly newborns). They will tell you when they are hungry, wet, bored, tired, etc. And initially, you may not understand them but just give them a few days and soon you’ll be able to understand him/her a lot better.

Initially I used to get quite upset hearing him cry (which in turn, made him more upset) but now I realise that it’s just his way of communicating, and he just needs lots of cuddles.

2. It’s essential to have a great stroller. This was our first choice:
nfortunately, it’s not within our budget. It’s available in Australia at the moment for around $1500 (which is actually not bad for the features it has).

Instead, we opted for the Steelcraft Strider Compact, which is really well made. It’s lightweight, folds up easily, and can fit baby all the way from newborn to 20kg. It gives us the option to have rear or front facing, and we could even put in a 2nd seat should we have another child in the next few years *hint hint*. Jacob gives his seal of approval.


3. Breastfeeding hurts! Well, it differs for each person but I believe there’s still a certain period of time to get used to it on top of the soreness of the delivery, etc. At the hospital, they gave me lanolin cream to treat my nipples but unfortunately, I’m allergic to lanolin. Thank goodness for Hydrogel Breast Feeding Pads! They’re called Mothermates and can be purchased from pharmacies – really helped me heal quickly.

Your breasts also get sore, especially when your milk comes in – I found a shower in the evening helps greatly (also with your mood, which is my next point).

4. I put up a bit of a discussion online regarding something I call “evening blues”, and quite a few mums agreed that they had experienced something similar. I think it’s a mixture of lack of sleep, the healing process from the labour and the emotional effect of the whole situation (hormones and all). Have you felt this before? I’ve found that it’s best to take a walk in the evening, have a nice shower (or bath if you want to indulge) and have an early night. 🙂

5. Don’t be sloppy with doing up diapers! I have to admit that before Jacob was born, I had never changed a nappy before and had no idea what to do. I’ve sorta got the hang of it now, but on some nights where I’m sore, sleepy and just couldn’t care less, I don’t get the diaper on right (i.e. too loose). This has resulted in many different disasters hence why I should really perfect my technique.

And this is the pic of the day – love my little boy. He is so cute:



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