Mummy of Dragons

Hear ye, hear ye! The mummy of dragons has risen. From bed. At about 4.30am. With a whinging baby and a toddler who wants to do colouring at this time of day.

And this, my friends, is essentially what this blog is about.

I am a mother of two boys, hence the blog title. Though, based on the Chinese zodiac, one is a snake and the other is a monkey (and courtesy of my mum, we have numerous stuffed toy snakes and monkeys all over the house). But I digress.

My first dragon’s name is Jacob – he has a mighty roar (particularly if someone takes something he wants) and has a fiery yet loving personality. He is 2.5 years old, loves anything that has wheels or propellers and his mouth does not stop moving (except when offered food – then it clamps shut).

My second dragon’s name is Jared – so far, not much is known of his personality as he is only 3 weeks old! But I can see him being the sunnier of the two – he even smiles in his sleep (and also just before he chucks up).


I don’t want this blog to simply be a generic mummy blog where I post milestones of my children (Who cares about that, right?). I certainly will maintain a parenting sentiment, but also aim to touch on things that I’m passionate about like music, superhero movies/series’ and writing.

I also hope to get a chance to address a myriad of parenting interest issues, all the way from breastfeeding and babywearing to working parents and sleep training (or in my case, not sleep training). And of course, if I find an awesome playground, toddler craft or healthy meal that my toddler will actually eat, I definitely will share it as well!

I might also mention that I used to blog sometime ago (before life got WAY too busy) so if you do want to have a peek at my archives, have a look here:

So, just a quick thank you for reading and I really hope I can live up to my name as the mummy of dragons!


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