My last few days have been devoted to doing relatively random things. I’ve been feeling pretty random lately, but I reckon it’s a good thing.

One thing we’ve been doing lately is indulging (as if Christmas and New Year’s was not enough). We went out with friends for Indian food and finally (I repeat, FINALLY) went to Chocolateria San Churros which not-so-recently opened up in Adelaide. It used to be Dan’s and my favourite hangout spot in Melbourne – like, after finishing a shift, we’d head over there for some decadent chocolate!


No, I did not eat that sundae all by myself (but it was still awesome). Dan’s just disappointed that Self-saucing Chocolate Pudding is no longer on the menu – that was our favourite dessert there!

I also decided to cook up a storm the following night and make a scrumptious tea (which is dinner in Aussie terms). Presenting, pan-fried herbed salmon avocado with black rice & vegetables. Just so you know, black rice and salmon make an awesome combination, as do salmon and avocado. And I have to say salmon is not the same skin-off – crispy skin is addictive!

ImageIn the last few days, I’ve also been trying to catch up on some old movies. After watching The Hobbit, I particularly thought about Legolas and how he wasn’t supposed to be in this movie but they probably brought him back because so many people thought he was hot. Not me though – I prefer a more rugged look (Aragorn is my LOTR man!). But I thought, hmm Orlando Bloom did look a bit better in Pirates of the Caribbean. Hence why I embarked on a blast from the past to watch the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Yes, I know there are four, but I stopped before watching the fourth one because it doesn’t really follow on from there, and also because I decided I wanted to watch more James Bond movies. I’m random, aren’t I? I guess the Bond idea came about because we’re planning to go to a James Bond exhibition. It looks really cool (and Dan is excited), but I must admit that I don’t know the different between Golden Eye, Goldfinger, Gold Member and Gold Digger. I think the only two James Bond movies I’d watched to-date would be Casino Royale and Skyfall. So, I had some catching up to do. Any 007 fans out there – which ones are the best ones for a rookie to watch?

And here’s Jacob in his tunnel with his toy from Christmas. I think he’s a sorcerer – he manages to get it to play random songs that Dan and I can’t seem to turn on. Maybe it’s a certain combination of buttons you need to press.. or maybe the song only plays when you bite the toy. Who knows?

20140103_183102Anyway, on a final note, Jacob’s going on his first interstate trip tomorrow! 🙂 Will have more details later but I’m not bringing my laptop, so may not write a major blog post til I’m back. I do plan to send a photo update at least!

Have a lovely week everyone! 🙂


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