Why am I so busy?

So, if you have not noticed already, I constantly complain that I am busy! Yet I also inflict myself with more and more commitments (because that’s just what makes me tick). 

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few things that I do with my time. 

Cleaning. Nope, I don’t have a spa tub at home (but I wish I did!). This is a picture of me when I was working in housekeeping before, hence I should have NO excuse for not knowing how to do housework. 


Walking Skittles. I’m so happy that I actually have time to walk Skittles almost every day. I think that walking her has been really good for me because it’s helped me control my weight and the fresh air does wonders for the soul! Here is a pic of Skittles when she was really little, on one of her very first walks.


Baby Bounce. I went to the library’s baby bounce programs and noticed that so many people were attending and having a good time with their babies. It’s an awesome singalong program and a good way for mums to meet other mums too. We have a local ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Community Centre in the area and I thought it’d be a great program to start up there! So far, we’ve only had a few mums and bubs but I hope the group will grow significantly (and Jacob and I can both make new friends!).

Food Distribution. The ADRA Community Centre also runs a food distribution program where people who are in need can pick up groceries. The food comes from Second Bite, an organisation who collects and redistributes food to agencies like ADRA to reach the community. What’s great is that Jacob can come along with me when I help out here, and he definitely gets involved with the food. Silly boy must think it’s a ball pit- I usually get him out quite quickly but this was a photo moment I didn’t want to miss.

ImageThere are quite a few different programs available at the ADRA Community Centre so for those of you in the local area, check out their Facebook page for more info! 

Writing. I think I might have mentioned this before, but I write for JOM Magazine which is a Melbourne-based, Malaysian-interest magazine. The hard copy version of the magazine is only available in Melbourne but there is a digital copy that you can read on their website. See if you can spot any of my articles! 🙂 I would love to write more, not just with magazines but on a personal level as well.

And here is a picture of myself, Jacob and a small goat:

ImageAlright, I’m just being random now (probably due to disjointed sleep, busy day and silly but cute baby) so I might just rattle off a few random facts about my week. 

– I am LOVING the fact that this is one of the warmer winters Adelaide is experiencing. This week has been a bit rainy but we got some nice sunshine today. I thrive on warm weather (and could happily go back to living in Far North Queensland).

– Doing community work is really uplifting. While earning money is great too (and we need money to live), helping people fulfil their needs is intrinsically rewarding. I’ve just felt really happy to see the way some of the community activities I’ve been involved in has impacted on people’s lives.

– I am SO blessed with opportunities to earn a living. At times, I get so worried that I’m not earning money and feel bad about buying things etc. But God always provides me with what I need and every time I falter, He reminds me that He is taking care of me.

– I got Jacob’s passport photo taken and I have to admit, my baby is gorgeous. Haha!! He had just woken up from a nap so he was relatively docile but still in a good mood from his good rest. I won’t post his picture up here but I can promise you, it’s pretty cute (and better than my passport photo where I look like some refugee).

– A lecturer of mine posted a video of one of our food and beverage classes 5 years ago, and I can’t believe it’s been 5 years!!! That was my first year in Australia and since then, I’ve lived in 3 different states, graduated, worked at 6 different places (not including one-offs and subcontracted work), gotten married and had a baby. Wow. I have been busy!

Alright, I’ve come to the end of my tether so good night all! 🙂

Busy life in pictures

Argh I have been so busy. Okay, more like I’ve been mismanaging my time a bit. I watched Thor 2 on DVD the other day and it really made my day, haha! But really, aside from that, I have been sorting and cleaning to get the house ready for when my parents arrive (which is like in 1 hour’s time).

Last night, I was just about to get the sheets on the bed when I realised the mattress was wet. And so was the carpet. In fact, it was SOAKED. Why? Dan has a sprinkler system set up to water our side garden, but I don’t think he realised the window was open. So every night, we’ve been watering our spare room. Argh!

So after a lengthy drying process which involved the fan, a heater and a hairdryer, it is almost dry! I still need to air it out but might be fine by tonight, fingers crossed!!!

Anyway, I’d better run to the airport soon, so will just leave you with a few picture highlights:

ImageJacob has a new bib. He doesn’t look too happy about it.

ImageSo, we’ve just put in tiles to our house. This room used to be carpeted but I think it looks so much better with tiles! A bit cluttered with Jacob’s playpen in there, but I think I’ll be using it a lot more now.

20140303_085111_AndroidAnd this is our loungeroom – love the new carpet. My fave colour is green, but for some reason, I love to decorate with red.
What do you think?

20140301_181833_AndroidAnd for the last shot, we took out our baby backpack carrier. I have to admit this is SO much more comfy for bub and me, despite being a bit bulky. Love love love this photo – it’s like both of them are posing. The two awesome men in my life! 🙂

Gotta run, tata! xoxo

Babies babies babies!

I did I say I was going to blog more regularly but I had to choose the busiest month of the year to start, didn’t I? It’s been a crazy end of the week but I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

This week was particularly busy because the youth at our church were in charge of preparing a sermon. I have to admit that we always do things rather last minute (at least we gave ourselves a week this time!) but it usually turns out alright. We ended up doing a panel discussion on The Rich Young Ruler and discussed things like materialism, prosperity, spirituality and so on.

I just wanted to share the video we showed, which gives some really interesting insights into money and how it affects one’s mindsets:

It’s funny but I have actually noticed the trend mentioned in the video (that people of a higher economic standing can be less generous than people of lower economic standing). In my work selling MBAs, I met an array of different people from a wide range of economic backgrounds. I found that people with higher incomes actually were more petty about small charges like application or exam fees than people earning less – even though it was a relatively small amount of money that they would be parting with.

I hope that I don’t get like that – I don’t claim to be a high earner (in fact, I’m not earning anything at the moment – gasp!) but I am blessed with a comfortable lifestyle and many luxuries others don’t have. Around Christmastime especially, we have our Christmas tree up with gifts all under it, while some people don’t even have a house to live in. I want to always remember to help those that are less fortunate than I am.

ImageOn a separate note, this is Jacob in his new chill-out spot. Warning: there is nudity in this picture, but naked babies are cute anyway.

Jacob’s had a bit of a stuffy nose the last few days and has developed a bit of a cough from the nasal drip. Poor baby sounds like he has a smoker’s cough at times! We’ve been using a nasal aspirator as advised, but it isn’t really clearing it out – maybe it’s a bit too solid. We’ll just keep it going and also give him steam treatment (i.e. breathing in steam from a bowl of water and steam from the shower). But he’s still his happy ol’ self and is sleeping like a baby now.

Speaking of babies, Jacob is no longer the youngest baby in the family. My sister in law just had a beautiful baby boy yesterday and named him Malachi. He was almost the same weight as Jacob, and when I was carrying him, I couldn’t even imagine Jacob being that light and tiny. Jacob’s now like a little elephant compared to him. Welcome to the family, Malachi!


Happy weekend to all, and to all a good night!

Struggling to find time to write this…

I think it would be pushing it to try and blog more this week on top of all the commitments I have.  The fact that I started writing this blog post on Thursday and am only posting it today is proof of how busy I am!

The following are or have been on my agenda: 

– Helping my friend move his things out of my house
– Some charity odds and ends (I missed out on making patties today – feel so bad! I had all the ingredients but no time…)
– Meeting friends for lunch (I have been cancelling too many times – friends are so important to me)
– Christmas shopping & present wrapping
– Doing some phone interviews and writing a magazine article (which includes finding a moment where Jacob is actually quiet and doesn’t need my attention)
– Calling the Malaysian High Commission in Canberra to set up a time to renew my passport and register my marriage (yes, I’m about 2+ years late for the marriage rego)
– Church & a special farewell lunch for our Pastor
– Zilm family Christmas lunch on the weekend
– Putting up my Christmas tree, lights and decorations

And the list goes on…

So anyway, I’m going to make up for my absence by posting up a few extra cute pictures of Jacob and co.


He loves his cousins (and his cousins love him!).


He’s a good Ralph Lauren model. 🙂


And he likes Ferrari too. I can’t believe he can already fit into this – back a few months ago I thought it was huge!

Have a lovely weekend and speak next week when I’m out of deep water. And there may be a book review in the mix sometime soon – do stay tuned!

30 days and counting…

I think I’m losing the plot this week. Part of it is my busy week, but there are other elements to be added to the picture such as a lack of sleep and perpetually sore ribs. I have to admit that I’m still sleeping pretty well for a pregnant woman, though I’m usually wide awake at 12 midnight but yet, can’t drag myself out of bed at 7 a.m.

Strangely enough, as I was browsing the net today, I came across this condition:

That, my friends, is frightening. Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI) is a rare and fatal genetic disease where you just can’t sleep to a point of mental instability and finally, death. Very sad – apparently, the average survival span for patients diagnosed with FFI after the onset of symptoms is 18 months.


Skittles feels quite sad learning about that article. As for her, she has the “eat-everything-in-sight” disease. I decided to Google “Which is better to eat, paper or plastic?” but did not find any helpful information.

Anyway, in less depressing news, I am almost 36 weeks pregnant and I’m starting my countdown officially today. 30 days to go… I’ll probably do very short day-by-day reviews, just because I can.

Day 30
A standard day at work – I have about a week left. I can’t wait but at the same time, money-minded me just wants to stay and earn more money until the day I pop. I went to the chiropractor who said that my back is going pretty well for this stage in pregnancy, which is good.


I was frustrated at Skittles for biting a hole in her indoor bed so I patched it up. I think I did an okay job – though I bet it won’t be long til there’s another hole somewhere.

Another thing I did today was try my Raspberry Leaf Tea. I’m not a huge tea drinker, though I do like herbal teas and bubble teas. Raspberry Leaf Tea is supposed to tone your uterus and help the labour progress at a nice, steady pace. And here is my tea review:

This tea has an earthy, light scent that resembles Rooibos’. If you drink it when it’s too hot, it tastes like “Ouch”. It has a slightly fruity taste (duh, it’s raspberry leaf) and seems like the type of tea you could drink in the morning to refresh you, but also at night to soothe you to sleep. I have not found any link with this tea and heartburn just yet. I would love to try this tea in bubble tea form (i.e. cold with powdered milk and bubble tea pearls). 

Do you reckon I’d be a good tea reviewer? Haha. I remember the days at Uni where I used to have to review wines (I was studying Hospitality). Once the lecturer asked me what the wine tasted like to me and I said “dog pee”. I’m surprised I passed.

On an ending note, I was just pondering what the baby would look like. I was just looking at Daniel’s and my baby pictures and wondering what the combination would be like. 

Image  Image

What do you think? And yes, the one on top is me and I am a girl. 

Have a lovely night folks!

So tired I can’t think of a title…

Out of all the weeks of this year, this has been one of the busiest in my life… especially today. I find it funny that humans have a nature of procrastination where they’ll leave things right to the last minute despite having weeks (sometimes months) of notice.

I’m planning to do a more detailed post over the weekend, but just wanted to share two articles that I found rather interesting (and relevant):


This first one is about a kayaker beating the world champion while being almost full term into the pregnancy. Now, I don’t know about other pregnant women, but my balance is pretty off now that I’m pregnant, and I can see myself capsizing in a kayak before even hitting the rapids. So, kudos to you, Emily Jackson!

Mind you, we had a staff party the other day and I won in team bowling for my team (though it was because one person hadn’t ever bowled before and another was throwing the ball backwards between her legs).


This is another interesting one, though not nearly as desirable on my behalf. I imagine myself having the baby in a nice comfy bed or a warm bath in the hospital, not in a car. And certainly not in my own car, unless I get a free voucher to have it given the full wash, wax and steam clean.

Anyway, good night to all. 🙂