Oh no, not more baby photos!

So, I’m nearly halfway through this blog challenge and today was an easy one – a photo post! Only I have to make it complicated for myself, right?

I thought that this would be an amazing opportunity to show you more pics of my kids! I do my best not to compare my kids, but one thing I love to compare is what they looked like at different stages of their life. Hence I’ve put together a few pics of what Jacob and Jared looked like at the same age. (Jacob’s always on the left, Jared on the right)

At birth01 At Birth

At 1 week old02 At 1 week

At 3 weeks old03 At 3 weeks

At 6 weeks old04 At 6 weeks

At 9 weeks old05 At 9 weeks

At about 11 and a half weeks (which is what Jared is today)06 At 11+ Weeks

From all these pictures, I’ve come to the conclusion that Jacob has a HUGE nose!!! Okay it’s not huge but like lately I look at him and think his nose is huge! Maybe because Jared’s nose is small?

Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed these pics of my darling boys. xoxo


3 amazing months…


Hello, my name is Jacob and I’m 3 months old today! I have big feet, a tubby tummy and I never hardly ever smile at the camera.

I’m Wednesday’s child and was born in the year of the Snake – just like my mummy and my grandma. Wednesday’s children are supposed to be full of woe, but I don’t see any reason to be woeful at all. 🙂

I love my life. I wake up around 6.30am every morning (much to mummy’s delight) and conveniently go back to sleep once she’s just given up on falling back asleep again. However, I compensate for this by letting her have nice long showers as I love lying in the bathtub listening to the shower and exhaust fan running. I also don’t mind lying in the sink but I’m a bit too big for it now…


The rest of the day goes by and I just play by ear. I sometimes go out grocery shopping with mummy and ride in the carrier. Sometimes mummy walks Skittles while carrying me, but lately she’s been waiting for daddy to come home first as I’m getting heavy. And then we have a luxurious bath at night (usually with daddy), read a nice book and go to sleep.

Mummy and I were reading about what babies should be doing at 3 months old:

I’m supposed to be able to hold my head steady – I’m not too bad at it, really, but I still faceplant sometimes. My arm, leg and hand coordination has improved and I can actually grab things though half the time I just grab my own shirt. My sleeping patterns actually used to be better before, but I’m going back to longer stints at night – mummy, bear with me. I can clearly recognise mummy and daddy though, and I love to look at them every day!

They love to read me books and I can’t wait for Christmas when I’ll get more books. My mum believes it’s good to hear different languages, so she speaks to me in Malay and tries to speak Mandarin and Japanese (though she can’t speak them very well, but I won’t tell her that). It’s also good for me to touch different textures and interact with people – I’ve always interacted though, but now I really pay attention!

It’s amazing that 3 months ago, I used to be really tiny and wrinkly:


But then I grew, and grew, and grew. I was 3.5kg when I was born – today when mummy weighed me, I was about 6.4kg!

I have a few notable skills such as crying, squealing and flailing my legs and arms about. I have a naughty habit of pointing my middle finger at things, but I hope to grow out of it. However, my most notable one is probably the fact that I grunt when I experience a downward motion. Like if mummy’s carrying me and she sits down on the sofa. Mum and dad have videos of this, I think, and may show them at my 21st birthday.

My favourite food and drink at the moment is breastmilk, though my hands come a close second – I just can’t stop putting them in my mouth! I love colourful toys and often try to taste them. My favourite things to look at are the dangly things in my baby gym, my bug mobile and the fan when it’s turned on. I also love smiling at that little baby in the mirror – gosh, he’s handsome. Today I touched him but he was cold and hard – I was unimpressed.


I’d like to say that I’m a well-traveled baby. I’ve traveled to many a shopping mall and regularly go out to a church in the Adelaide Hills where I routinely fall asleep in sermons. I enjoyed my visit to Port Elliot and can’t wait to watch the cricket with mummy and daddy next month. Also, I might note that I’m going to be playing baby Jesus on one of the nights at the Lobethal Lights. You can get my autograph later, thanks.

I’ve realised that mummy doesn’t really dress me like a baby – she dresses me like how she dresses daddy. Hence I’ve got hoodies, jackets, button up shirts, trackies and jeans. I wear overalls too, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen daddy wear overalls.

At the moment, my current issue is that I don’t sleep enough – or rather, I’m not interested enough in sleep. I love being awake and just doing things – it’s so much fun, you know? But I guess I do need my sleep or else I become a cranky bum at night.


My best friends are mummy and daddy. They are a bit strange at times but I love being with them. I hope to grow big and strong so I can do the things that they do (but I think I’ll always be the cutest in the family).

2 years and counting…

I was going to post yesterday but I thought I might do it today since it coincides with two special occasions.

The first one is that little Jacob is 4 weeks old today! I can’t believe it’s been such a short time – I feel I’ve known him forever. The ordeal of labour is long forgotten and I’m already wondering when I can give him a little brother or sister.

At 4 weeks, Jacob has gained some skills:

  • He can copy facial expressions – I’m currently trying to teach him to curl his tongue, but that may be a bit too advanced for him. He can do an impressive duck face though (I did not teach him this!).
  • He knows the difference between the breast and the pacifier, and will clearly tell me which he wants. We’ve also successfully let him try the bottle (just as a backup) and he’s taken to it like a duck to water.
  • He can now fall asleep in the car seat, pram and baby carrier. So if we’re really in strife and can’t get him to sleep, we have several options now.
  • He can do a good commando crawl. It’s good to give babies tummy time, and boy does he like to go places. He’ll wriggle his way up my torso, or off his tummy time mat – sometimes his head will take him off balance though.
  • He can lift his head and turn it side to side. He looks like he’s doing some sort of aerobic exercise – right, left, right, left…

He’s a big boy now and gets to sit on daddy’s shoulder:

Yet he’s still small enough to be mummy’s little bundle:

We’re so blessed to have so many loving and generous friends and family – Jacob has got so many gifts that it’s filled up his room (luckily, the cot is in our room, or he’d have no space to sleep). He’s got a heap of clothes, toys, functional items (bottles, cutlery, etc) and even a rocker and baby gym.

He’s still trying to make sense of his baby gym:

Thanks again to all the people who gave him gifts – really appreciate the thought that went into them and Jacob really loves them!

The second special occasion today is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!


I can’t believe it’s already been two years since I walked down the petal-strewn aisle of a gorgeous garden, on a sparkling sunny day. You may say I’m biased, but it was the most perfect wedding I could have ever imagined. The hall was stunning, the company was wonderful and all the spring flowers were in bloom.

Lianne & Daniel_064

My next post will probably be about how to successfully have an anniversary celebration with a 4 week old baby (or how it went disastrously) – so stay tuned! 🙂