Good Night Moon…

Goodness, time has just escaped me this weekend. I was in fact trying to limit my time on the computer – made me quite productive with housework, but made me a bit tardy on this end. Sorry!

On Friday, I received the second half of my birthday present from my hubby:


So, what did I think? Initially I was quite disappointed (at her fashion sense and at the music). I was looking for music that was more ‘raw and lyrical’ but instead it seemed to shout ’90’s pop’. But after a few listens, I have come to enjoy some of the songs and appreciate that she was trying to explore and do something more fun/different. Although I think that collaborating with Marilyn Manson on one track was quite uncalled for (but then, who am I to say?).

Yesterday I was at my sister-in-law’s Baby Shower and it was lovely! Just a few games, some great food and laid back chit chat. It was also great to get the three cousins together (and very soon there’ll be four!):


At her baby shower, one of the games was a cool “baby book” game where you had to guess the name of the book based on a paraphrased version of the name. e.g. Unsightly aquatic bird = The ugly duckling
One of the paraphrases was “Small Rouge Behind” and I guessed “The Tiny Redback”. No, I wasn’t right – it was “Little Red Caboose”. Do I get points for originality at least?


I’m honestly looking forward to receiving Jacob’s baby books for Christmas (I already know a few which are coming up)! Children’s books are such fun to read, and so colourful too! I’ve been reading Jacob some of Margaret Wise Brown’s books – “Good Night Moon” is probably her most famous one. I love how they’re simple, they rhyme and they have a happy ending.


I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could write a children’s book for Jacob. Poetry is not too difficult for me, but I think I’ll struggle with the illustrations. Maybe I’ll sign up for art classes. Maybe I could write Haiku. Like this one is for Jacob now:
Little ball of small
Still slumbering gently
Cutest one of all

Jacob bids you all a good night. He’s been busy figuring out how to use my nunchucks (but he’s now safely tucked away in bed).



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