Interview with Yukiko

When I started this blog challenge, I was looking through the topics  – when I came across the one about interviewing another blogger, someone came to mind right away.

Yukiko (whom I know as Ying) and I were high school besties and she’s been blogging since forever (and doing a great job at it too). She’s also one of most talented people I know – she can speak multiple languages (including Mandarin, Japanese, etc.), she can literally do magic, she’s an amazing photographer, she’s also great with makeup and she’s just a really wonderful person to be with!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your blog

I am a travel and photography addict! I write about mostly travel and beauty reviews, and I prefer telling my story through photos so I spend a lot of time on my photos to make sure it’s a good photo before it goes on the blog!

What are some things that keep you inspired?
I love reading blogs and vlogs, so I spend quite a lot of time just blog hopping and watching Youtube videos on a daily basis.
My fav blogs would have to be Inthefrow, thelondonder, and annstreetstudio.
Favourite Youtubers – Fleurdeforce, ChriselleLim, Inthefrow

Can you tell us about someone famous/interesting that you’ve met along your blogging journey?
To be honest I think all media invites have been extremely interesting for me, if I didn’t started blogging, I don’t think I would have had the chance to be invited to any of the events. My most memorable one so far would have to be when Hennessy flew me to Penang, paid for my flights and accommodation just to attend a party event. Everything was really well though and I felt so spoilt throughout my trip.

What is your favourite place in the whole world and why?
If we are talking about cities, then it would be Kyoto, I love the culture, the story behind the city but if it’s a place we are talking about then it’d be Canal Rocks in Western Australia, I mean, have you seen the place? It’s breathtakingly beautiful!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love photography so during my spare time I like going through Pinterest for more photo inspiration and ideas for my next shoot. I do also enjoy practicing magic and reading the encyclopedias when I have time to spare.

If you were given a million dollars on the condition that you had to spend it all today, what would you do with it?
A million dollars USD or RM (Malaysian Ringgit)? Hah, if it’s RM then probs just a small house as an investment but if it’s in USD I’ll still get a house, and then buy myself a couple of trips with Fourseasons private jets. Then, with whatever’s remaining, I’ll head to to do more shopping. =p

Check out Yukiko’s blog HERE.
You can also check our her Youtube channel HERE for awesome fashion Vlogs, which if I actually followed, I might actually not look like a dumpy mum haha!

Thanks again for fitting me into your busy schedule and answering my questions! 😉

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Who is your favourite blogger and what makes her blogs awesome?