Don’t drop that dummy!

Another eventful day – my parents are going back to Malaysia soon, so I took them up to Tanunda to have a look around. We skipped Chateau Tanunda this time round – I think we’ve been there too many times to a point where it’s become rather ordinary.

Something that I have inherited from my mother is my op shop obsession. I love op shops, particularly the ones that have clothes in my size and are dirt cheap. However, since Jacob was born, I have a new obsession in these shops – baby books and clothes! Today, we had a field day…



I was already being conservative here. 🙂 Jacob is going to have a lot of things to read!

What do you think of op shops? Some people don’t like second hand things – for example, they’d say pre-loved goods are dirty or shabby and they want better quality. I just like the value for money, and I actually love the fact that some things have a history to it.

In other news, I was just thinking about the things that annoy me about Jacob… while he can be an angel at times, we have our moments. Here are probably the top 5 things I think to myself each day:
5. Jacob, can you please have proper feeds every 3 hours instead of snacking all day?
4. Jacob, please could I put you down for a minute? I can’t cook or clean while carrying you…
3. Jacob, please don’t chuck up on me… especially not in my best outfit!
2. Jacob, it’s only a nappy change, so please don’t scream the house down…
1. Jacob, don’t drop that dummy!

But then again, I’m sure there are things that may annoy Jacob about me as well:
5. Mummy, why do you make funny faces at me?
4. Mummy, why won’t you walk around carrying me all day?
3. Mummy, why do you need to take my nappies and clothes off again and again?
2. Mummy, why did you put me on my tummy?
1. Mummy, why is your hair in my face?!

I have to admit that last one would irritate anybody… sorry Jacob, I can’t help having long hair. And even when I tie it up, my fringe gets in the way at times.

All in all, I think we’ll all have our love-hate moments but it’s all worth it. I’m not sure if Jacob thinks that I’m immensely cute, but that is one of his redeeming factors… 🙂



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