Babies and parties!

What a weekend it’s been! I know I’m tired from all my gallivanting. Lots of things on this weekend (as usual) and I’m uber busy during the week too, so this will be mainly be a picture post (but I promise you, you’re in for lots of cute ones!)

So, at church, we finally had the four babies there together for photos. Aren’t they gorgeous??? From left is Maya, who is just about 3 weeks old (and is enjoying her sleep), Ruby is about 6 weeks,  Lucas is about 10 weeks and Jacob is a whopping 8 months! It was so hard to get Jacob to sit still for photos!! I reckon this is the best shot:

ImageThis is another shot that didn’t turn out so well:

WP_20140503_048Jacob’s just being a bit of a bully in this one:

WP_20140503_040We had another family birthday too, and it was also another excuse for more photos of babies! These cousins are going to be such good friends!

jacob yesAnd here’s Jacob not cooperating again:

jacob no

We also had a pirate party to attend – I can’t wait for the photos! I just took a quick one of my little pirate boarding the pirate ship:

20140504_140426_AndroidIf there’s anything I think is completely adorable, it’s the relationship of a boy and his dog. I can’t wait for Jacob to be old enough to run around and play with Skittles – it’s adorable how he observes her from afar though.


Finally, I came across a good article that I think parents of today should read. I know there are a lot of perspectives on parenting nowadays and there is no one right way or wrong way, but at the same time there are also a lot of things that aren’t so acceptable anymore. I know that as much as I want to protect Jacob from the world, bubble-wrapping him and putting him in a box will only make him weaker in the long run. Anyway, I enjoyed this article – read it here!

Just before I go, I want to explain why I’m so busy (among other commitments) – we have a program running at church this week called Messy Church, which I’m co-organising:

Messy ChurchAnyway, I am SO excited – can’t wait!! 🙂 It’ll be quite a bit of work but I’m hoping it’ll be an awesome, awesome day.

Over and out!



4 thoughts on “Babies and parties!

  1. Oh my cuteness!!! What adorable babies!! My Mykah is 9.5 months old (so not much older than your Jacob). She’s a big girl too, haha! 26.5 lbs and 29.5 inches long.

    I’m absolutely loving your blog! 🙂 Have a fantastic day!


    • Thanks for reading my posts! Btw I love that name Mykah – beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Can’t wait to see more pics of her. Oh wow, she is a big girl but that’s a good thing too. Jacob isn’t putting on much weight at all lately because he’s so active a.k.a. hyper, but I think he will soon now that he’s gotten the hang of eating! 🙂


      • Thank you. Yeah I chose the name Mykah. Her dad (we are no longer together) wanted to name her something else, but I “won”, haha! She has finally slowed down on her weight gain. Due to her now being super active too. Have a great day! 🙂


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