Struggling to find time to write this…

I think it would be pushing it to try and blog more this week on top of all the commitments I have.  The fact that I started writing this blog post on Thursday and am only posting it today is proof of how busy I am!

The following are or have been on my agenda: 

– Helping my friend move his things out of my house
– Some charity odds and ends (I missed out on making patties today – feel so bad! I had all the ingredients but no time…)
– Meeting friends for lunch (I have been cancelling too many times – friends are so important to me)
– Christmas shopping & present wrapping
– Doing some phone interviews and writing a magazine article (which includes finding a moment where Jacob is actually quiet and doesn’t need my attention)
– Calling the Malaysian High Commission in Canberra to set up a time to renew my passport and register my marriage (yes, I’m about 2+ years late for the marriage rego)
– Church & a special farewell lunch for our Pastor
– Zilm family Christmas lunch on the weekend
– Putting up my Christmas tree, lights and decorations

And the list goes on…

So anyway, I’m going to make up for my absence by posting up a few extra cute pictures of Jacob and co.


He loves his cousins (and his cousins love him!).


He’s a good Ralph Lauren model. 🙂


And he likes Ferrari too. I can’t believe he can already fit into this – back a few months ago I thought it was huge!

Have a lovely weekend and speak next week when I’m out of deep water. And there may be a book review in the mix sometime soon – do stay tuned!

Of baptisms and baby showers…

I always tell myself that I want to blog on the weekends but I never seem to find the time. There seem to be so many events on in the later months of the year… and next week, it’ll be December!

I was planning on blogging yesterday (and started the post then) but Jacob had a massive meltdown – not sure what caused it, maybe a growth spurt? The doctor cleared him with a perfect bill of health, so perhaps it was a one off.

He was very well-behaved at the doctor’s today and had a whinge when he got his shots, but is happily asleep now. The doctor says he’s heavy and tall for his age (75th percentile), which I can’t complain about I guess (except he is giving me sore wrists carrying him). He was a cutie yesterday too:


Anyway, my busy weekend actually started on Thursday night with my husband’s Year 12 school formal (he’s a high school teacher). It was held in a picturesque location in the hills, and it was simply lovely. I knew quite a few students from this year’s formal as I chaperoned on their Year 10 school camp. It was a relatively eventful one (and it was pretty much rained out) which involved taking shelter at a boathouse, surviving leeches galore and even a helicopter ride to hospital (but it all turned out fine in the end).

ImageI bought some heels to wear to the event but chickened out and wore my Airflex office shoes. There was a lot of gravel and my joints are still a bit loose from the pregnancy. But I promise you, leopard print heels, I will wear you soon!


It was also probably the longest I’ve ever been away from Jacob (and I was feeling a bit anxious, especially towards the end of the night). We used to bring him out with us at night but now we don’t want to spoil his routine, and he does find it easier to fall asleep in bed at night rather than somewhere foreign and noisy.

Speaking of which, we were out on Saturday night for two baptisms in the Adelaide City Church. I’ve only attended a few baptisms (including my own) but I find them such beautiful events. I love the fact that it symbolises a public expression of one’s faith, and how you are making a stand for what you believe in. Jacob, however, didn’t enjoy the baptismal experience as much and was completely restless. He did fall asleep in my arms for a while but I believe we’ll not be doing too many more night outings.

Thinking back on my own baptism a few years ago, there were fewer than 10 people present, as it was an afternoon session at a church I didn’t even go to (but they had the baptismal pool there). I remember the wind rustling through palm trees and the serenity in the air, and I knew that the audience wasn’t small. In fact, all the angels in heaven were present. 🙂

ImageThinking back on my own baby shower (, I had a relatively simple one – probably because I hadn’t been to many baby showers before and didn’t want too much of a fuss. But now I’ve been to a few and have a few more coming up in the next few months, I’m really into baby showers!

I went to one on Sunday, which had a lovely pastel theme and was held out in the garden. I’m still waiting on the pictures, but I assure you it was gorgeous. I have one to plan in January which will have a Hawaiian theme. All this made me think of what I’d like to do at my next baby shower (yes, assuming I have another baby on the way sometime). So, here are my Top 5 Baby Shower themes, regardless if I’m having a boy or a girl (and in no particular order):

1. Book club! No, we’re not going to be reading baby care books. It’ll probably involve people bringing a book for the baby (thought I already have heaps cos I love kids books). Maybe it could even follow the theme of one of the books. No, I must restrain myself from having a Harry Potter party. But that would be soooooo cool!


2. Pamper party! What a great excuse to have a relax with the girls – perhaps have a bit of a getaway to a day spa or just do each other nails. That would be a treat for me because I love massages and I don’t usually spend money on beautification (hence why I look like a plain Jane all the time).

3. Superheroes! I’d probably make it a co-ed baby shower and get Daniel to run some games. And I’d love Superhero gifts too, please! (On a separate note, I bought Jacob a Batman jumpsuit yesterday).


4. Jet-setter shower! Maybe with a globe cake and have aeroplanes and suitcases as part of the decor. I might include a Geography quiz in the games part too. 🙂

5. Pirate theme! Yes, I’ve been to a few pirate parties in the last few years, but it hasn’t lost its appeal (and I do have a pirate costume that I want to use again). Arrrr!


Just a disclaimer – I got those pictures off Google and don’t own any of them. Except the one of me. XD

On an ending note, I wish Skittles were as patient as this dog:

3 amazing months…


Hello, my name is Jacob and I’m 3 months old today! I have big feet, a tubby tummy and I never hardly ever smile at the camera.

I’m Wednesday’s child and was born in the year of the Snake – just like my mummy and my grandma. Wednesday’s children are supposed to be full of woe, but I don’t see any reason to be woeful at all. 🙂

I love my life. I wake up around 6.30am every morning (much to mummy’s delight) and conveniently go back to sleep once she’s just given up on falling back asleep again. However, I compensate for this by letting her have nice long showers as I love lying in the bathtub listening to the shower and exhaust fan running. I also don’t mind lying in the sink but I’m a bit too big for it now…


The rest of the day goes by and I just play by ear. I sometimes go out grocery shopping with mummy and ride in the carrier. Sometimes mummy walks Skittles while carrying me, but lately she’s been waiting for daddy to come home first as I’m getting heavy. And then we have a luxurious bath at night (usually with daddy), read a nice book and go to sleep.

Mummy and I were reading about what babies should be doing at 3 months old:

I’m supposed to be able to hold my head steady – I’m not too bad at it, really, but I still faceplant sometimes. My arm, leg and hand coordination has improved and I can actually grab things though half the time I just grab my own shirt. My sleeping patterns actually used to be better before, but I’m going back to longer stints at night – mummy, bear with me. I can clearly recognise mummy and daddy though, and I love to look at them every day!

They love to read me books and I can’t wait for Christmas when I’ll get more books. My mum believes it’s good to hear different languages, so she speaks to me in Malay and tries to speak Mandarin and Japanese (though she can’t speak them very well, but I won’t tell her that). It’s also good for me to touch different textures and interact with people – I’ve always interacted though, but now I really pay attention!

It’s amazing that 3 months ago, I used to be really tiny and wrinkly:


But then I grew, and grew, and grew. I was 3.5kg when I was born – today when mummy weighed me, I was about 6.4kg!

I have a few notable skills such as crying, squealing and flailing my legs and arms about. I have a naughty habit of pointing my middle finger at things, but I hope to grow out of it. However, my most notable one is probably the fact that I grunt when I experience a downward motion. Like if mummy’s carrying me and she sits down on the sofa. Mum and dad have videos of this, I think, and may show them at my 21st birthday.

My favourite food and drink at the moment is breastmilk, though my hands come a close second – I just can’t stop putting them in my mouth! I love colourful toys and often try to taste them. My favourite things to look at are the dangly things in my baby gym, my bug mobile and the fan when it’s turned on. I also love smiling at that little baby in the mirror – gosh, he’s handsome. Today I touched him but he was cold and hard – I was unimpressed.


I’d like to say that I’m a well-traveled baby. I’ve traveled to many a shopping mall and regularly go out to a church in the Adelaide Hills where I routinely fall asleep in sermons. I enjoyed my visit to Port Elliot and can’t wait to watch the cricket with mummy and daddy next month. Also, I might note that I’m going to be playing baby Jesus on one of the nights at the Lobethal Lights. You can get my autograph later, thanks.

I’ve realised that mummy doesn’t really dress me like a baby – she dresses me like how she dresses daddy. Hence I’ve got hoodies, jackets, button up shirts, trackies and jeans. I wear overalls too, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen daddy wear overalls.

At the moment, my current issue is that I don’t sleep enough – or rather, I’m not interested enough in sleep. I love being awake and just doing things – it’s so much fun, you know? But I guess I do need my sleep or else I become a cranky bum at night.


My best friends are mummy and daddy. They are a bit strange at times but I love being with them. I hope to grow big and strong so I can do the things that they do (but I think I’ll always be the cutest in the family).

Winds of change

We’ve had a couple of hot days but tomorrow is rumoured to be 20 degrees only (which is honestly a real relief). It’s odd that while I grew up in a tropical country, I don’t actually like the heat anymore – maybe pregnancy has changed me. I used to freeze all the way from March to about September each year, but I actually quite enjoyed my winter and am not sure how I’ll handle the hot dry summer ahead.

And, yes – I can feel the change in the air. I love to hear the wind, especially at night when I’m lying in bed snuggled under the covers. I’m not at the moment, but little Jacob sure is! I’m tempted to play my piano but don’t want to wake him; I would say that Ludovico Einaudi’s music would be fitting. Daniel is listening to Coldplay, which does in fact suit the mood too.

I’m feeling a bit awestruck, nostalgic and grateful at the same time… This is one time that I don’t even need to remind myself how blessed I am – I can feel the joy all around me, reminding me why it’s great to be alive. In fact, I’ll jot down a little poem from the top of my head that sums up how I feel.

Snuggled up on a windy night
With only my lamp alight
Rustling leaves
Through the trees
With the moon shining so bright.

The winds hush my wandering mind
Not knowing what they might find
A happy smile
A sleeping child
They are certain life’s been kind.

The winds die down; the night is still
There are still spaces to fill
Change is nigh
I’m unsure why
But change I will, I will.

I think I was thinking of Robert Frost’s poetry when I wrote that. I love his poems though – will definitely read them to Jacob when he’s a bit older. But for now, I’ll just let him fool around and be cute.

20131117_073824I know that no day is ever the same. People tell me that he’s grown every time they see him. And sometimes I find that sad because at times, I really want him to stay exactly as he is and never ever change. I know that in any relationship, be it a husband-wife relationship or a mother-son one, things will definitely change with time.

People say that the days are long but the years are short. I hope to hold on to these moments for as long as I possibly can. Though such moments may be fleeting like the wind, love engraves them into stone and they will always be part of me.

Escape to Port Elliot

One thing I thought I’d miss after having a baby was going on holiday getaways (hence why I had a couple of extravagant babymoons). However, when our friends suggested a weekend trip to Port Elliot, we were tempted. Jacob had never been to the beach and it’s the quiet time of year for travel, so we thought – why not?


We stayed at the local YHA which was right by the beach, overlooking Horseshoe bay. Why would you stay at a Backpackers with a baby, you might ask? Well, it was quiet at the place and we only saw about 10 other guests in the place, so it really was quite comfortable. It was good having a fully equipped kitchen there (we cooked lunch and breakfast) and the common areas were really quite comfortable too.

My only complaint would probably be about the communal bathrooms which made it hard to bathe the baby, but we survived! 🙂 Also, my husband copped some leg injuries from basketball and our room was upstairs, so that was a bit of a pain. I didn’t want him to overexert himself so I carried all our stuff down from the room (took me 3 trips) and I nearly left his computer behind! 😦


One thing we noticed is that Port Elliot has some awesome spots for a wedding. There is a memorial garden which is quite commonly used for weddings, and also some beautiful spots like up on the lookout or down by the beach. Almost made me want to get married again (but then again, my wedding was in a gorgeous spot too)!

We made a BBQ lunch and had delicious fish and chips for dinner. Jacob slept like an angel right through dinner (at the time where he normally fusses the most) – maybe the sea breeze rocked him to sleep… We also played Uno and Dutch Blitz (which is a relatively confusing card game) til about 11pm and he slept peacefully in his pram til we went to bed.

The weather wasn’t so nice the next day (we had to wrap little Jacob up) but clearly we were in good spirits still:


As a natural progression, these are my Top 5 tips when travelling with an infant:

5. Don’t go long haul straight away. I agreed to this trip because I thought it would be a good starting point for him, as next year in January, we’re planning on doing a bit of a road trip. Of course, if a long haul trip is unavoidable, fair enough – but I think babies need time. That being said, they shouldn’t be completely sheltered either or else they may struggle to cope in different situations.

4. Keep things familiar for him. I made sure he still had elements of his everyday life (like his playmat, pram, etc.) I think babies can cope with some change, though best not to push them with too much. I know one thing Jacob would struggle with is a climate change – he doesn’t really like hot weather, and I’m not sure how he’d take to humid weather if we go to visit Malaysia.

3. Always pack extra. If he needs 6 nappies, bring 10. If he needs 2 sets of clothing, bring 4 in case. You never know what he might pee/poo/spew on, and they’re so tiny anyway that you could pack his whole wardrobe if you wanted to.

2. Stick to his routine. I don’t have a fixed everyday routine with Jacob as we’re in the middle of a season change, so I’m just doing things by demand. However, I still have a bedtime routine which includes a bath, quiet playtime and then swaddle/sleep. I stuck to that and he was pretty settled.

1. Expect anything to happen and improvise. I was honestly very lucky on this trip that Jacob was settled and happy to sleep in a slightly different environment. However, if he wasn’t going to sleep in the bed, I would’ve been willing to push him around in his pram or drive him around in our car til he fell asleep. Or if he was really unhappy or sick or something like that, I’d have aborted the trip. Baby comes first! 🙂


Just on an ending note, I received my letter from the Australian government stating that I have Australian Permanent Residency. Yay! 🙂 It certainly made my week. Have a great one everyone!

Another random end to the week..

What a week! I’ve really been enjoying the warm weather and would love it if it just stayed around this temperature always. Jacob likes the warm days and doesn’t pee on me every time we change his nappy!


Summery days are soon to come though – I can feel it in the air. I love living in a city with four seasons. Growing up in a tropical country was fun, but I always wanted to experience the change in landscape. Of course, I would’ve loved to live somewhere with a white winter but then I know I’d freeze to death and be miserable the whole time. Adelaide’s the place for me, for now. 


One highlight of the week was that my Melaleuca delivery arrived. It calls itself a wellness company which cuts out a lot of the chemicals used in our everyday products. I was actually looking for products that were gentler on skin; mine and also Jacob’s. I mentioned in a previous post that my skin condition has been deteriorating since after the pregnancy, and summer would have just made it worse.

Then a friend of mine mentioned Melaleuca products and gave me a small sample of the Renew skin cream – it really worked wonders! The burn I had on my right hand from oven cleaner is pretty much gone, and my skin stays moisturised for longer. I was actually prescribed a steroid cream for the burn but hardly ever used it because I didn’t want to get it on Jacob’s skin. At least I know that these products are safe to use, even on babies.

I’ll be trying out some of the products to see if they work for me, and perhaps will make the swap for our household. 🙂

Speaking of household, I have a few new proud additions to my household:


Yes, I’m going crazy in the kitchen! I’ve been trying to learn new recipes and master new skills. On Thursday, I made some patties for the Shepherd’s Lodge which is a community meal programme I used to volunteer at. I need practice! They were yummy but a bit too moist. 

Anyway, my chopping boards are falling apart so I got a nice solid wooden one. My stockpot kept giving me burnt soup (trust me to buy it from Kmart!) and I remember once poor Grandpa Merv (Dan’s grandpa) putting in some elbow grease to clean the black bits off it. And since I’m looking to do more boiling and steaming of food, what better way than to get a good steamer set? These items were over 70% off and the grand total didn’t even reach $60 – what a bargain!


Jacob has been a bit fussy this last week, and some people say that he’s going through one of those Wonder Weeks. So, I did some research and found a good article which explains in a nutshell what they are and when they happen.

Another theory is early teething. Now, I know he’s only 3 months old so he shouldn’t be teething yet. However, I’ve heard that the teeth can start developing within the gums (but not cutting through), causing some discomfort. I can actually see Jacob’s teeth below his gums now, and he’s been drooling a lot so it may be part of the reason why he’s a bit fussy. 

However, my strongest hunch is that he’s not getting enough sleep. He really fights off his sleep so he can look at things and be part of the conversation. On Monday, I went out shopping and expected him to sleep in the pram (which he normally does), but I don’t think he slept at all, resulting in a meltdown all the way home.

Today we got him to get some good naptimes in the morning (and he did a great 2.5 hour stint) and we’ll see the effects of it tonight. Apparently the more they sleep in the day, the longer they sleep at night…


We’ll see about that, he says. Tonight’s sleep is crucial as we’re going away for the weekend, and it’ll be the first time he’s slept in a different place. I’m quite confident that he’ll be fine, especially if he sleeps in the car on the way there and takes a few naps in the day. But if not, I take responsibility for it (and I could always drive him around in the car)…

And yet again, will be finishing this post off past dark. Fridays seem to go so quickly. Have a great weekend everyone, and wish us luck on our first mini trip away from home!

I wish Jacob’s jaw was more pliable…

This just makes me laugh every time.

I love the concept of Vines – a few seconds of ‘funny’ to brighten your day. And sometimes, that’s all it takes to get you out of a bad mood.

And I also love how cute babies are (particularly Jacob, as I’m with him all day long to catch all his silly antics). He has really cute cooing sounds, though he has developed a very high pitched squeal/scream that I thought was only possible for girls to produce. Let’s hope this is just a phase of him discovering his vocal cords, and that the novelty will wear off…

Good Night Moon…

Goodness, time has just escaped me this weekend. I was in fact trying to limit my time on the computer – made me quite productive with housework, but made me a bit tardy on this end. Sorry!

On Friday, I received the second half of my birthday present from my hubby:


So, what did I think? Initially I was quite disappointed (at her fashion sense and at the music). I was looking for music that was more ‘raw and lyrical’ but instead it seemed to shout ’90’s pop’. But after a few listens, I have come to enjoy some of the songs and appreciate that she was trying to explore and do something more fun/different. Although I think that collaborating with Marilyn Manson on one track was quite uncalled for (but then, who am I to say?).

Yesterday I was at my sister-in-law’s Baby Shower and it was lovely! Just a few games, some great food and laid back chit chat. It was also great to get the three cousins together (and very soon there’ll be four!):


At her baby shower, one of the games was a cool “baby book” game where you had to guess the name of the book based on a paraphrased version of the name. e.g. Unsightly aquatic bird = The ugly duckling
One of the paraphrases was “Small Rouge Behind” and I guessed “The Tiny Redback”. No, I wasn’t right – it was “Little Red Caboose”. Do I get points for originality at least?


I’m honestly looking forward to receiving Jacob’s baby books for Christmas (I already know a few which are coming up)! Children’s books are such fun to read, and so colourful too! I’ve been reading Jacob some of Margaret Wise Brown’s books – “Good Night Moon” is probably her most famous one. I love how they’re simple, they rhyme and they have a happy ending.


I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could write a children’s book for Jacob. Poetry is not too difficult for me, but I think I’ll struggle with the illustrations. Maybe I’ll sign up for art classes. Maybe I could write Haiku. Like this one is for Jacob now:
Little ball of small
Still slumbering gently
Cutest one of all

Jacob bids you all a good night. He’s been busy figuring out how to use my nunchucks (but he’s now safely tucked away in bed).


To clean or not to clean…

I’ve been doing my best to stay in this week (particularly because it’s quite warm – 35 degrees today!). Jacob has been a bit fussy cos he dislikes hot weather – but for now, he’s settled peacefully on the couch next to me.


Today I have a bit of a rant to get off my chest. Someone came over to my house the other day and had some snide comments that really were better left unsaid. This person basically said that my house was too dirty for his standards, saying that my floor was so dusty and that my vacuum cleaner didn’t work properly (cos we were trying to vacuum up a mess that HE made). He was saying he couldn’t believe I would live like this, and that I should be as clean as him (who vacuums every day, including all his furniture as well).

Well, excuse me, you also don’t happen to have a 11 week old baby who wants to be carried all the time. Just so you know, I’d just had a friend’s dog over so the dogs were walking through the house, and of course they’d bring half the garden in as well. Your room in your student accommodation place is the size of my bathroom – if my house were that size, maybe I’d have time to vacuum it 5 times a day. And I doubt that you cook dinner every night for yourself and your partner (since you have no partner). Not to mention that all I’ve done for you over the past few years is help you, and is this what I get in return?

There, I’ve said my two cents. I don’t know about you, but if I went to visit a friend’s house, I don’t think I’d even think of saying anything like that. What’s the point of that sort of criticism? It doesn’t benefit anyone. A real friend would offer to vacuum for you, or offer to mind the baby while you cleaned up.


That being said though, I guess it depends on how close you are to a person. I admit that I’m not close to this person and so it’s clear why I got offended by what he said. But with some of my friends, we can say anything to each other and just know that we still love each other.

A good example is my brother-from-another-mother Taan, who was also my Man of Honour at my wedding. A typical conversation on one of our days would go something like this:

Taan: Sis, don’t go out in the sun today. You’re already so black.
Me: Hmph! Well you better go out running then cos you’re so fat.
Taan: At least I can lose my fat if I exercise. You can’t lose your black.
Me: I can buy whitening cream, okay? 

To explain the ‘black’ comments, basically Asian girls dislike being dark. I don’t mind my tan in winter, but goodness me do I change colour in the summer!

We also tended to kick each other around a lot. This is one of my official wedding photos:

The Brides_048

The truth is, however, I can do better with housework. When Jacob goes down to sleep, I usually do the most urgent tasks at hand – that’s usually laundry and dishes. I try to iron once a week so that Dan has enough shirts for work. And cooking takes a bit of my time too, particularly the preparation. Then, of course, I need to find time to vacuum and mop too. But I’m working on a cleaning schedule and doing my best to stick to it!

But if you give me a choice between vacuuming and reading Jacob a book, you know which one I’d choose. Sometimes I can spend half an hour lying on the floor next to him in his baby gym, or making silly faces with him in a mirror. And if you ask me, I find that time well-spent and much more meaningful than vacuuming.

I’d almost forgotten that I said I’d do a Top 5 in every post – I’ll try to stick to at least one every two posts. Inspired by my ordeal, here are the Top 5 things not to say to a new mum:

5. Eww, your bin stinks!”
Firstly, do you go to people’s houses to smell their bins? Hello, what do people put in bins – pansies? Aromatherapy candles? And I have a baby so what do you think is in there? That’s why there’s a lid to the bin, and if you don’t close it, of course it’ll stink… seriously!

4.Don’t be a spoilsport – why can’t you come out tonight?”
Okay, I haven’t had this said to me before but it would be terrible if anyone did. While I do socialise quite a bit with Jacob, I try to cut his night-time outings to a minimum in order to enforce his bedtime routine. I’m not making excuses – I’m actually making my baby’s well-being priority. And while one can hire a babysitter, sometimes you can be caught off guard (and sometimes you really don’t feel like going out at all!).

3. “I can see you’re not a neat-freak like me… no wonder you let people wear shoes into your house.”
In Asian countries, we take shoes off when we go into somebody’s house. However, I’m fine if people wear shoes into my house – but then, of course, dirt comes in with them too. My friend said this to me the other day and I was thinking “You know, you’re probably the one who brought some of this dirt in since your shoes are still on and you’ve been in and out of my garden too.” Don’t criticize a new mum’s house – help her out instead, and you will be remembered.

2. “So, when are you planning on losing your baby weight?”
Nobody has said this to me either, though I believe it has been implied by some before. Firstly, it is unhealthy to jump straight onto the treadmill and have diet shakes instead of proper meals. Especially if you’re breastfeeding – your baby needs you to have a healthy diet so he can get the right nutrients too. I know that I myself haven’t lost very much baby weight at all, but then again, Jacob’s not even 3 months old. All you need is time…

1. “I think your baby is crying just for attention…” and other negative baby-related comments
If you insult me or my house, I can get a bit annoyed but if you insult my baby, that’s it. You have just unleashed a new mum’s wrath. If you have nothing nice to say about my baby, zip it. Unless you see me feeding my baby drugs or something, you don’t need to tell me what to do or diagnose my baby with anything that it doesn’t have. You have no right. I will hit you hard if you repeat it.


Have a great rest-of-the-week!

Technical problem… :)

I must apologise for a delayed post as I have been wrestling with technology of late. My internet connection has been shocking and has been cutting out heaps, and I suffered from slight depression due to my phone’s malfunctioning i.e. it overheats, battery runs out rapidly, etc. Daniel reset my phone completely and so far so good – thank goodness for backup features.

I think technology and myself just don’t quite see eye to eye – since I was little, I was known to spoil every piece of technology I touched. The one thing I wasn’t able to spoil was my Nokia phone though! I had its older sister, the 3315, and it survived many knocks and falls. I miss playing Space Impact too – I think I got all the way to the end of the game, which felt like a major achievement for me as I didn’t have Playstation or computer games. Ah, memories…


Anyway, here’s what I’ve been busy with in the last few days:

I went to a Mum and Bubs Movie session (and yes, Jacob came along too!). Hoyts Cinema does a few special movies where mums can bring their babies with them – and it’s not just limited to mothers, but also fathers, grandparents, carers, etc.

We watched “About Time” which is a romantic comedy (Can I take back what I said a few weeks ago about romantic movies?) – it was made by the same people who made “Love Actually”. And yes, I did like the movie very much. Perhaps it’s also because I like to hear British accents. Jacob slept through most of it, though he did make a few sounds here and there (but then again, nearly everyone’s baby made some noise at some point).

That’s Jacob enjoying his movie, hehe! One tip I have for any mummies going to these sessions is “Don’t bring your pram!”… unless you want to fight with 50 other ladies for pram space. Jacob was fine just sleeping on me. 🙂


My girlfriends came over to visit Jacob – so nice to catch up again! If only we all lived closer to each other, hey? One thing’s for sure – Jacob has lots of doting aunties who love him to bits!


We had a celebratory lunch at church for a couple of our friends who just had their wedding in Bali. I would have LOVED to have gone, but Jacob was far too young to be flying around. We decorated the church hall and had a combined lunch – I was actually planning to bake a cake but my oven wasn’t fixed in time (and in a way, I chickened out because I’m terrible at making cakes – next time, I promise!). We also watched their wedding video which was simply gorgeous! Congrats, Andrew and Dayu! xoxo

We had a fundraising Garage Sale for ADRA – the same cause that I’m running Jacob’s fundraising website for. I willed myself to part with lots of my clothing (especially some of my skimpy size 8 stuff). I admit that I caved and brought some of the stuff back – maybe after losing some baby weight, I’ll be able to fit into them again!

I realise that I’m really blessed that Jacob is such a good baby and is happy to do all these things with us. I know some babies hate to go out and can’t sleep outside their homes, but Jacob is a real socialite. He loves being cuddled by different people (and offers them some sweet smiles) and actually sleeps longer when he’s out than when he’s at home. But of course, I don’t want him to get too used to being out and about – he does need his rest too.

So finally, we ended a busy day by doing some laundry, and Jacob certainly loves to help out. Have a great week folks!