Good Night Moon…

Goodness, time has just escaped me this weekend. I was in fact trying to limit my time on the computer – made me quite productive with housework, but made me a bit tardy on this end. Sorry!

On Friday, I received the second half of my birthday present from my hubby:


So, what did I think? Initially I was quite disappointed (at her fashion sense and at the music). I was looking for music that was more ‘raw and lyrical’ but instead it seemed to shout ’90’s pop’. But after a few listens, I have come to enjoy some of the songs and appreciate that she was trying to explore and do something more fun/different. Although I think that collaborating with Marilyn Manson on one track was quite uncalled for (but then, who am I to say?).

Yesterday I was at my sister-in-law’s Baby Shower and it was lovely! Just a few games, some great food and laid back chit chat. It was also great to get the three cousins together (and very soon there’ll be four!):


At her baby shower, one of the games was a cool “baby book” game where you had to guess the name of the book based on a paraphrased version of the name. e.g. Unsightly aquatic bird = The ugly duckling
One of the paraphrases was “Small Rouge Behind” and I guessed “The Tiny Redback”. No, I wasn’t right – it was “Little Red Caboose”. Do I get points for originality at least?


I’m honestly looking forward to receiving Jacob’s baby books for Christmas (I already know a few which are coming up)! Children’s books are such fun to read, and so colourful too! I’ve been reading Jacob some of Margaret Wise Brown’s books – “Good Night Moon” is probably her most famous one. I love how they’re simple, they rhyme and they have a happy ending.


I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could write a children’s book for Jacob. Poetry is not too difficult for me, but I think I’ll struggle with the illustrations. Maybe I’ll sign up for art classes. Maybe I could write Haiku. Like this one is for Jacob now:
Little ball of small
Still slumbering gently
Cutest one of all

Jacob bids you all a good night. He’s been busy figuring out how to use my nunchucks (but he’s now safely tucked away in bed).



To clean or not to clean…

I’ve been doing my best to stay in this week (particularly because it’s quite warm – 35 degrees today!). Jacob has been a bit fussy cos he dislikes hot weather – but for now, he’s settled peacefully on the couch next to me.


Today I have a bit of a rant to get off my chest. Someone came over to my house the other day and had some snide comments that really were better left unsaid. This person basically said that my house was too dirty for his standards, saying that my floor was so dusty and that my vacuum cleaner didn’t work properly (cos we were trying to vacuum up a mess that HE made). He was saying he couldn’t believe I would live like this, and that I should be as clean as him (who vacuums every day, including all his furniture as well).

Well, excuse me, you also don’t happen to have a 11 week old baby who wants to be carried all the time. Just so you know, I’d just had a friend’s dog over so the dogs were walking through the house, and of course they’d bring half the garden in as well. Your room in your student accommodation place is the size of my bathroom – if my house were that size, maybe I’d have time to vacuum it 5 times a day. And I doubt that you cook dinner every night for yourself and your partner (since you have no partner). Not to mention that all I’ve done for you over the past few years is help you, and is this what I get in return?

There, I’ve said my two cents. I don’t know about you, but if I went to visit a friend’s house, I don’t think I’d even think of saying anything like that. What’s the point of that sort of criticism? It doesn’t benefit anyone. A real friend would offer to vacuum for you, or offer to mind the baby while you cleaned up.


That being said though, I guess it depends on how close you are to a person. I admit that I’m not close to this person and so it’s clear why I got offended by what he said. But with some of my friends, we can say anything to each other and just know that we still love each other.

A good example is my brother-from-another-mother Taan, who was also my Man of Honour at my wedding. A typical conversation on one of our days would go something like this:

Taan: Sis, don’t go out in the sun today. You’re already so black.
Me: Hmph! Well you better go out running then cos you’re so fat.
Taan: At least I can lose my fat if I exercise. You can’t lose your black.
Me: I can buy whitening cream, okay? 

To explain the ‘black’ comments, basically Asian girls dislike being dark. I don’t mind my tan in winter, but goodness me do I change colour in the summer!

We also tended to kick each other around a lot. This is one of my official wedding photos:

The Brides_048

The truth is, however, I can do better with housework. When Jacob goes down to sleep, I usually do the most urgent tasks at hand – that’s usually laundry and dishes. I try to iron once a week so that Dan has enough shirts for work. And cooking takes a bit of my time too, particularly the preparation. Then, of course, I need to find time to vacuum and mop too. But I’m working on a cleaning schedule and doing my best to stick to it!

But if you give me a choice between vacuuming and reading Jacob a book, you know which one I’d choose. Sometimes I can spend half an hour lying on the floor next to him in his baby gym, or making silly faces with him in a mirror. And if you ask me, I find that time well-spent and much more meaningful than vacuuming.

I’d almost forgotten that I said I’d do a Top 5 in every post – I’ll try to stick to at least one every two posts. Inspired by my ordeal, here are the Top 5 things not to say to a new mum:

5. Eww, your bin stinks!”
Firstly, do you go to people’s houses to smell their bins? Hello, what do people put in bins – pansies? Aromatherapy candles? And I have a baby so what do you think is in there? That’s why there’s a lid to the bin, and if you don’t close it, of course it’ll stink… seriously!

4.Don’t be a spoilsport – why can’t you come out tonight?”
Okay, I haven’t had this said to me before but it would be terrible if anyone did. While I do socialise quite a bit with Jacob, I try to cut his night-time outings to a minimum in order to enforce his bedtime routine. I’m not making excuses – I’m actually making my baby’s well-being priority. And while one can hire a babysitter, sometimes you can be caught off guard (and sometimes you really don’t feel like going out at all!).

3. “I can see you’re not a neat-freak like me… no wonder you let people wear shoes into your house.”
In Asian countries, we take shoes off when we go into somebody’s house. However, I’m fine if people wear shoes into my house – but then, of course, dirt comes in with them too. My friend said this to me the other day and I was thinking “You know, you’re probably the one who brought some of this dirt in since your shoes are still on and you’ve been in and out of my garden too.” Don’t criticize a new mum’s house – help her out instead, and you will be remembered.

2. “So, when are you planning on losing your baby weight?”
Nobody has said this to me either, though I believe it has been implied by some before. Firstly, it is unhealthy to jump straight onto the treadmill and have diet shakes instead of proper meals. Especially if you’re breastfeeding – your baby needs you to have a healthy diet so he can get the right nutrients too. I know that I myself haven’t lost very much baby weight at all, but then again, Jacob’s not even 3 months old. All you need is time…

1. “I think your baby is crying just for attention…” and other negative baby-related comments
If you insult me or my house, I can get a bit annoyed but if you insult my baby, that’s it. You have just unleashed a new mum’s wrath. If you have nothing nice to say about my baby, zip it. Unless you see me feeding my baby drugs or something, you don’t need to tell me what to do or diagnose my baby with anything that it doesn’t have. You have no right. I will hit you hard if you repeat it.


Have a great rest-of-the-week!

Technical problem… :)

I must apologise for a delayed post as I have been wrestling with technology of late. My internet connection has been shocking and has been cutting out heaps, and I suffered from slight depression due to my phone’s malfunctioning i.e. it overheats, battery runs out rapidly, etc. Daniel reset my phone completely and so far so good – thank goodness for backup features.

I think technology and myself just don’t quite see eye to eye – since I was little, I was known to spoil every piece of technology I touched. The one thing I wasn’t able to spoil was my Nokia phone though! I had its older sister, the 3315, and it survived many knocks and falls. I miss playing Space Impact too – I think I got all the way to the end of the game, which felt like a major achievement for me as I didn’t have Playstation or computer games. Ah, memories…


Anyway, here’s what I’ve been busy with in the last few days:

I went to a Mum and Bubs Movie session (and yes, Jacob came along too!). Hoyts Cinema does a few special movies where mums can bring their babies with them – and it’s not just limited to mothers, but also fathers, grandparents, carers, etc.

We watched “About Time” which is a romantic comedy (Can I take back what I said a few weeks ago about romantic movies?) – it was made by the same people who made “Love Actually”. And yes, I did like the movie very much. Perhaps it’s also because I like to hear British accents. Jacob slept through most of it, though he did make a few sounds here and there (but then again, nearly everyone’s baby made some noise at some point).

That’s Jacob enjoying his movie, hehe! One tip I have for any mummies going to these sessions is “Don’t bring your pram!”… unless you want to fight with 50 other ladies for pram space. Jacob was fine just sleeping on me. 🙂


My girlfriends came over to visit Jacob – so nice to catch up again! If only we all lived closer to each other, hey? One thing’s for sure – Jacob has lots of doting aunties who love him to bits!


We had a celebratory lunch at church for a couple of our friends who just had their wedding in Bali. I would have LOVED to have gone, but Jacob was far too young to be flying around. We decorated the church hall and had a combined lunch – I was actually planning to bake a cake but my oven wasn’t fixed in time (and in a way, I chickened out because I’m terrible at making cakes – next time, I promise!). We also watched their wedding video which was simply gorgeous! Congrats, Andrew and Dayu! xoxo

We had a fundraising Garage Sale for ADRA – the same cause that I’m running Jacob’s fundraising website for. I willed myself to part with lots of my clothing (especially some of my skimpy size 8 stuff). I admit that I caved and brought some of the stuff back – maybe after losing some baby weight, I’ll be able to fit into them again!

I realise that I’m really blessed that Jacob is such a good baby and is happy to do all these things with us. I know some babies hate to go out and can’t sleep outside their homes, but Jacob is a real socialite. He loves being cuddled by different people (and offers them some sweet smiles) and actually sleeps longer when he’s out than when he’s at home. But of course, I don’t want him to get too used to being out and about – he does need his rest too.

So finally, we ended a busy day by doing some laundry, and Jacob certainly loves to help out. Have a great week folks!