Pink is the new black…

In the last few months, it’s been baby shower galore – one for a baby boy, one gender neutral and finally, one for a little girl.

BABY1She and her sister put together some awesome decorations and set up the candy bar, which looked pretty amazing!! 🙂

baby2A friend of hers made some cupcakes, which were really yummy (I had a strawberry one). I always had the impression that people bought the little figurines and shapes that went on cupcakes, but apparently you  can make them yourself by melting chocolate in the moulds. I should buy some! Though I doubt I’ll be starting a cupcake business anytime soon…

baby3I’ve really grown fond of these pretty cakes (and can’t wait to plan Jacob’s 1st birthday food, yippie!). This cake was so so gorgeous though I was hoping the cake itself would’ve been richer – it was a chocolate mudcake. But the good thing is the mum-to-be got to keep the fondant booties/shoes. Cute!

babyI organised the games for her baby shower, and decided to pull out the good ol’ toilet paper game from my baby shower last year. Basically, the teams have to wrap one of the team members in a ‘nappy’ and strongest/nicest looking nappy wins! Which one do you think is the best one?

We also played a guessing game where you had to feel around in a bag and guess what items were in there, and a Baby Bingo game as the mum-to-be opened her gifts. I don’t think I’ve seen so many pink baby things in my life! 🙂 Now it’s making me clucky to have a girl, haha. But I do have a very cute baby boy anyway:

booLove his funny faces. Anyway, I love baby showers but I’m also a bit relieved that we can have a bit of a break from them for now, haha! Now, I’m just waiting for more babies to play with! 🙂 All the best with your labour, ladies!





So another week goes by…

Another busy weekend with searing temperatures on Saturday, though Sunday was really pleasant (and perfect for a baby shower!).

Saturday’s temperatures hit 42 degrees and it was also windy – meaning bushfire alert! Thank goodness the fires were all contained – there was quite a big blaze in Belair (which is in the southern hills) but it was all under control.

As we were driving to church, we saw some planes flying low and obviously, I thought that it was a reenactment of “Tomorrow when the war began”. But no, they were actually water-bombing planes that were trying to put out a small fire near Gumeracha. I’d never seen planes dropping water like that before and found it quite fascinating (but didn’t stop for photos).

We were due to go for a housewarming on Saturday (and I can guess the house was very warm, haha!) but I think the heat was just a bit too much for Jacob, who was cranky and very itchy. I blame myself for not forseeing this, but after the tiling was done, a lot of mosquitoes got into the house. I’m a mosquito magnet but I think they like Jacob best, and the poor tyke had bites all over him! At least it’s all under control now and he’s healing up quickly.


He enjoys our tiles (particularly because they’re cold and it’s a warm day). I wish he’d actually stay in his tunnel, but I think he just prefers dragging it around.

What else was on this weekend – oh yes, baby shower! 🙂 It was a lovely warm (but cool compared to what we’ve been getting) day and we had a lovely lunch party with delicious savouries and yummy desserts! I was supposed to make peanut cookies but my oven/stove unit was only put back in the night before. It was a relaxing day with a few games (including writing messages on nappies, which I think is an awesome idea) including the frozen baby in the ice cube – when it breaks out, you have to scream “My waters broke!”.

ImageAnyway, I’m actually struggling to type this because I’m actually wearing wrist splint/supports right now. I’ve been getting numbness in my fingers and my GP said it’s probably a mild case of carpal tunnel. No need any surgery yet but just to be on the safe side, I’m wearing these splints to prevent me from bending my wrists too much. For those of you who don’t know what carpal tunnel is, this is a brief summary from the Betterhealth website:

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful disorder of the hand caused by pressure on nerves that run through the wrist. Symptoms include numbness, pins and needles, and pain. Pregnancy, arthritis or repetitive hand movements can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Splinting and medications can help, but sometimes an operation is needed.

I’m hoping these splints will do me some good, but can I say that it is SO annoying to try and do daily activities with splints like these! ARGH! I got the velcro of the splints stuck to my laundry and I struggle to carry things around (especially Jacob). Also, typing and texting are a real pain and I keep making typos! But the good thing is I can pretend that I’m Wolverine:


Baby Shower Number 1

We have another shocker of a hot week so I’m going to stay in as much as possible, and if I have errands, will run them as early as possible. Thank goodness that it wasn’t so hot on the day of baby shower number one! 🙂 My friend is due in early March and she’s having a baby boy!


She had the party out in the yard and it was a beach-themed party. There was soooo much delicious food! I love the idea of the wishing tree (why didn’t I think of that at my shower?) – people just write a wish on a leaf and stick it on. I also made the little umbrella cups in the picture – I got the idea off the net and it was supposed to look like the picture below, but the cream melted and the babies sank into the ‘sand’. Oh well!


I ordered some cupcakes from a friend of mine and they did not disappoint. There was a little girl there who was fascinated by the dummy on the cupcake baby’s mouth and ate it right off! There was so much food that the men (who had gone off to play golf) came back after to help us finish it up!


Game time! Her sister-in-law organised three games while I organised the two games below (and had a third one on standby, but it was getting late). I especially enjoyed the Bottle drinking race between the three pregnant ladies – one would not imagine how hard it is to drink from a baby bottle (the teat is soooo tiny!).


My friend is really creative, hence a lot of the things at her baby shower are handmade! She made a lot of the decorations by herself and even made some gorgeous little booties for her bombonieres with yummy Hershey’s chocolate (I LOVE HERSHEY’S, especially the Cookies and Cream one).


Finally, what was Jacob doing? He was there with the ladies socialising, as usual! He was a good boy and went down for an afternoon sleep so I could have something to eat. Thanks everyone for taking turns to take care of him! 🙂 Here he is in a bit of a standoff with the dog (which is about the same size as him, haha!). 


It was a really lovely day and it was awesome to have a public holiday the next day to recover from it (for those who are working anyway). Today it’s back to school for Dan (and also all the students) – hope everyone has a lovely day!

Of baptisms and baby showers…

I always tell myself that I want to blog on the weekends but I never seem to find the time. There seem to be so many events on in the later months of the year… and next week, it’ll be December!

I was planning on blogging yesterday (and started the post then) but Jacob had a massive meltdown – not sure what caused it, maybe a growth spurt? The doctor cleared him with a perfect bill of health, so perhaps it was a one off.

He was very well-behaved at the doctor’s today and had a whinge when he got his shots, but is happily asleep now. The doctor says he’s heavy and tall for his age (75th percentile), which I can’t complain about I guess (except he is giving me sore wrists carrying him). He was a cutie yesterday too:


Anyway, my busy weekend actually started on Thursday night with my husband’s Year 12 school formal (he’s a high school teacher). It was held in a picturesque location in the hills, and it was simply lovely. I knew quite a few students from this year’s formal as I chaperoned on their Year 10 school camp. It was a relatively eventful one (and it was pretty much rained out) which involved taking shelter at a boathouse, surviving leeches galore and even a helicopter ride to hospital (but it all turned out fine in the end).

ImageI bought some heels to wear to the event but chickened out and wore my Airflex office shoes. There was a lot of gravel and my joints are still a bit loose from the pregnancy. But I promise you, leopard print heels, I will wear you soon!


It was also probably the longest I’ve ever been away from Jacob (and I was feeling a bit anxious, especially towards the end of the night). We used to bring him out with us at night but now we don’t want to spoil his routine, and he does find it easier to fall asleep in bed at night rather than somewhere foreign and noisy.

Speaking of which, we were out on Saturday night for two baptisms in the Adelaide City Church. I’ve only attended a few baptisms (including my own) but I find them such beautiful events. I love the fact that it symbolises a public expression of one’s faith, and how you are making a stand for what you believe in. Jacob, however, didn’t enjoy the baptismal experience as much and was completely restless. He did fall asleep in my arms for a while but I believe we’ll not be doing too many more night outings.

Thinking back on my own baptism a few years ago, there were fewer than 10 people present, as it was an afternoon session at a church I didn’t even go to (but they had the baptismal pool there). I remember the wind rustling through palm trees and the serenity in the air, and I knew that the audience wasn’t small. In fact, all the angels in heaven were present. 🙂

ImageThinking back on my own baby shower (, I had a relatively simple one – probably because I hadn’t been to many baby showers before and didn’t want too much of a fuss. But now I’ve been to a few and have a few more coming up in the next few months, I’m really into baby showers!

I went to one on Sunday, which had a lovely pastel theme and was held out in the garden. I’m still waiting on the pictures, but I assure you it was gorgeous. I have one to plan in January which will have a Hawaiian theme. All this made me think of what I’d like to do at my next baby shower (yes, assuming I have another baby on the way sometime). So, here are my Top 5 Baby Shower themes, regardless if I’m having a boy or a girl (and in no particular order):

1. Book club! No, we’re not going to be reading baby care books. It’ll probably involve people bringing a book for the baby (thought I already have heaps cos I love kids books). Maybe it could even follow the theme of one of the books. No, I must restrain myself from having a Harry Potter party. But that would be soooooo cool!


2. Pamper party! What a great excuse to have a relax with the girls – perhaps have a bit of a getaway to a day spa or just do each other nails. That would be a treat for me because I love massages and I don’t usually spend money on beautification (hence why I look like a plain Jane all the time).

3. Superheroes! I’d probably make it a co-ed baby shower and get Daniel to run some games. And I’d love Superhero gifts too, please! (On a separate note, I bought Jacob a Batman jumpsuit yesterday).


4. Jet-setter shower! Maybe with a globe cake and have aeroplanes and suitcases as part of the decor. I might include a Geography quiz in the games part too. 🙂

5. Pirate theme! Yes, I’ve been to a few pirate parties in the last few years, but it hasn’t lost its appeal (and I do have a pirate costume that I want to use again). Arrrr!


Just a disclaimer – I got those pictures off Google and don’t own any of them. Except the one of me. XD

On an ending note, I wish Skittles were as patient as this dog:

Good Night Moon…

Goodness, time has just escaped me this weekend. I was in fact trying to limit my time on the computer – made me quite productive with housework, but made me a bit tardy on this end. Sorry!

On Friday, I received the second half of my birthday present from my hubby:


So, what did I think? Initially I was quite disappointed (at her fashion sense and at the music). I was looking for music that was more ‘raw and lyrical’ but instead it seemed to shout ’90’s pop’. But after a few listens, I have come to enjoy some of the songs and appreciate that she was trying to explore and do something more fun/different. Although I think that collaborating with Marilyn Manson on one track was quite uncalled for (but then, who am I to say?).

Yesterday I was at my sister-in-law’s Baby Shower and it was lovely! Just a few games, some great food and laid back chit chat. It was also great to get the three cousins together (and very soon there’ll be four!):


At her baby shower, one of the games was a cool “baby book” game where you had to guess the name of the book based on a paraphrased version of the name. e.g. Unsightly aquatic bird = The ugly duckling
One of the paraphrases was “Small Rouge Behind” and I guessed “The Tiny Redback”. No, I wasn’t right – it was “Little Red Caboose”. Do I get points for originality at least?


I’m honestly looking forward to receiving Jacob’s baby books for Christmas (I already know a few which are coming up)! Children’s books are such fun to read, and so colourful too! I’ve been reading Jacob some of Margaret Wise Brown’s books – “Good Night Moon” is probably her most famous one. I love how they’re simple, they rhyme and they have a happy ending.


I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could write a children’s book for Jacob. Poetry is not too difficult for me, but I think I’ll struggle with the illustrations. Maybe I’ll sign up for art classes. Maybe I could write Haiku. Like this one is for Jacob now:
Little ball of small
Still slumbering gently
Cutest one of all

Jacob bids you all a good night. He’s been busy figuring out how to use my nunchucks (but he’s now safely tucked away in bed).


My first baby shower!

This is my first relatively personal post (and hence will explain what’s been keeping me so busy the last few days!)… my baby shower!

I’ve read that normally baby showers are held when the mother is about 8 months pregnant, but I reckon it’s good I had it a bit earlier (I’m about 29 weeks) as I felt more energetic and mobile.

Also, it was good to have enough energy to clean the house before the guests arrived – I do admit that I can get quite slack at cleaning the house, and only pull myself together when under pressure (i.e. started cleaning at 10.00am for a 2.00pm party!) But, at long last, the house was in order (and nobody discovered my “junk” room).

The theme was yellow and green (as we haven’t found out our baby’s gender yet). It was after looking at the napkins that I bought that I realised it was quite a patriotic “Australian” theme – but the balloons softened the effect.



It’s funny how most of my friends are Asian – now, don’t take it as being biased. I know lots of Caucasian Aussies (and people of other ethnic groups, for that matter) that are really awesome people. It boils down to three factors:

1. When I was at Uni, my course was quite a highly exclusive one where Australians would only pay for it if they were granted scholarships (otherwise, it would be way more than they would need to pay to do a similar course at a local institution). There were only 4 Australians in my graduating class of 100+.

2. At church, my husband grew up with a group of Caucasian Australian & NZ guys, and guess what – majority of them married Asian girls! In the pic above, all of us girls who have partners have Caucasian partners.

3. At work, I’m at an Australian based company but the founders are Singaporean and for some reason, our team is highly multicultural – not to mention, lots of employees LOVE the Asian culture (or at least, love to put on an Asian accent).

But anyway, Asian or not Asian, I love my girls heaps and want to thank them so much for always being there for me!


And with lots of variety with the guests comes a variety of food! We had lots of yummy things to eat (and drink) – on the top right is one of my party favourites (though it’s hard to take to people’s houses due to spillage, so more of a party at home food). It’s called Honeydew Sago, though I did mine with rockmelon as well. And below is a treat my father-in-law made, called cream lillies! He’s truly a Masterchef – he also does some mean cheesecakes, which you may see in the course of my future posts too.


And what is a baby shower without games?


1. Mum-to-be crossword puzzle – it’s so easy to make crossword puzzles online and I had real fun making it. I put in questions like “How much weight did I gain?” (8kg), “What’s my biggest craving?” (KFC) and “What’s my baby’s Chinese zodiac sign?” (Snake).

2. Diaper Derby – the two bottom photos might explain the gist. A group wraps one person up in a ‘diaper’ made from toilet paper – and the person who can catwalk around the room without it falling will be the winner. My niece Esther was the cutest model (and she’s probably used to being in diapers too!)


3. Guess the price – My mum-in-law bought a whole lot of baby items and we had to rank them from the lowest priced to the most expensive. It was actually pretty tricky – I don’t think any of us got all correct!

4. Guess the mum’s measurements – Basically, I cut a string measuring the actual length around my belly (probably around the bellybutton is best) and then the guests cut a piece that they estimate. Most of them got it way too long! It’s really quite deceptive…

5. Decorate a jumpsuit – All you need is a few plain jumpsuits, some fabric paints, permanent markers and ribbons for a fun decoration session! It’s funny how nobody used any ribbons as majority think my baby’s going to be a boy…
Which one would be your winner out of these?

IMG_7913 IMG_7912

6. Catch the what? – At weddings, people catch the bouquet so I thought it was fitting that at a baby shower, guests can catch a diaper and will potentially become the next mum-to-be? Lots of cheering and laughter to follow…

7. Baby names – I also put up posters on the wall for baby names. I love my friends & family – they have such creative ideas!

IMG_7911 IMG_7910

And finally, I would love to thank everyone for their thoughtful and gorgeous presents! I really am so blessed!