Cakes, a Christmas tree and baby Jesus…

It’s a lovely rainy morning – the baby’s asleep and I’m just on my laptop in bed. 🙂 This is the life! I think it’s going to be raining all this week, and Daniel should be done with school later in the week too. I can’t believe we have only two and a bit weeks to Christmas, and just three and a bit weeks to the new year!

Anyway, I really did enjoy my weekend. On Saturday, it was church as usual and after that, we headed to a briefing/rehearsal for the Living Nativity as part of the Lobethal Lights. Lobethal is a lovely country town in the Adelaide Hills where houses put on a brilliant display of Christmas lights – there are choirs, markets, pageants and, of course, the Living Nativity where we have a actual narrated nativity scene with real animals and people.

More info here:


This is a photo from last year’s nativity – our church normally sings at the Living Nativity every year. However, this year on the 18th of Dec, Jacob is playing baby Jesus (and naturally, I’m Mary and Daniel is Joseph). I’m extremely excited but of course, frightened to death that Baby “Jacob” Jesus is going to have a crying fit all the way through. There is a part where I have to put him down in the manger (and he HATES being put down flat on his back). I’m allowed to have his dummy there for him, though it takes away from the authenticity of the scene (unless I make a wooden one or something, haha!). Perhaps I’ll just carry him the whole time and see how he goes. Fingers crossed!!


Speaking of Jacob, here he is admiring our Christmas tree and wondering what a tree is doing in our house. I must admit that I like the silver tinsel very much, as well as the blue baubles. Maybe I can open my mind to a multi-coloured Christmas tree!

ImageAnd here I am trying to prevent Skittles from eating the tree or all the presents underneath. There are still more presents to be wrapped, and I realise I don’t have one for Jacob yet!

Anyway, second highlight of the week was the Birdwood Bake-Off! We were to bake our best cake and bring it along to be judged by a panel of cake experts (which included my father-in-law who is the Cheesecake King).

So I set out to make the best cake ever! (Please read my previous post if you want to know about my baking handicap.)

ImageI spent most of the day making the cake because I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a step or didn’t put the wrong ingredient in. I once made a cake with salt (and no, it wasn’t something that was meant to be savoury). Daniel helped me with the parts that involved electric equipment (e.g. putting orange in food processor. Whenever I use a food processor, food goes everywhere) and he also put on the final touches with the decorations. And here is our end result:


If you want to find out how I made it, I actually just followed a recipe I found online, which sounded decadently good:

Anyway, here is the spread of only some of the awesome cakes we had last night. They were of all shapes and sizes and some even had names like “Abomination Cake” and “Chocolate Nightmare”:

ImageOur cake didn’t win, unfortunately, though one of the judges revealed that we were tied for fourth place on her list anyway. It was fun nonetheless, but I don’t think I’ll be eating any more cake anytime soon. I still have a bit of baby weight to lose!

My next post will be a book review – I only briefly skimmed the book over the weekend while waiting for my ganache to cool. Will give it a proper read today before I head out to the shops again. Happy Monday, all!


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