Touch a Truck

I’ve decided I want to take a little break from this blog challenge to share our recent experience at Touch a Truck! I’ll just put the next two challenges into one.

But for now, I just wanted to share this because I reckon I was more excited than Jacob!

So, our local council held an event called “Touch a Truck” where they would have a few service trucks on display for kids to see and explore. The event was held on a Friday morning so I decided to brave it with the two littlies on my own!

We parked across the road and could already see the brightly coloured jumping castles. As we approached, we saw the trucks all set out in the car park.

I put both kiddos in a pram because I figured it’d be easier to keep Jacob under control (he’s the type that runs off). While I got there on the dot, the line ahead of us was pretty long so I was quite grateful that I didn’t have to carry two kids. I also brought snacks – Jacob often asks me for a “blue snack”, whatever that is! I found popcorn in mini packets that are blue so that apparently suffices. Here he is stuffing his face while Jared slept.

A siren went blaring (cue a lot of excited squealing children) and we were allowed to enter the area. There were a couple of street sweeper vehicles and the kids were even able to turn the brushes on – but just as I figured, Jacob was really apprehensive of them! He’s like that with those automated car washes as well – he loves the idea of it but when the brushes come out, he freaks out!

But anyway, next up was a CFS vehicle (a.k.a. fire truck) which Jacob was very excited about. He got to sit up in the truck and was a bit unsure of what to do, but had a good look around and a play with the equipment. Here he is looking pretty impressed. Or not.


The main attraction advertised was the garbage truck – the queue was massive for that and to keep Jacob still, I had to let him sit on my shoulders! Good thing I didn’t have Jared in the carrier or I would have conked out I think. Here’s our good ol’ rubbish man driving the truck.


And of course, before we left, we had to check out the other attractions. Jacob was bugging me to get his face painted (he’s never had it done before) but the line was too long so we just settled for the jumping castles. Here he is having a ball of a time.


And of course, we had to try out the tractor jumping castle, which was pretty much just a slide. Jacob was yet again a bit nervous to get in but after some convincing and also seeing that children were going in and coming out again (i.e. not disappearing in there), he decided to have a go and had a great time.

The outing ended when, as I was putting Jared back into the pram after taking him out for a cuddle (he was tired of sitting there all morning), I noticed that Jacob wasn’t on the tractor anymore. I took another good look and saw him running down the hill (it’s a big grassy patch between there and a main road) so I had to pop everything into the pram and run after him! It was a funny sight (and I knew I’d get to him in time) but of course I didn’t stop to snap a photo. Who does that, right?

Anyway it was a great little outing and I feel I coped pretty alright. The key factors of this success were not trying to over plan the day (basically we did nothing in the morning all the way up to this outing), to bring snacks (popcorn, mandarins, water…) and I’m so glad I brought the double pram to keep both boys in check. What are your outing coping strategies with littlies?