Bargains galore!

If you haven’t already realised, I’m a bit of a bargain hunter (and take pride in it). I love second hand stuff though I am quite particular about the things that I buy, hence I make sure they’re still in good shape. I thought I’d share some of my picks of the month.

I was shopping around for some size 1 clothes and found this fuzzzzzyyyy jumpsuit. Yes, size 1 – can you believe it? Jacob’s still relatively light (8.6kg) but he has grown a bit taller so he’s sorta in limbo between size 0 and 1. Anyway, this jumpsuit was of The Hungry Caterpillar variety too, which can be quite pricy new. Guess how much I paid? $3!

ImageI got the jumpsuit from Savers, a new secondhand store close by that’s really huge and has heaps of stuff to choose from – yippie! There were lots of great toys too – here’s what I got for Jacob for $3 as well:

ImageA cash register!! And it works well and does the whole ka-ching sound too. Jacob doesn’t quite understand it yet but he loves pressing the buttons anyway.

Another favourite source of mine for bargains is Gumtree – lots of great stuff available, but you have to have a keen eye and be quick about it! I told myself that I wouldn’t buy Jacob a walker but went against my word and bought him this one:

ImageIt’s quite a stable one though, so I’m not too worried about him falling (and he’s gotten a lot more stable lately too). I like this one because you can move the top bit around so it becomes a wagon to pull around too. Guess how much? $10 only! And since the same person was selling this item, I got a bit tempted and bought this for him too:

ImageI think it suits him nicely (and he loved honking the horn)! 😉 And it was only $10 too, whoopee.

I reckon I’m pretty happy with my purchases and look forward to many hours of playtime. Jacob’s growing up so quickly and is able to do so many more things now – makes his mum so proud! Here he is playing the ukulele!


This week I had some lovely moments with him – took him swimming at an aquatic centre (I think this really is the tail end of our sunny weather) and we had fun splashing around. Took him to a park, assisted him down the slide a few times and just played on the grass. 


I love my baby so much – I know he’s growing up, but he’ll always be my baby. I love his tiny hands and his gorgeous grin; his flailing arms when he’s excited and his little personality quirks. What a wonderful thing it is to be a mum! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Bargains galore!

  1. I’m a bargain hunter too! We have a chain of second-hand stores here called Value Village. That’s where I get a lot of Mykah’s clothes and toys (I also get a lot from friends… of the good things about being a new mom at age 36 is that lots of my friends are finished having kids so they give me lots of hand-me-downs). Anyways, Value Village occasionally has 50% off sales (they had one this past Monday). Crazy good deals! You got some awesome stuff! People often ask me how I find the things I do at Value Village. I tell them that you have to be patient and go a few times, have a good “eye”, and some luck 🙂 I have a push walker and activity table and a couple of cash registers from there too! Small world, eh? I’m a kindergarten teacher so I also buy things there to use in my classroom 🙂


    • Oh wow, yes second hand stuff is awesome! 🙂 It’s all about having a good look around and honing in on the great stuff.
      It’s great to have friends in the same stage of life to share things – I’m sorta the first in my peer group to have a baby but since three of my friends also had babies, we tend to be able to share a lot of things.
      Small world…


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