Motivators for cleaning my house!

So, it’s full steam ahead again for hubby who is back to school (and for me too because I have Jacob all day again). I have been trying to write a post since Monday but this week has been crazyyyyy! But I guess I’ll talk about some things that are a bit closer to home – i.e. housework.

In the last few weeks, I’ve realised that I have a few motivators for cleaning my house – hence I wanted to share them. Unfortunately, money has not been one of them (though I would LOVE to be paid to clean this place, whoopee!).

1. Having people come over to my house
This is probably one of the BEST motivators for me to clean my house because I do take pride in keeping my house presentable. Okay, maybe Daniel has higher standards than me but at least it’s a great reason for us to drop everything else and just make sure we put everything away and keep the floor clean.

Having a clean floor was especially important as my cousin and his family came over with their little boy to spend some time with Jacob, hence a lot of playing on the floor. It’s was so awesome to see them playing together, especially on the piano:

ImageIt’s even cuter because the two of them look relatively alike – when I posted a few photos of them on Facebook, the automatic tagging option from Facebook thought they were the same person!

2. When an urgent issue happens (e.g. spillage)
So, on Monday morning, I was getting Jacob’s breakfast ready and silly me leaves the pantry door open for a few minutes to grab a few different things. And Jacob comes from out of nowhere and then this happens:

ImageI’m relieved he didn’t hurt himself on it, but boy it was a chore cleaning it up (especially scrubbing it out of the grout while the boy was pouting and whining in his high chair). And to get the soy sauce stain off the floor, I had to mop over it a few times and just decided to mop the house at the same time.

So far, Jacob has destroyed a few things – he’s broken a bowl (pulled the placemat which then pulled the bowl off the table), he’s pulled his mobile right off the cot (I saved it before he broke the plastic handle) and he tore off a frog from his sock (you know, those little soft toys they put on babies’ socks to entertain them?). Oh Jacob…

This also tells me that I really have to childproof my house more now. It’s easy enough to close doors to certain rooms so he can’t open drawers, but it’s mainly the loungeroom that I’m worried about. I sometimes can put him into a playpen, though he usually doesn’t like to be in it unless I’m in it with him. But once I let him free-roam the lounge, he makes a beeline for the TV cabinet. Remember how I said he was a tech whiz before? Well, a few days ago, he ejected the DVD from the DVD player and started biting it. Le sigh.

3. Guilt
I’ll have to tell you a bit of a background story first. So, I was rushing around trying to get many things done as usual and was heading out to lunch with my friends. I was carrying Jacob and 500 different things that I had to bring out with me, one of which was not my house keys. So, I was locked out!

Naturally, I didn’t want to call for help (because I ALWAYS think I can do things on my own) so I scouted out all the possible ways to get into my house, to no avail. So I went to my next door neighbour’s place and asked if I could climb over their fence into my house, which I did (while they carried Jacob). I proceeded to try and get in through a window or something, and I have to say one thing – my house is pretty darn secure!!!

So, I had to call Daniel who came home during his lunchbreak to let me in! 😦 Funnily enough, I had all of Jacob’s food with me so we had a picnic in the back yard/laundry area.

ImageBut anyway, that’s where the guilt factor came in because I pretty much stole Dan’s whole lunchbreak! To compensate, I ironed all of his shirts on Tuesday when Jacob was having a nap.

4. Free time (which is a luxury these days)

There’s not many days that I have a whole day at home (and I’m hoping to try and make tomorrow a stay-at-home day), but when I get a good day and Jacob sleeps well, I can get stuff done. The issue with Jacob is that he has a short sleep cycle, meaning he only sleeps for 40 minutes at a time. He has a 40 minute sleep mid-morning and another 40 minute sleep in the afternoon – and that really doesn’t give me much time to get things done, especially if I plan to use that time to eat or shower.

Anyway, the fact that it’s taken me this long to write this post is testament that I HAVE in fact been keeping busy, and housework is one of the things that I’ve been doing (for once!). So I’ll end the post with a fun picture of Jacob and his cousins – it’s really hard to get a good shot of them together (without having at least one child moving, making the picture blurry) but this was probably my best one:

ImageHave a great rest-of-the-week everyone! ❤


Struggling to find time to write this…

I think it would be pushing it to try and blog more this week on top of all the commitments I have.  The fact that I started writing this blog post on Thursday and am only posting it today is proof of how busy I am!

The following are or have been on my agenda: 

– Helping my friend move his things out of my house
– Some charity odds and ends (I missed out on making patties today – feel so bad! I had all the ingredients but no time…)
– Meeting friends for lunch (I have been cancelling too many times – friends are so important to me)
– Christmas shopping & present wrapping
– Doing some phone interviews and writing a magazine article (which includes finding a moment where Jacob is actually quiet and doesn’t need my attention)
– Calling the Malaysian High Commission in Canberra to set up a time to renew my passport and register my marriage (yes, I’m about 2+ years late for the marriage rego)
– Church & a special farewell lunch for our Pastor
– Zilm family Christmas lunch on the weekend
– Putting up my Christmas tree, lights and decorations

And the list goes on…

So anyway, I’m going to make up for my absence by posting up a few extra cute pictures of Jacob and co.


He loves his cousins (and his cousins love him!).


He’s a good Ralph Lauren model. 🙂


And he likes Ferrari too. I can’t believe he can already fit into this – back a few months ago I thought it was huge!

Have a lovely weekend and speak next week when I’m out of deep water. And there may be a book review in the mix sometime soon – do stay tuned!