The rise of the Asian mum…

It’s coming to the end of a good week and I just thought I’d take some time to celebrate my Asian-ness. I have a love-hate relationship with being Asian, but it’s something that I have to live with so I might as well embrace it.

A few years ago, I came across the ‘High Expectations Asian Father’ meme, which pointed out some great Asian truths.


Asians have a strange way with gifts, especially between parents and children. I’ve offered to buy many things for my parents, only to be told “Don’t want! Waste money!”. Rather than give gifts, sometimes Asians will do a ‘contra’ and just not give each other gifts. Back when I was little, I remember that my mum used to recycle present wrappers (“Don’t tear the paper!”). And money is always a good gift to receive. *hint hint*


Asians LOVE buffets. What could be better than no limit on food for a flat rate? I believe it’s because of Asians that some buffets now have time limits. Also, watch out because Asians will sneak away a roll or two (and maybe a lobster) in their bags. And of course, we need to prepare room in our stomachs for it – so, no breakfast or lunch because you want to maximise the dinner! I think I remember throwing up after a few of these buffets, because I just ate too much.


Asians know everything about frugality. Even on a really hot day in Malaysia, we wouldn’t turn on the air conditioning because “waste money”! I’m not so bad with electricity now because we have solar panels in, but I can get like that with shopping – i.e. no need to cut hair or do manicure, waste money!


This is another qualm I have about having a daughter – paranoia. Fair enough – I grew up in Malaysia where mugging and rape is rampant, but all parents worry a LOT about their daughters. I remember once I went for martial arts training in Petaling Street, which is considered a “red light district” – and I was not answering my phone because the class went overtime. I think I had about 50 missed calls…


Ah, so much for positive reinforcement – DOES NOT WORK, according to Asian parents. I remember coming home with exam scores over 90%, only to hear my parents say “What? How could you get that wrong? So easyyyyyyy….” We Asians have a perfectionist culture, and your best can always be bettered.


And this is my favourite one (because I apparently shamed our dynasty, haha!). Asian parents either love or hate having Caucasian in-laws (mine the former, of course). But for those who fall in the latter, be warned! You are in for an exciting ride of your parents trying to Asian-ize your partners (or them just never speaking to you again).

Sometime last year, I found this video which has practically immortalised Asian mums at their best. Check it out here, and tell me what you think, especially you Asian kids out there!:

Finally, my cute Asian-Western Jacob says “Hey!” and “Have a great weekend!”



8 thoughts on “The rise of the Asian mum…

  1. Recycling esp of paper v gd. Throw away society v wasteful n thrift not a bad thing.Giving $$ sometimes better than gifts given without much thought behind them. U hve not said anything abt std Asian parents’ fave occupations for their children n how they r so let down when there’s no doctor or lawyer in the family… Keep whats best of being Asian n be proud of your hertage always


  2. OHH MY GOSHHH I LOVE THIS POST!! i’m always whining about aspects of the Asian culture stabbing away at me from the inside! everything you posted is bang-on. it’s crazy how similar most, if not all, Asian cultures are. being Chinese, i’ve definitely struggled all my life to “Asianize” ppl to bring friendships and relationships to a common middle ground, expectation-wise. and as for the buffet deal, what better way to celebrate my bday this weekend than some serious all-you-can-eat sushi (2 hr seating limit) for Saturday lunch (cheaper than dinner)! i’m cramming in a small bowl of cereal as i type at 7am so it digests and my stomach empties out by the time we eat later at 11:30am hahaha. lawd have mercy! thanks for this post, girl. šŸ˜‰


    • Haha I’m glad you got a laugh out of it! It’s so true though – no matter where they are in the world, Asians usually operate in a pretty similar manner. I’ll probably do a follow up post at some point with more Asian quirks – funny but also something I’m proud of. Happy birthday by the way! Ohh sushi buffet – I’m jealous, I loveeeee sushi! šŸ™‚ Hope all is well with your pregnancy too…


    • Hehe aw thanks! My mum in law got some cute pics of him smiling today so might do another post with those soon. You can’t get enough pics of your little one (as you’ll find out soon enough!) šŸ™‚


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