Snow Play!

It’s well and truly winter here in Adelaide, which puts me in the mood for snow! Sadly, it doesn’t snow here (though funnily enough, last night a bit of snow fell on Mt Lofty). But at the local ice skating rink, they ran a snow play day for kids – count us in!

It took us ages to get ready for it as I was trying to work out how to dress the kids. While it’s an indoor rink, it’s really cold in there so I just wanted to make sure they were rugged up enough. I just put them in a number of different layers and rummaged the shed, and actually found winter stuff that could fit. What do you think?

I wouldn’t say that Jacob really loved the snow. He did attempt to build things with it at first, but then he was daunted by how cold it was. I was thankful that I’d bought two pairs of gloves for Jacob as it was good to change it over halfway so his fingers didn’t get too cold.

Then he got into a tube and I pulled him around, which he loved and kept yelling “Faster!” but there was only so much I could do with Jared in a baby carrier (he was fast asleep). I watched some dads there catapulting their kids around at top speed – maybe I should have asked one of them if they were willing to do that for Jacob! We also tried the toboggans and sleds but tubes were easiest to handle for me at least.

Jared then woke up and I squeezed him into a snowsuit (it was for 3-6 month olds but he is just a bit too chunky). The picture of him on the tube is particularly hilarious because he wasn’t actually able to move his arms cos the suit was so tight. I only left him in it for a little while because he started getting a bit grumpy about his limited mobility – he was in about 5 layers underneath that so he wasn’t really that cold.

20160705_110453_resized - Copy

Overall a fantastic day – an icy cold playtime and complimentary hot drinks to warm us up. Also, a lovely lady asked if I wanted a photo with the boys – so here it is! I admit I wasn’t rugged up as much as I could have been, but I kept warm cuddling Jared and chasing after Jacob.


What are you up to this winter?

3 thoughts on “Snow Play!

  1. I’m going to try hard to comment more often 🙂 Haha Jared is so squishy! That’s exactly how my Mykah was. I couldn’t even get her thighs to fit into one of those Bumbo things when she was little lol. Squishy babies are the best!

    Yuck snow! Haha! As you know we usually get plenty of it up here in Canada. But thankfully the area where I live (southwestern Ontario) it isn’t severe (some places including areas of the US) get huge snowstorms and sometimes regularly. I’m afraid to go to Australia because I’m terrified of spiders lol. Silly reason eh? Have a wonderful day (night?) and I love reading your posts (even if I may not remember to comment 😉

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    • Mykah is so adorable! Jacob was slightly chubby but not as chubby as Jared – I can’t get Jared into the Bumbo either!!

      Aw in places like Australia where we hardly get snow, it’s a novelty here! Jacob actually didn’t quite like it as it was just too cold, he said he prefers sand.

      Aw we do get spiders but not that many!! I’m sure you’ll be fine. Lots of fun things to do particularly in summer – loving the beach and bushwalking! 🙂

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