5 months of joy…

Argh, so I haven’t blogged in a while. This probably coincides with Daniel going back to school, because I can barely remember what it was like to deal with Jacob by myself all day. I have been spoiled, haven’t I?

Thank goodness that he can entertain himself a bit better nowadays, so I have some time for myself. He’s currently lying in his tunnel watching Praise Baby. I highly recommend Praise Baby DVDs – lovely music and lovely pictures/videos. It’s meant to stimulate babies’ minds with bright colours, animals and children playing too. Jacob can only last one or two songs before he loses interest, but that’s pretty good I reckon (and I don’t want to make him a TV junkie after all).

Also, thank goodness that Sophie arrived! She was about 3 weeks late and I was so afraid she got lost in the post, but here she is (and she has become Jacob’s best bud)!


But I promised myself that I would blog today, first thing (even before breakfast – just having a hot drink while I write this.) because today, Jacob is 5 months old! Goodness, time flies, doesn’t it? He’s grown so much and I’m looking forward to so many wonderful days, months and years to come!


One thing I know about Jacob is that he’s not camera shy. He’s now used to smiling at the camera and boy, is he a ham! He looks in the mirror and thinks, no, he knows that he is gorgeous… Hopefully he hasn’t picked up that vanity from me, haha!

I’m also so happy that he’s confident in water and loves splashing about.


He tried his hand at surfing too but I think he needs to wait until he can stand up…


I just thought a little poem up for Jacob, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

Little hands and little feet
A little dimpled smile to greet
Me every morning, every night;
My little ray of sunlight

Little kisses, little squeals
His personality steals
My attention all the day;
I cannot bear to be away

Little breaths and little snores
Exactly what mummy adores
A little joy gives me wings
Thank you God for little things


Happy 5 months, little showoff of mine! Your crazy mummy is already planning your 1st birthday party!

On another note, 5 reasons why I think Jacob is going to be a tech whiz:

5. He loves touching my phone and seeing things work. He zooms into pictures and slashes fruit in Fruit Ninja.

4. When he’s next to me when I type things, he copies my finger movement and types stuff. He also scrolls on my touchpad and moves things around. Once he even replayed a baby stimulation Youtube video – I guess he must have liked it.

3. We gave him a musical toy and he started playing some strange music from it – like songs that we couldn’t figure out how to play. It took us weeks to work out that you need to hold down certain buttons for that music to play.

2. He touched our TV remote and turned on subtitles. I had no idea how to turn them off.

1. He just deleted an article I was writing. With a giraffe. No, I kid you not. He was playing around with Sophie the Giraffe near my computer and suddenly selected my whole article and deleted it. Thank goodness he doesn’t know how to save a document.

Alrighty, I should get back to finishing my article and other writing work that I have to do. 🙂


5 thoughts on “5 months of joy…

  1. wow i cannot believe Jacob is FIVE MONTHS already! how is that possible? lol! he is absolutely adorable. you have a really gorgeous baby, girlfriend. i laughed at his tech wizardry! kids these days are developing so fast. i’m curious to see if he’ll start swiping the pages of books and magazines like many kids are now doing once he’s used to touch technology hahah. i’m glad you got Sophie! we have her as well and i didn’t even know what she was “for” until a friend told me. 😀


    • Aww thanks so much – I don’t think Jacob needs to be reminded that he’s gorgeous because he absolutely knows it and flaunts it haha! 🙂 I make sure he knows how books operate too, though he always turns the page before I’m done reading. Oh believe me, you’re in for lots of fun! All the best with your soon arrival…


      • Oh that’s amazing you’re practicing with books too! I will have to ensure Future Child also hones those fine motor skills with a pen too. Sigh! Thanks for the wishes…you’ll be hearing all about the labour and delivery hahah! Xo


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