Soft and fluffy…

Today is one of those days that I’m just bursting with annoyance. It’s one of those days I can only have a 2 minute shower because the baby chooses to scream his head off the moment I get in… and one of those days where I have to wait 1 hour for my doctor’s appointment with a feral child (not mine) running around the waiting room. Not to mention my nose is just hay fevered out. Le sigh…

However, my new woe is dry skin. Nobody told me that you shrivel like a prune after giving birth – well, I suppose it doesn’t happen to everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to warn. After consulting my mother’s group, it’s something to do with your hormones (and I suppose all the good nutrients go into the breastmilk).

Anyway, at the moment I feel like something between a lizard and puff pastry. I moisturise every few hours but it just dries out right after. I guess it doesn’t help that I live in South Australia, the driest state in the driest continent in the world.

One thing I’d love right now is a warm (not hot, or I’ll shed my skin like a snake) bath. Jacob, the lucky boy, gets a bath each night and sometimes in the big tub with me or daddy. He loves his baths and is looking very content with himself here:

While many people like buying baby baths, I was told that it wasn’t really necessary – and I’m glad I never got one. There are so many things you can wash a baby in (and no, a bucket is not counted). We initially bathed him in our makeshift ice bucket (which is about the size of a linen basket), but nowadays I don’t even bother with that too often. Sometimes, if all I want to do is clean his bum, I just half-fill the sink and wash him in it. After all, he can still fit in the sink (this is a slightly older pic of him though):


Anyway, I will keep this short as the bed beckons me. I can expect a restless night as it’s warm – Jacob’s definitely a winter baby and loves cooler weather. But he is a complete grump when it’s hot – perhaps he can just sleep in his swaddle & diaper tonight? Good night all! šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Soft and fluffy…

  1. “Anyway, at the moment I feel like something between a lizard and puff pastry” – had me LOLing!!

    I still “shower” my toddler in our kitchen sink – we have a flexible faucet hose so I can wash him down when I need to. But we had to get a baby bath bc we only have a standing shower only in our bathroom and no bathtub šŸ˜¦


    • Oh silly me – I actually left out a paragraph I was meaning to write about showers. When there’s at least two people in the house, you can bathe the baby in the standing shower too.

      I had to do it solo this morning though (cos he was screaming his head off and I wanted a longer shower) – and when we were done, I wrapped him in a towel and put him in the sink so I could get changed. I don’t think he’ll fit in the sink for much longer though…


  2. very good to know about the possibility of shrivelling! no one ever talks straight up about these post-labour issues, argh. as for baby bathtubs, we’re going to get one for convenience mostly because our sinks are too small but also because there’s a decent one for like $6 CDN at Ikea. really can’t go wrong there lol! you are looking seriously fab with Jacob btw!


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