Scumbag Baby

I apologise for taking so long to write another post – maybe I’ll just have to take a step back and do only 2 posts a week (which seems to be the case anyway). I’ve been doing a bit of driving later and am going to put up a couple of posts about the gorgeous little towns tucked away in the Adelaide Hills.

But anyway, on to this post. Have you seen Memes about scumbag babies? I always thought they were relatively funny (until I actually realised that babies actually do those things).

Here are some examples (and disclaimer – these are not my images so if you click on them, they go to the original websites where I got them):





Here are a few scumbag things Jacob has done in the last few months (or as far as I remember anyway):

– He refuses to eat his food and throws it on the floor. But then he’ll try to eat food on the floor, and cry when I try to take it away from him.

– So, he’s playing in his playpen with plastic balls and throws a ball out, then cries and wants to get it (despite there being like a hundred other balls in the playpen?)

– He has a hundred toys to play with but insists on playing/biting my shoes. It doesn’t matter if he’s in a different room – he will go searching for my shoes to bite them.

– When I try to take a video of him laughing, he stops laughing the moment I start recording.

– When we watch movies at night after we put him to bed, he’ll wake up and cry right at the climatic parts of the show. And refuse to go back to sleep.

In all truth, he’s a good baby and is tolerant of my agenda. I do quite a few things and drag him along on my excursions, but he’s fairly patient and I think it’s all a give and take thing (and timing is so important). For example, with our road trip today, I timed it with his naps so for most of the car trip, he was asleep. He got to meet Nanny and cousin Esther at lunch (and I got this gorgeous shot with both of them smiling):


And because he was a bit squirmy, I stopped at a playground and let him play on the swing. I know it’s a blurry picture, but it’s a happy one.

ImageAnd for the grand finale(s), I’d just like to redirect you to a site about “Reasons why my toddler is crying” – there’s a full website where people upload them by the day, but here are some of my favourites.

Have a great week, folks!



Bonds Baby Search Voting is ON!

Bonds Baby Search Voting is ON!

So, I’ve worked out how to post a link here (as in above). Haha I am so computer retarded lol!

Anyway, I don’t usually ask much of my blog readers, but if you have a chance, please please PLEASE vote my little Jacob in this competition.

Just for a bit of background on the photo in the competition – he was having lunch and just decided to give me a lot of cute poses (probably to distract me from feeding him, because he is SO easily distracted). He has a little boyish twinkle in his eye, don’t you think?

Thanks in advance, xoxo!

Summer lovin…

We have a bit of a heat wave here – 42 degrees today! I’m keeping Jacob in so we don’t get scorched. On an awesome note though, there’s a bit of thunder out there. I love summer rain, and I’m sure Jacob will too one day! Growing up in Malaysia, summer rain was all too common but here it’s a bit of a rarity. I also love to take walks with Skittles after a good rain – the reserve almost comes alive with the sound of the stream flowing and the frogs croaking.

I’m looking forward to a fun summer with Jacob. Honestly, I’m so amazed at how much he’s grown and how he’s so much stronger, smarter and cuter each day (though I may be biased). He’s sociable, active, a bit crazy at times (like when he makes squawking or screeching sounds) and he does try very hard. He rolls around a lot now (even tries to roll out of his pram) and is really keen on crawling (a.k.a. slithering) around. Sometimes we find him in his baby gym like this:


Anyway, we caught up with the family over the weekend and had a little splish splash splosh in the pool. I love the fact that he’s a similar age to his cousins, and when they’re a bit older I can see them all running around together having fun. It was a pretty warm day though there was a bit of a breeze, hence Jacob got cold quite quickly so we only let him have a few dips. Initially, Jacob was not impressed as he was being splashed (and the water was a bit cold).

ImageBut, being the lover of water that he is, he decided that yes, he would have a good time despite being a little cold and wet. Of course, this was possibly also because the big kids were out of the pool and he was in the limelight. Photo credits to nanny of course – he seems to love to smile at her camera. Maybe I’ll get a pink phone cover too.

ImageI think it’s so important to give kids water exposure/education at a young age so that they’re comfortable with it. That being said, it’s probably just as important to never take any of that for granted and always supervise kids with water, because they can drown in like mere inches of water.

Here in Australia, lots of babies start swimming classes from 6 months old. I don’t think I’ll start Jacob that early, but I am keen to keep him comfortable with water. He swims quite often in the bath (as we bathe with him in the bathtub) and is quite accustomed to having water being poured on his face, since we’ve really been doing that since day one. I do hope he becomes a good swimmer like his daddy! (Mummy’s not too bad but has no stamina…)

Another highlight of the week is Jacob’s first haircut. The lucky boy had a free haircut as the first one is complimentary! Here’s his before picture, and he’s actually in a brand new shirt that we got from the Pumpkin Patch sale.


Reason for this impulse purchase? Well, when we headed out to the mall and I thought “Aw, just a short trip so don’t need to worry about a spare change of clothes.” And just a while after we got there, all hell breaks loose in his nappy to a point that he can no longer wear his jumpsuit around. So, what to do – I do like his new shirt though, and it was only $10 anyway…

The result? A handsome happy baby… (in my opinion anyway)

ImageI will busy myself this week with baby shower organisation – there are three coming up in the next month or so and I can’t wait. Not to mention, Chinese New Year is around the corner too and while we don’t usually make a big occasion of it, there are lots of dishes I’d love to cook! 🙂 Hope you all have an exciting month ahead!

Skittles the celebrity…

When I first got Skittles, I envisioned starting a Youtube channel to share her silly escapades. Unfortunately, I never got around to doing this and I was never able to capture many of her ‘finest’ moments on camera (like tearing off our car number plate or swinging a bantam chicken around).

But we did manage to catch this video this weekend – she stayed over at our friend’s place while we were away on our babymoon (more details on that in my next post) and I believe she tired herself out silly. Love my silly dog!

Pieces of a puzzle…

This is going to be a relatively random post, due to the fact that I’m a bit random and scatterbrained today.

It was a really foggy day this morning, and it stayed foggy until about 11.00am! I love foggy days – back in Malaysia, we only used to experience fog when we were in a hillside place like Genting Highlands, Fraser’s Hill or Cameron Highlands. Sadly, it’s more likely for Malaysians to experience haze than fog (which looks similar in pictures, but feels a lot different).


The highlight of the day would have been breakfast out at Inglewood Inn. It’s set in a lovely hillside location, not too far out of the suburbs (only about 20 minutes from our home) and they serve a delicious breakfast! I also had a lovely banana milkshake (and I think they use Tweed milk, which is extra creamy). I can’t believe I finished everything on this plate:


Yes, I took a picture of my breakfast – even after reading this article:
Please don’t judge me…

Here are a few random things I pondered through the course of the day:

1. Our dog is a Labrador x Staffy, and I was just trying to analyse habits of these sort of dogs. I know Labs are really loveable and have food on their high priority list, but I don’t know too much about Staffies.

So I googled up some Staffy trivia to share:

I’ve also heard that they are quite vocal dogs and make funny sounds, but generally don’t bark unless they’re mimicking another dog. I wish this were the case with Skittles – she’s not a really huge dog, but she has a huge bark that she must have learned from another dog. She’s quite dominating when she plays, and when she’s not dominating, she’s just plain annoying. I have no idea where she gets her energy either – she can run around non-stop for hours and still not be tired by the end of the day. And she also makes strange supersonic dolphin-like sounds.

Oh well – I love her exactly the way she is (except I wish she would STOP barking at possums and jumping the fence). Also, I do wish that she could be this size again:


2. I may have mentioned in a previous post that I’ll be attending a Star Wars party sometime soon. I hope my costume serves me well, but I think it’s this one that will win the best dressed award:


If you were going to a Star Wars party, what would you dress as?
I think next time round, I’ll go as this guy:

3. We were watching the Formula 1 GP and eating popcorn, which made me ponder about the origins of popcorn… Who first figured out that corn would pop? Was it just a lucky accident?

I read a few links saying that popcorn was first discovered in the Bat Cave of west central New Mexico in the 50s. How this found popcorn was preserved, I honestly don’t know but it does make sense since corn is to the Mexicans as rice is to Asians. Apparently, it was used in religious ceremonies for the Aztec Indians, who made popcorn headdresses, necklaces and ornaments for their gods.

I don’t think we hold popcorn with such high regard nowadays – though there are people who profess themselves to Jediism or become part of the Universe People, hence the world is still full of possibilities.


On an ending note, this is a picture of my husband as a baby. Boy, I’d like our baby to look like that but I doubt my Asian genes can be overridden. Til next time…