Why my relationship works…

I took a bit of a break because I just needed to clear some space in my head. We’re about to make quite a big decision, a sad one at that too, so I just haven’t really felt in the mood to blog. But I’m back now!

Phew, what a busy last couple of days – and rainy ones too! We have just had downpour after downpour, and I have absolutely LOVED every moment of it. I had to run errands on Friday and every time I was about to get out of the car, the rain would start pouring down (and it even hailed on us) so there was a bit of sitting around in the car waiting for the rain to subside. Even though I tried, Jacob still managed to get himself wet (lots of jumping in muddy puddles).

But nothing beats a rainy day than a warm snuggle in our bed! This is the scene in my bed at 6.30am a  few mornings ago – love these two but no space in bed for me, sigh!

20160528_063701_resized - Copy


Today I’m meant to talk about what makes my relationship work. Of course, there are lots of deep underlying reasons, but here are just a few fun ones…

  1. We love the same genre of movies and TV series. Okay, so this isn’t the most important thing but it certainly makes things easier on movie nights. Plus, we both enjoy a nice hot chocolate and cookies while lounging on the sofa together.
  2. We complement each other – I am the dreamer and he is the realist. I am the impulsive one and he’s the one who will tell me all the pros and cons before I jump into something I’m over my head in.
  3. We love travelling together. We’ve been to a number of places together and we’re keen to keep exploring the world together (except now we’ll have to lug two boys along with us too!).

  4. We have the same sense of humour – a bit left wing and sometimes a little politically incorrect but we share it in close quarters. We send each other funny pics or videos on Facebook sometimes!
  5. We love being together but also don’t mind if we each get a bit of “me time” – like sometimes he’ll play basketball or play PS4 with his friends, and sometimes I get my girls nights out. It’s all about balance!
  6. We love eating together. Hubby and I are both adventurous eaters which is so much fun – back in the day, we used to go out for all sorts of cuisines (though now we mostly eat at home or have takeaway due to child constraints)

  7. We profess the same faith and go to church together. I think it really helps us in other big life decisions because our faith also defines underlying values that we live by as well.
  8. We appreciate each other. Maybe I don’t tell him enough, but he does so much for me – from the little things like serving me when I’m feeding Jared or cleaning up after I cook in the kitchen (as I make an awful mess). And for always fixing my tech issues and for getting all my favourite shows. And I always feel appreciated by him for all the stuff I do at home with the kids, cooking meals, etc.
  9. We make beautiful children (and love them to bits!). I know people say that having kids can take its toll on your relationship, but I feel that our kids bring us together as well and we end up making more amazing memories together.

What makes your relationship tick?

Touch a Truck

I’ve decided I want to take a little break from this blog challenge to share our recent experience at Touch a Truck! I’ll just put the next two challenges into one.

But for now, I just wanted to share this because I reckon I was more excited than Jacob!

So, our local council held an event called “Touch a Truck” where they would have a few service trucks on display for kids to see and explore. The event was held on a Friday morning so I decided to brave it with the two littlies on my own!

We parked across the road and could already see the brightly coloured jumping castles. As we approached, we saw the trucks all set out in the car park.

I put both kiddos in a pram because I figured it’d be easier to keep Jacob under control (he’s the type that runs off). While I got there on the dot, the line ahead of us was pretty long so I was quite grateful that I didn’t have to carry two kids. I also brought snacks – Jacob often asks me for a “blue snack”, whatever that is! I found popcorn in mini packets that are blue so that apparently suffices. Here he is stuffing his face while Jared slept.

A siren went blaring (cue a lot of excited squealing children) and we were allowed to enter the area. There were a couple of street sweeper vehicles and the kids were even able to turn the brushes on – but just as I figured, Jacob was really apprehensive of them! He’s like that with those automated car washes as well – he loves the idea of it but when the brushes come out, he freaks out!

But anyway, next up was a CFS vehicle (a.k.a. fire truck) which Jacob was very excited about. He got to sit up in the truck and was a bit unsure of what to do, but had a good look around and a play with the equipment. Here he is looking pretty impressed. Or not.


The main attraction advertised was the garbage truck – the queue was massive for that and to keep Jacob still, I had to let him sit on my shoulders! Good thing I didn’t have Jared in the carrier or I would have conked out I think. Here’s our good ol’ rubbish man driving the truck.


And of course, before we left, we had to check out the other attractions. Jacob was bugging me to get his face painted (he’s never had it done before) but the line was too long so we just settled for the jumping castles. Here he is having a ball of a time.


And of course, we had to try out the tractor jumping castle, which was pretty much just a slide. Jacob was yet again a bit nervous to get in but after some convincing and also seeing that children were going in and coming out again (i.e. not disappearing in there), he decided to have a go and had a great time.

The outing ended when, as I was putting Jared back into the pram after taking him out for a cuddle (he was tired of sitting there all morning), I noticed that Jacob wasn’t on the tractor anymore. I took another good look and saw him running down the hill (it’s a big grassy patch between there and a main road) so I had to pop everything into the pram and run after him! It was a funny sight (and I knew I’d get to him in time) but of course I didn’t stop to snap a photo. Who does that, right?

Anyway it was a great little outing and I feel I coped pretty alright. The key factors of this success were not trying to over plan the day (basically we did nothing in the morning all the way up to this outing), to bring snacks (popcorn, mandarins, water…) and I’m so glad I brought the double pram to keep both boys in check. What are your outing coping strategies with littlies?

Goodbye, goodbye.

Have you ever had a moment where you’re not sure where inspiration has come from to write something, but as times goes by, the reason becomes clear? This feels almost surreal to me (and it may not be related) but has become somewhat of a tribute for me concerning recent affairs.

My last post was a relatively “down” one and I was going to liven up the mood with pictures of Christmas/New Year’s frivolity and Jacob in the swimming pool, but right now it feels inappropriate seeing that we are close to the heart of a South Australian emergency with bushfires in the Adelaide Hills.

Yesterday, I saw smoke and thought our local shopping centre was on fire. But no, the fire was a bit further off. It still looked pretty smoky though.

our house

My in-laws live in the hills and shortly after I posted that photo, my mum-in-law shared this photo, which looks even more ominous:


We normally go up to church today but the roads were all blocked off due to fire risk, so we just gathered at a friend’s house for fellowship. We were told that winds were blowing the fire up our way – this picture was taken not far from our house.

golden grove

Our church is based up in Birdwood (which is one of the towns where people were recommended to evacuate) and we know quite a few people who were on the verge of losing their homes. We are continually praying for them, for the firefighters and for the whole fire situation here in Adelaide.

I wrote this song on the 27th of December – I was inspired by the idea of new resolutions and lasting change as the new year approached, as well as Avril Lavigne’s CD that I got for Christmas. The very next day, I read about the Air Asia flight going missing (and eventually found as a wreckage in the sea). And now we have the bushfires and lives are at stake as well.

Could I please ask that you take a listen, and tell me I’m not imagining things when I say that there are subtle messages in this song that leave hints about these recent tragedies? No, I’m not saying I’m a mind reader or that I’m divinely inspired or something. But I just found this just a bit surreal.

So, please permit me to share another sad post, because it feels appropriate at this time. People have lost their homes, firefighters have been injured and the fire is still burning. One of the saddest stories to me is the fire that burnt through one of the kennels and cattery in the hills where many animal lives were lost.

For anyone keen to help out, here’s how you can assist. We went out to a donation centre today to drop off some non-perishable food and drink for the CFS workers, and it was so heartening to see so many generous people there to help out in any way they could. Apparently, there was so much collected that they didn’t have enough space in their utes to bring it to the distribution centres, so some people offered to load their cars and help transport items as well.

The one good thing I can say about the situation is that it brings people together to unite for a cause. And that makes me smile. Take care everybody!