Jacob with grandma(ma) and grandpa..

My parents live overseas but they’ve come to visit! 🙂 The last time they were here was when Jacob was born – look how tiny he was! They left when he was about 6 weeks old – he still cried a lot (as obviously that’s the only way he interacted with people) and wasn’t very strong yet.

ImageNow, they’re back while he’s 6 months old! How he’s changed! And he LOVES banging on the piano…

ImageAs with most families, we have our ups and downs and sometimes we get along, sometimes we don’t. Even being miles and miles apart, we do find things to argue about but also things to be glad about. I’m honestly happy that they can be here to see how Jacob progresses. We have a few things planned in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Another thing I’m planning is my trip back to Malaysia. The last time I was back was for my wedding, which was held in Kuching on a Sarawak River Cruise Boat. This wedding reception was actually organised by my parents – it was a unique experience for us and our guests (I don’t think many people have had weddings on river cruiseboats).

ImageWe had a little tea ceremony as well, which is a Chinese tradition where we present tea to our elders (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.) and they give us a little gift (usually a red packet).

ImageThat was 2011 – I can’t believe I haven’t been back to visit for sooooo long! Honestly, part of it was preventing myself from re-opening cans of worms – every time I go back, there are so many things I want to do and people I want to see that I disappoint myself by not doing it all. And also, I was trying to maximise my time working before I had Jacob (so I didn’t take much annual leave).

Yes, I am excited to take this trip, particularly to introduce Jacob to relatives and friends. And also do a bit of holidaying and touristy stuff as well. 🙂 And fooooood!

Over and out. Will end with a pic of Jacob eating a strawberry in one of those little net bag things. He lovesss strawberries. 🙂



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