Pink is the new black…

In the last few months, it’s been baby shower galore – one for a baby boy, one gender neutral and finally, one for a little girl.

BABY1She and her sister put together some awesome decorations and set up the candy bar, which looked pretty amazing!! 🙂

baby2A friend of hers made some cupcakes, which were really yummy (I had a strawberry one). I always had the impression that people bought the little figurines and shapes that went on cupcakes, but apparently you  can make them yourself by melting chocolate in the moulds. I should buy some! Though I doubt I’ll be starting a cupcake business anytime soon…

baby3I’ve really grown fond of these pretty cakes (and can’t wait to plan Jacob’s 1st birthday food, yippie!). This cake was so so gorgeous though I was hoping the cake itself would’ve been richer – it was a chocolate mudcake. But the good thing is the mum-to-be got to keep the fondant booties/shoes. Cute!

babyI organised the games for her baby shower, and decided to pull out the good ol’ toilet paper game from my baby shower last year. Basically, the teams have to wrap one of the team members in a ‘nappy’ and strongest/nicest looking nappy wins! Which one do you think is the best one?

We also played a guessing game where you had to feel around in a bag and guess what items were in there, and a Baby Bingo game as the mum-to-be opened her gifts. I don’t think I’ve seen so many pink baby things in my life! 🙂 Now it’s making me clucky to have a girl, haha. But I do have a very cute baby boy anyway:

booLove his funny faces. Anyway, I love baby showers but I’m also a bit relieved that we can have a bit of a break from them for now, haha! Now, I’m just waiting for more babies to play with! 🙂 All the best with your labour, ladies!





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