Of sushi, sniffles and seven weeks…

Just when I though I’d gotten a bit of a rant out of my system… I do hope to make this an informational post, not a ‘feeling sorry for myself’ post. Plus, I have some sushi joy to share.

I wrote an article on how to avoid hay fever, but I have to admit that I wasn’t writing it through personal experience. A lot of it was based on what I learned from my mum, who cannot even go outside in spring without getting a sniffly nose and itchy eyes.

As for myself, I thought I had never received that gene – I never had an inkling of hay fever before. The only time I used Telfast was for the time I got a spider bite that swelled up to the size of my fist.

However, since having Jacob, I’ve felt hay fever slowly building up in me. The slight itch in my ears; the glistening upon my nose. I’m not sure if any of you mums have dealt with this before – have you been more prone to illness after giving birth to your baby? I know that during pregnancy, your immunity is lower but is it also lower when breastfeeding?

Anyway – now, I officially have to deal with hay fever. Very annoying, particularly because you can’t really take antihistamines when you’re breastfeeding.Β At the moment, I’m surviving on Loratidine 10mg tablets, which hardly do anything. I also have nasal spray handy and if it gets worse, I’ll resort to eye drops too. I do hope that it’ll go away, perhaps after I’m done breastfeeding? Who knows…

Anyway, if you want to check out the article, here it is:Β http://jommagazine.com.au/avoid-hay-fever/

Anyway, in other news, a new sushi place has opened up in Tea Tree Plaza (the closest mall to me) and it’s a sushi train concept! I LOVE sushi trains! The reason why I can’t be a food blogger though is because I always eat the food before I actually take photos of it.


I have to say that it was a great sushi experience – probably at par to Sushi Train if not better. It has a pretty long conveyor belt and a wide variety of sushi – some of my favourites like sashimi, salmon avocado nigiri, crispy katsu nigiri, chicken karaage, etc. They’ve also got the whole range of seafood things like takoyaki, ebi fry, and crab claw – all which I don’t eat (but they looked really good!).

All in all, I had an awesome time acquainting myself with sushi and sashimi while Jacob slept like a baby:


Speaking of Jacob, he’s now 7 weeks old. Time has certainly flown by, and he’s becoming bigger and cuter. Today I let him play around on his Lamaze Tummy Time playmat and he enjoyed himself quite a bit:



6 thoughts on “Of sushi, sniffles and seven weeks…

  1. Really enjoying your blog Lianne – Jacob is growing and looking divine! Missing you but glad to see how much you are embracing motherhood
    Kerry x


  2. The best thing for u now (n speaking from experience) is to use the white tiger balm n not ingest any of those anti histamines that leave your mouth so dry n ur upper palatte v sore among other things. Avoid grassy n pollen infested areas if you can, drink lots of green tea or water n put tiger balm (will pm u n tell u exactly where) Vacuum ur home often esp areas like the living rm, bathrm n ur bedrm. Love, mummy


  3. He is so adorable! Love the contemporaneous babywearing and sushi eating. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures in time.


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