Happy Mother’s Day!

My first Mother’s Day’s been going pretty well so far! ๐Ÿ™‚ My awesome little man wished me Happy Mother’s Day with this cute card.

ImageSo, we had a lovely hot breakfast and I have been told that I can choose to go to dinner anywhere – but where should I go? I’m not really thinking of someplace fancy; I’m over steaks from Daniel’s birthday and over schnitzels since I’ve just learned how to cook the perfect schnitzel at home! I kinda feel like eating Asian… (what an Asian thing to say, sigh!). I do feel like Korean BBQ but we’ll probably smoke Jacob out, so that’s a no… what should I do???

I wrote an article/opinion piece a while back about Mother’s Day and it’s been published today! Read it hereย and do let me know what you think!

On a separate note, Messy Church was fantastic and I think everyone had lots of fun! More on it later as I’m waiting for the photos, but I can tell you that we’ll probably be having it again in the future.

Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day everybody and hope you have a wonderful day!



Food glorious food!

Today was a relatively stressful day. Apart from being hot, it’s just been a very clingy day for Jacob which didn’t give me much chance to get anything done. It’s quite hard because I do want to cuddle and laugh with him but I can’t do it every waking hour of his life. He is pretty adorable though.

ImageI’ve been having a bit of a struggle with feeding him lately, because he just wants to do things his way (which doesn’t always work). I initially wanted to follow the path of baby led weaning but I think I got a bit impatient because he just throws the food around and doesn’t eat very much at all. Part of it is also having to clean up food residue that gets everywhere. But then again, people usually start baby-led weaning around 6 months so perhaps I can reintroduce it at a later stage.

At the moment, Jacob gets a combination of mushy food, chunky food and cut-up finger food to eat. His favourites are probably avocado, carrot, pumpkin, watermelon and banana. Today he was in a real spitting mood though – either that, or he doesn’t like mango.

Anyway, I was really quite stressed out today so I decided to take it out in the kitchen – by making something delicious to eat! I told Daniel that if we don’t get time to go out for Valentines Day, this could probably pass off as our little celebration (except that I had to carry Jacob for half of my mealtime).


It’s a bit hard to tell what this is, but it’s actually crumbed chicken roulade with zucchini filling, with a side of garlic chilli mushrooms. I sorta panicked halfway through because I realised I didn’t have breadcrumbs, but I did have bread – so I toasted two slices and chucked them into the food processor. It wasn’t too bad, though the breadcrumbs were a bit big for my liking. Despite how it looks, it was delicious (even if I say so myself!).

WP_20140212_016And I, the baking failure, actually baked something! Fair enough, it did come out of a packet (I didn’t have THAT much time today, you know!) but it was still really yummy with some lovely Adelaide Hills cherries.

In honest truth, I have NO idea what to do for Valentines Day itself. I can’t believe it’s only two days to go… I’m not really a roses type of girl (though I don’t mind heart shaped chocolates, or any sort of chocolates for that matter). But even if we don’t do anything on the day itself, it doesn’t really bother me. I think what’s more important is that we have romantic moments in everyday life, and to remember that before we were mummy and daddy, we were (and are) husband and wife.

What’s your plan for Valentines Day? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Merry Christmas!

What a beautiful time of year this is! And what a beautiful excuse to be busy – spending quality time with friends and family.

On Sunday, Dan and I had a lovely Christmas dinner together as a couple with a small lamb roast and watched Four Chrismases (which we realised we had seen before). On Monday, we visited Dan’s brother and had a fun time with the kids too. And yesterday, we had a small party and then just lounged on the couch at night watching the Carols on TV.

And now we have Christmas Day, and we’re scooting off to have breakfast at the Crowne Plaza with my in-laws. A shoutout to my parents, grandparents and other relatives overseas – Merry Christmas and wish I could be home with you!

Since Jacob and I love carolling so much, here’s a short video of him and I playing O Come All Ye Faithful. Next year, I’ll give him a bigger part (but he has to learn to sit up first). Merry Christmas!

Wall-sticker woes…

It was a typical rainy winter’s day today, hence why I have time for a blog post. I was supposed to go out shopping and catch up with friends, but it’s nice to be at home on rainy days like these.

Anyway, since I was confined in the premises today, I decided to try to put up my wall stickers which I bought to make my toilet area look a little more interesting. At the moment, there’s only a silly picture that I bought from a garage sale that says “If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s someone who talks while I’m interrupting.”

After 30 minutes of toil, this is the result:


Being my pregnant self, I went to the toilet less than an hour later and this is what I found:


I checked a while ago and the left bit has fallen off too. Sigh! I sorta blame myself because I should have washed the wall down with sugar soap first – I just gave it a gentle wipe down with water. Oh well, at least the stickers were only $5 from Ebay…

I do hope I’m more successful with my wall stickers for my baby! Dan and I have decided that we won’t go overboard with it as we don’t want it to look too cluttered, especially with all the furniture we already have in the room. Just something cute or funky. Once we’ve decided, pics will be up! ๐Ÿ™‚

Skittles and I also watched some documentaries together. I really enjoyed the one about babies – just what to expect in the first few days/weeks of life with your newborn. Skittles immensely enjoyed the other one which had baboons running across the screen – she’s trying to catch them here.


Wow, time flies – it’s dinnertime and I cooked some salmon! Silly baby brain me forgot to thaw it out properly hence why some of the crispy skin fell off… *sob* It was still yummy though. The best way to keep the skin crispy is by sprinkling it with sea salt – I like to sprinkle on dried oregano as well.


Finally, as a way to close off the post and open the Sabbath (which is a time of rest that we SDAs celebrate), I just wanted to share this song by Nichole Nordeman. Sometimes I find a lot of gospel songs sound the same (e.g. only using the same 4 chords and similar chord progressions too), but Nichole has a slightly different style to that. Her voice is gorgeous and I just love how her lyrics resonate such real situations and feelings.

If you want, feel free to check her song out here:ย http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXCXEb1Qupg

Have a lovely weekend everyone!