little bird, little bird,
am i enough for you?
will you still love me
if i split my heart in two?
will you still kiss me
in the morning dew?
little bird, don’t forget
how much i love you.

little bear, little bear,
can i watch you play?
i’m trying to hold on
to the ghost of yesterday.
if i wish hard enough,
can i make you stay?
little bear, don’t forget
you showed me the way.

little lamb, little lamb,
do you remember when
it was just you and me,
the chick and the hen?
you are the king of my heart
just as you were then.
little lamb, don’t forget
we will meet there again.

little child, little child,
you may not realise
a new part of me lives
while another part of me dies.
may you see the joy,
not dwell on the goodbyes.

little child, my beautiful child
no matter the lows or the highs
the smiles on our faces,
the clouds in our skies,
you will always be the apple
of your mother’s eyes.


A day.

Eyes shut, hazy dreaming
Tiny footsteps down the hall
Dusk lifts its veil outside
Into the sheets comes something small

Toys, board books, drool on face
Lights, action, jerking awake
Hazel eyes and pearly white smile
Day begins without mistake

Get up, let’s sing, come and see
Stumble, clatter, fumbling around
Wash face, ouch – stepped on car
Breakfast is served; it’s on the ground

Spilled it, broke it, purposefully done
Sigh, whinge, shout, cry
Who is to be the adult here?
Guilty hugs and wipe it dry

Packing bags, look for the keys
Rushing, pushing, I will be late
Won’t brush teeth, won’t wear clothes
We will still go there in this state

Shut door, in the car, music on
Screaming, angry day care goodbyes
Tell myself it will be alright
Back to life with tears in eyes

Hello adults, coffee, fake smiles
Blame the sniffles on hay fever
Love the work, hate being away
Still much to do, have to leave here

Grubby face, tousled hair
Muddy shoes, played in the dirt
Kisses, let’s get your bag
Sunscreen smell, must soak that shirt

Cook, don’t cook, let’s defrost
Chocolate is not a main course
Eating, dropping, crumbling, throwing
Main nutritional group is sauce

Droplets rain down onto soft skin
War paint melts and suds away
Pajamas on with a tug and tussle
When will it be the end of day?

Toys, board books, put them away
Lights off, singing, quiet prayers
A few false starts, lie down again
Day ends with too many cares

Eyes shut, hazy dreaming
Gentle breaths encompassing all
Sleep, my darling, ‘til the morn
How I love you, my one so small

Joy, relax, finally I breathe
Feet up, drink, soldier on
Dream of days for myself again
Sigh, one day this will be gone

mum and boy