Weirdest song ever?

We are finally home from our trip! 🙂 No time tonight to concoct a major post (that’ll probably come on the weekend). But we did have an awesome time there, and a long drive home.

Along our trip home, there was quite a bit of randomness involved. Something that you may realise is that my hubby and I are always random (and loving it!). If people heard what we said on a regular basis, they’d either think we were crazy or crazy. We substitute song lyrics (though a lot of it is my mishearing lyrics), call each other names (e.g. Hodor, Pussy Galore, Pemberton, Conifer, etc.), do funny interpretative dances and just have conversations that go from A to Z in no time. Perhaps that’s what comes with being married 2 and a bit years…

So it was only natural that I found this song on his playlist – I told him to get a few songs for the trip and he must have gotten some from the UK Top 40. I thought it was just some pop/techno song, but the lyrics started with ‘Dog goes woof, cat goes meow…’

Just listen to it – it’s so pointless yet funny. Even Jacob laughed at it (or perhaps was laughing at us singing it). Maybe that’ll be the way I teach Jacob animal sounds?


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