Babies babies babies!

I did I say I was going to blog more regularly but I had to choose the busiest month of the year to start, didn’t I? It’s been a crazy end of the week but I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

This week was particularly busy because the youth at our church were in charge of preparing a sermon. I have to admit that we always do things rather last minute (at least we gave ourselves a week this time!) but it usually turns out alright. We ended up doing a panel discussion on The Rich Young Ruler and discussed things like materialism, prosperity, spirituality and so on.

I just wanted to share the video we showed, which gives some really interesting insights into money and how it affects one’s mindsets:

It’s funny but I have actually noticed the trend mentioned in the video (that people of a higher economic standing can be less generous than people of lower economic standing). In my work selling MBAs, I met an array of different people from a wide range of economic backgrounds. I found that people with higher incomes actually were more petty about small charges like application or exam fees than people earning less – even though it was a relatively small amount of money that they would be parting with.

I hope that I don’t get like that – I don’t claim to be a high earner (in fact, I’m not earning anything at the moment – gasp!) but I am blessed with a comfortable lifestyle and many luxuries others don’t have. Around Christmastime especially, we have our Christmas tree up with gifts all under it, while some people don’t even have a house to live in. I want to always remember to help those that are less fortunate than I am.

ImageOn a separate note, this is Jacob in his new chill-out spot. Warning: there is nudity in this picture, but naked babies are cute anyway.

Jacob’s had a bit of a stuffy nose the last few days and has developed a bit of a cough from the nasal drip. Poor baby sounds like he has a smoker’s cough at times! We’ve been using a nasal aspirator as advised, but it isn’t really clearing it out – maybe it’s a bit too solid. We’ll just keep it going and also give him steam treatment (i.e. breathing in steam from a bowl of water and steam from the shower). But he’s still his happy ol’ self and is sleeping like a baby now.

Speaking of babies, Jacob is no longer the youngest baby in the family. My sister in law just had a beautiful baby boy yesterday and named him Malachi. He was almost the same weight as Jacob, and when I was carrying him, I couldn’t even imagine Jacob being that light and tiny. Jacob’s now like a little elephant compared to him. Welcome to the family, Malachi!


Happy weekend to all, and to all a good night!


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