Lucky number 7…

It feels like only a moment ago that I was posting about him turning 6 months old, and now he’s already 7 months! To celebrate, here are some month by month pictures of him in a row:

0 months (newborn)


1 month


2 months


3 months


4 months


5 months


6 months


7 months


I measured his height and weight two days ago at the Pregnancy & Baby Expo, so here are his stats:
Height: 70cm (though he wasn’t really standing straight)
Weight: 8.5kg (with clothes on, so I’d estimate 8.4)

Milestones: I don’t know when exactly he worked out the crawling, though I have seen him doing bits and pieces here and there. I’m a bit mortified that he’s crawling so early because he gets into all kinds of trouble – yesterday he pulled a cup off soup off the table! Thank goodness he missed getting it on himself, cos that would have hurt! He also pulls himself up onto lots of things (and falls off sometimes) – a bit too eager to stand perhaps.

Likes: Prune juice (I put it in a bottle diluted with water and it’s almost always gone!), Toys that make noise, His play table (which he’s fallen down from quite a few times), Climbing onto things, Other kids playing with him (especially his cousins Isaac and Esther), Watching Praise Baby, Playing the Piano, Bath time, Cuddles.

Dislikes: The Aspirator (he’s had a blocked nose recently…), Being fed when he isn’t hungry or isn’t feeling like sitting still, Naptime when there are better things to do, Falling down.

Notable Achievements:
– Crawling! Yes, he can actually go pretty far and move quite fast now. 🙂
– Mastered sitting up – he’s very stable now and doesn’t fall down, unless he does a 90 degree turn to reach something directly behind him.
– Growing fully into size 0 (yes, had to put away all the 00 stuff).
– Raiding the change table and throwing its contents everywhere (and unraveling a roll of paper towel on the change table too)
– Making my cursor on my computer disappear (hubby had to restore it for me) & trying to set up an email account on my phone
– Saying “bababababa” – still can’t get him to say “mama” or “dada”. He says “maaaaa” when he’s angry though.

Love you my little Jacob. xoxo


10 thoughts on “Lucky number 7…

  1. Awe…I love seeing the progression of babies – it’s really cool to see how their personalities develop through pictures. Your little one is very cute. I had to laugh when you said, “He says “maaaaa” when he’s angry though.”


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