Technical problem… :)

I must apologise for a delayed post as I have been wrestling with technology of late. My internet connection has been shocking and has been cutting out heaps, and I suffered from slight depression due to my phone’s malfunctioning i.e. it overheats, battery runs out rapidly, etc. Daniel reset my phone completely and so far so good – thank goodness for backup features.

I think technology and myself just don’t quite see eye to eye – since I was little, I was known to spoil every piece of technology I touched. The one thing I wasn’t able to spoil was my Nokia phone though! I had its older sister, the 3315, and it survived many knocks and falls. I miss playing Space Impact too – I think I got all the way to the end of the game, which felt like a major achievement for me as I didn’t have Playstation or computer games. Ah, memories…


Anyway, here’s what I’ve been busy with in the last few days:

I went to a Mum and Bubs Movie session (and yes, Jacob came along too!). Hoyts Cinema does a few special movies where mums can bring their babies with them – and it’s not just limited to mothers, but also fathers, grandparents, carers, etc.

We watched “About Time” which is a romantic comedy (Can I take back what I said a few weeks ago about romantic movies?) – it was made by the same people who made “Love Actually”. And yes, I did like the movie very much. Perhaps it’s also because I like to hear British accents. Jacob slept through most of it, though he did make a few sounds here and there (but then again, nearly everyone’s baby made some noise at some point).

That’s Jacob enjoying his movie, hehe! One tip I have for any mummies going to these sessions is “Don’t bring your pram!”… unless you want to fight with 50 other ladies for pram space. Jacob was fine just sleeping on me. 🙂


My girlfriends came over to visit Jacob – so nice to catch up again! If only we all lived closer to each other, hey? One thing’s for sure – Jacob has lots of doting aunties who love him to bits!


We had a celebratory lunch at church for a couple of our friends who just had their wedding in Bali. I would have LOVED to have gone, but Jacob was far too young to be flying around. We decorated the church hall and had a combined lunch – I was actually planning to bake a cake but my oven wasn’t fixed in time (and in a way, I chickened out because I’m terrible at making cakes – next time, I promise!). We also watched their wedding video which was simply gorgeous! Congrats, Andrew and Dayu! xoxo

We had a fundraising Garage Sale for ADRA – the same cause that I’m running Jacob’s fundraising website for. I willed myself to part with lots of my clothing (especially some of my skimpy size 8 stuff). I admit that I caved and brought some of the stuff back – maybe after losing some baby weight, I’ll be able to fit into them again!

I realise that I’m really blessed that Jacob is such a good baby and is happy to do all these things with us. I know some babies hate to go out and can’t sleep outside their homes, but Jacob is a real socialite. He loves being cuddled by different people (and offers them some sweet smiles) and actually sleeps longer when he’s out than when he’s at home. But of course, I don’t want him to get too used to being out and about – he does need his rest too.

So finally, we ended a busy day by doing some laundry, and Jacob certainly loves to help out. Have a great week folks!



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