Snow ice

It was a lovely eventful week and I can’t help smiling to myself, thinking of all the wonderful things I have to be thankful for.

Firstly, as I may have mentioned in my previous post, it was our anniversary and we thought we’d just do something simple for it. Call me a shameless Asian, but there was an Asian dessert bar I was dying to try – and what better time to go than in the afternoon where it’s not crazily crowded and there’d be space for a stroller.


Here’s me with some scrumptious desserts. Did I mention that I’ve never had snow ice before – at least not in this consistency? It was like shaved ice cream – awesome! We had snow ice with peanuts & black sesame, as well as mango sago with green tea. Of course, I couldn’t resist bubble tea – and since we were peckish, we also ordered Taiwanese popcorn chicken.

WP_20130918_013You know what the best thing was? Jacob slept right through our date. 🙂

In the Jacob front, he’s just passed the 1 month mark – yay! In Chinese culture (of which I’m about half in terms of ethnicity), a Full Moon party is held to celebrate this. Theoretically, that’s when the baby is first introduced to family and friends as the mother and baby are usually confined for the first month.

While I didn’t have confinement, we did have a small Full Moon party for Jacob. No pictures yet, but I’ll steal some off other people’s cameras and post them up next time round.

At one month, Jacob is about 4.4kg (we weighed him naked on an adult scale, weighing me first and then weighing me with him) and he’s graduated from 0000 to 000 clothes. He’s also picked up a new hobby – watching TV with daddy.

20130921_212001Have a lovely week everybody! 🙂


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