Big Camp (Part 2)

Goodness, I’ve left this for a while haven’t I? Will make this mainly a photo post because I’m busy busy busy!!! 🙂

With Big Camp, it usually starts on a Sunday and ends on the following Sunday. The program’s quite packed but Friday afternoon is free/fun time! There are sports competitions on and they have a fun time for the kiddies too! This year, they had bouncing castles and a petting zoo!

ImageYou wouldn’t think I’d let Jacob into a bouncing castle, would you? Of course not! But there was a blow up slide, which seemed just as fun though he didn’t really think so. So, on to the petting zoo instead…

ImageJacob looks in curiously – he’s not sure if he’s in the cage, or if they are. He cried because a lamb bleated at him, haha!

ImageHe’s not very impressed by the rabbit, but warmed up to it eventually. Easter spirit, maybe?


Also, did I mention that Jacob loves grass? He also loves camping chairs.

ImageSometimes wildlife comes out when people go camping – here is our little dropbear! 🙂

ImageAll in all, we all had a great time and Jacob is still a happy baby! 🙂