Before and after…

Another predominantly photo-based post today because I haven’t really had the time to think of what to write.

Baby Jacob is now two weeks old, hence had his two week check today – he’s a happy boy, eating well and has grown 1.5cm since birth already. And his head had gotten bigger (literally). He’s still my favourite cutie, obviously.

Before Jacob was born, I was actually considering pregnancy photos but never really got down to it. I did get a few shots taken by my husband though, which I edited (rather poorly, I might add) so I thought I’d just share a few:





I can’t believe I was so huge then! It’s almost strange now to look down and not have a belly there. But I’m glad that I have my little one out in the world now, and can give him cuddles. Credits for the photos go to my hubby Daniel, and my dog Skittles for being so patient with us taking photos out on her walk.

Jacob has learned a few skills since birth:
1. He can sleep through a fire alarm – I know they tested his hearing and it was a pass, but that still baffles me.
2. He knows if I’m half asleep and trying to change him – he will wee on me to wake me up.
3. He knows that just when I’m feeding him from the fast-flowing breast, he will sneeze and spray milk everywhere.
4. When you are burping him, he won’t burp but just as you put him down, he’ll cough up milk everywhere.
5. He can look at me and make me fall in love with him again, despite the fact that he pooed on me in the shower.


Love you to bits anyway! 🙂


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