So, about Sydney…

I’ve been having a problem lately with using the computer in the presence of my little man because HE HATES IT! Or rather, he hates the fact that I can use it but not him. So he comes up to it and slams on the keyboard and on the screen (which is a touchscreen too, by the way) and messes things up, so I simply shut the laptop, put it away and vow to use it again when he’s asleep (only I actually have to do housework when he’s asleep).

So, my point is, I want to minimize typing and will just put some photos up. 😀


 20140712_112708_Android 20140712_114800_Android

20140711_131239_Android20140713_123420_Android WP_20140711_004 WP_20140711_030  WP_20140712_029


Sydney, over and out!


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