So another week goes by…

Another busy weekend with searing temperatures on Saturday, though Sunday was really pleasant (and perfect for a baby shower!).

Saturday’s temperatures hit 42 degrees and it was also windy – meaning bushfire alert! Thank goodness the fires were all contained – there was quite a big blaze in Belair (which is in the southern hills) but it was all under control.

As we were driving to church, we saw some planes flying low and obviously, I thought that it was a reenactment of “Tomorrow when the war began”. But no, they were actually water-bombing planes that were trying to put out a small fire near Gumeracha. I’d never seen planes dropping water like that before and found it quite fascinating (but didn’t stop for photos).

We were due to go for a housewarming on Saturday (and I can guess the house was very warm, haha!) but I think the heat was just a bit too much for Jacob, who was cranky and very itchy. I blame myself for not forseeing this, but after the tiling was done, a lot of mosquitoes got into the house. I’m a mosquito magnet but I think they like Jacob best, and the poor tyke had bites all over him! At least it’s all under control now and he’s healing up quickly.


He enjoys our tiles (particularly because they’re cold and it’s a warm day). I wish he’d actually stay in his tunnel, but I think he just prefers dragging it around.

What else was on this weekend – oh yes, baby shower! 🙂 It was a lovely warm (but cool compared to what we’ve been getting) day and we had a lovely lunch party with delicious savouries and yummy desserts! I was supposed to make peanut cookies but my oven/stove unit was only put back in the night before. It was a relaxing day with a few games (including writing messages on nappies, which I think is an awesome idea) including the frozen baby in the ice cube – when it breaks out, you have to scream “My waters broke!”.

ImageAnyway, I’m actually struggling to type this because I’m actually wearing wrist splint/supports right now. I’ve been getting numbness in my fingers and my GP said it’s probably a mild case of carpal tunnel. No need any surgery yet but just to be on the safe side, I’m wearing these splints to prevent me from bending my wrists too much. For those of you who don’t know what carpal tunnel is, this is a brief summary from the Betterhealth website:

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful disorder of the hand caused by pressure on nerves that run through the wrist. Symptoms include numbness, pins and needles, and pain. Pregnancy, arthritis or repetitive hand movements can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Splinting and medications can help, but sometimes an operation is needed.

I’m hoping these splints will do me some good, but can I say that it is SO annoying to try and do daily activities with splints like these! ARGH! I got the velcro of the splints stuck to my laundry and I struggle to carry things around (especially Jacob). Also, typing and texting are a real pain and I keep making typos! But the good thing is I can pretend that I’m Wolverine: