I’m back…

Well, I’ve finally caught my breath a bit and am back! I’m going to make myself a promise and put up a post every 3-4 days tops! So, readers, please expect me to be more regular…

Firstly, most importantly, we all need to see a picture of Jacob in his Christmas outfit!

ImageWe had a family Christmas party last weekend – it was great to get together with the Zilms. I’m so blessed that I’ve married into such an awesome family. Before I got married, I used to wonder what sort of in-laws I would have. There are quite a few movies out there that don’t give people much confidence in their in-laws. But I got lucky! 🙂


I decided to blog today because today was an interesting day – I had some setbacks but also some enjoyable moments.

The day started out slowly as I was trying to fix up my blocked milk duct (sorry if TMI). The soreness actually started yesterday morning but I just thought I just slept on a weird angle and pulled a muscle. I had a fever last night  (I was so hot that Jacob didn’t want to be near me) but things seemed to have improved since, so I shall just hope for the best and that it doesn’t lead to mastitis.

Here are a few tips to deal with a blocked milk duct (thought I do hope that you never have to experience it):
– Keep on breastfeeding! Yes, it’s a bit sore but that’s the only way you’re going to get the milk flowing. I tried to put Jacob in different positions (much to his dismay) just in case it was his feeding position that was causing the blockage.
– Have a hot shower and express milk. I found it better to feed the baby after the hot shower, as the milk flows faster.
– Then slap on a cold compress, such as cabbage leaves (which I haven’t bought yet) or a frozen diaper.
– And of course, drink lots and have lots of rest. I slept in til 9.30am (which is a luxury with Jacob – I think he realised I needed it).

Jacob’s note: Be very cute when you are asleep.


Anyway, I helped a friend move his stuff out of my house and what do you know – I get a punctured tyre. I got out of the car and could hear the tyre deflating! I think I ran over a relatively large nail and it had come out of the tyre, so there wasn’t really much I could do. Thank goodness that my friend knew how to change tyres. Though if I’d been alone, I would have played the ‘Damsel in Distress’ card.

When I last had a flat tyre, I was sending my friend to the airport. I remember we were listening to Lady Gaga and singing our heads off so loudly that I didn’t hear the tyre puncture and was somehow oblivious to the fact that the ride was suddenly more bumpy. By the time I stopped, the tyre was shredded. We had to call my friend a cab and some lovely man at the servo fixed it up for me.

I realise that from my track record, I should probably learn how to change a flat. But then again, sometimes I have trouble working out how to turn on my TV – don’t even ask me how to turn on a power tool, or put together something from IKEA. I think I am mechanically challenged and should leave the car stuff to the pros, hey?

But anyway, things turned out alright after all and tomorrow is a new day! 🙂 I always think to myself that it could’ve been worse. Tomorrow I’ll be finishing up my magazine work and set up the Christmas decorations! I was thinking of getting the out in November but it just didn’t happen! Better late than never I guess.

Sheriff Jacob bids everyone farewell and can’t wait for all the fun tomorrow will bring.



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