Bye Bye Baby Weight(and a blog challenge!)

I have a number of things to post about, but will start with the most recent thing I’ve embarked on – time to lose that baby weight!

So, I’ve decided that it’s about time I stop using breastfeeding as an excuse to stuffing my face and actually start losing some baby weight. No, I am not being hard on myself – I really have been quite indulgent of late and it’s probably time to stop eating so much chocolate!

The pic on the left is when I was 32 weeks pregnant – the one on the right was taken just last weekend and I reckon I haven’t lost much at all (aside from the baby coming out of course!)

This morning was a bit of a bummer – I was all excited about this weight loss thing and told hubby I’d get it done it a flash! I’m very fortunate that my genes are very forgiving and I don’t put on weight that easily. At the rate I eat food, I should be obese by now! Also, I’m not too put off by exercise – it’s more finding the time to do it…

But anyway, so I was being all gung ho and dancing to the Wiggles on TV, and then I leaned to get Jacob and Jared to come and dance with me. A warning to mums – don’t try to lift your baby while you are Doing the Twist. Yup, I did, and I twisted something in my lower back. I have had previous back injuries from cheerleading (back in the olden days haha!) and it feels like a similar strain to then!

So instead of doing all the things I wanted to do, I’ve just been sitting around all day feeling sorry for myself! Okay, not quite – we did end up doing some craft (which I will share another day) but I suppose that my exercise part of my program has to be put on hold for now. Thank goodness my awesome hubby was at home to pick up my slack – I could barely pick up Jared (who is nearing 7kg at just under 10 weeks – argh!!).


Lying down is a good hobby for now! This is when Jared was just over a week old!

However, I’ve been trying to eat more healthily regardless. The other day, I made up a salad (which is really unlike me as I’m not into salads) and I was so amazed that Jacob ate all of it up! Yes, he ate his salad!!! Fair enough, there was fruit in it, but I was just so amazed that I’ve named it Jacob’s Success Salad. He ate it so quickly that I didn’t get to take a photo! It’s really simple but that’s what I put in it:

Jacob’s Success Salad

1 tomato, cut into small pieces
1/3 of a cucumber, cut into small pieces
1/2 a carrot, grated
handful of grapes (cut them in half for the littlies)
half an apple, cubed
frozen corn, thawed
lemon juice to sprinkle (optional)

Mix them all together and serve with a dash of lemon juice (though Jacob has it without – fresh is best). Yummy! 🙂 Other things I could probably put in this are strawberries, mandarin pieces, diced orange and thawed frozen peas.


And also, before I forget, I was invited to participate in a blog challenge by Tanya from iReview Global on the Bloggers United Australia community! I am looking forward to this and hoping it will keep me committed to blogging (as sometimes it can get a bit difficult with 2 littlies) – I’m really relieved that I only have to blog on odd days, not every day!

This is what I’ll have to follow during my challenge:

blog challenge

If you want to join, you’re most welcome! You can view Tanya’s original post HERE. Please comment here if you decide to join in so I can check out your posts as well!

Over and out – off to cook some healthy dinner with a sore back! XD


Typical pregnancy blog post

Over the weekend, I indulged in reading a few pregnancy blogs and thought I’d do a little pregnancy blog post. I really don’t have too long to go, and I feel I really should embrace these last few weeks.


How far along? 34 Weeks

Total weight gain: I believe I’ve put on 11kg, which is pretty alright for my body weight.

Maternity clothes? Note to self – in next pregnancy, buy size 8 not size 10. I realise that by week 34, if my maternity pants are still too big for me, I’m not going to get much wear out of them.

Stretch marks? So far hardly any- just a linea nigra, which is a dark vertical line appearing on the abdomen.

Sleep: It’s been a bit difficult to sleep with this cold of mine, though it is getting better hence sleep is getting gradually more comfortable. I probably just need more sleep in general – too hyper sometimes and then I crash.

Best moment this week: I have to admit I’ve enjoyed my days off where Daniel is at home as well (he’s on school holidays). Though I was headachy and sniffly, it was good to relax with him.


Miss Anything? Perhaps the freedom to play sports or exercise freely. I just feel a bit self-conscious trying to do a lot of these things, and would really love to do Zumba or martial arts again.

Movement: The baby’s making more sweeping movements than kicks, and still grooves around quite a bit, especially when I’ve just had chocolate or a cold drink.

Food cravings: Recently I’ve felt like having more meat, like Korean BBQ! And would probably also like some nice Wanton Mee. This is my favourite one from Nanyang Cafe.


Anything making you queasy or sick: Car rides. It’s sad but I get motion sickness, especially driving back from the hills (hence why I prefer driving).

Labor Signs: For some reason, I feel like the baby’s dropped, or is in the process of dropping. I could be wrong, but he or she seems a little lower and there seems to a bit more pressure on my pelvis. But then again, it could also be my posture or something, so I don’t know…

Belly Button in or out? Half and half!

Wedding rings on or off? My wedding rings are pretty loose still – I was shaking my wrists the other day and they flew off and Skittles gingerly picked it up. Thank goodness she has her gentle grip on things, so managed to fish it out of her mouth instead of out of her poo.


Symptoms: Just a bit more tired than usual, which is expected (and may be linked to my lack of sleep). Also, I need to find a comfy position to sit in at work because I fidget too much…

Mood: I think I’ve been pretty alright – I don’t crazy mood swings but I can get manja with Daniel (Google Translate says manja means spoiled, and I suppose it’s right!)

Pregnancy dreams? I’ve had epic ones about jumping into the sea but not getting wet, taking over palaces, owning some awesome homes, being involved in battles and fights – all with relatively random people being involved.

Looking forward to: More sleep! And honestly, for the baby to be here. I’m in that anticipation stage…

Next appointment: This coming Thursday – I hope that I get a knowledgeable midwife who can help me out with a few special requests. This may be my last one at Modbury as I’ll try to transfer the rest to Lyell Mac to orientate myself.

ImageOn a final note, this ad keeps coming up on my Facebook, reminding me to touch Skittles. As a note to all, this is what happens when you touch Skittles: