Cutie Pie Stickers (a.k.a. my new business)

So, I’m finally going to tell you all what I’ve been up to with this business. I have bought an online wall sticker business!! Yippie!! Okay, I think I’m getting overexcited here, but I’m really quite happy to have a pet project to work on (which hopefully will make me a bit of money, or at least earn my capital back for a start).

Firstly, add this to your bookmarks –
Okay, thank you! 🙂
Next, please like us on Facebook –
Okay, thanks again!

Why “Cutie Pie Stickers”, you may ask? Well, I actually didn’t choose the name because I didn’t start the business from scratch. Looking at the platform that it uses, in retrospect, I could have actually started something like it but I think it would have taken me quite a bit of time and skill to develop. And it’s hard when Jacob’s awake because he automatically wants to use my computer every time I’m on it. Or he does things like break my home entertainment speakers or the blinds like he did when I was doing some editing work the other day. Le sigh.

Here is my cute little boy, my mascot, on the swings – he loved being pushed though he nearly fell out because he insisted on leaning forward:


Here are some of our awesome stickers on the website (which actually link you to the page too if you click on them):

ImageHow about some cute alphabet stickers for your baby’s nursery, playroom or even all around the house?

There’s just something about birds in their little birdhouses that make one feel happy and joyful.


All things French seem to be the way to go in home decor – this would look awesome on a feature wall.

There’s nothing cooler than Spiderman breaking through your wall.

For the music lovers. 🙂

I’m shopping around for more wall sticker designs as well and I also promise that I’ll have more boyish designs (think superheroes!). I’m also looking for good quotes to add to the list, cos I love to put up a good quote somewhere that I’ll see often, to put a smile on my face.

Anyway, please wish me luck! I am new to this game and any advice is most welcomed. Also, I might mention that I may be interested in getting some Australian-based bloggers to do reviews of my products for me. If you’re keen, just drop me a comment below or contact me on the Contact Me page on the Cutie Pie Stickers website.

Have a great day folks!


6 thoughts on “Cutie Pie Stickers (a.k.a. my new business)

    • Thanks for dropping by here! Oh yes I can see a two year old ripping stickers off a wall – at least Jacob can’t reach the stickers yet, haha! We have Pac Man on his nursery wall- something I’d like to get in stock for my store too, cos it’s super cool!


  1. Ooooooo, I’m definitely gonna like your page and check it out!

    Lol I know what it’s like when you’re trying to use the computer with a mobile baby around. Impossible!!! Mykah also likes to grab the mouse and throw it on the floor. Fun times, haha!!

    Jacob is a cutie, as always! Have a great day (or I guess it’s night time there 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping by my website and liking my FB page! Really appreciate the support! 🙂
      It’s funny how babies are really attracted to technology! I suppose they like to use what mummy and daddy use – I’m trying not to build bad habits with Jacob but he’s really hooked. He tried to play with the Eftpos machine at the bank today, sigh! Have a great day too!


  2. Congratulations on the start of you new business! Loving the Spiderman breaking through the wall one. Look forward to seeing more super hero ones.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Debra! 🙂 Yes I love that one too, and I’ll tell you a secret – I’m looking to get a Transformers one with Optimus Prime breaking through the wall! I’m really looking forward to more superhero ones too (especially since I’m all hyped up because that’s Jacob’s upcoming birthday party theme)…


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