Breakfast, prams and emergency haircuts.

Okay, I broke my promise and didn’t blog before the weekend! I guess a lot of things take priority over blogging unfortunately (i.e. feeding, changing, playing with baby, etc.) but I have been productive too, which is really great.

I might note that this is one of the few long weekends we have in Australia in conjunction with the Queen’s Birthday. Hooray for queens being born! 🙂 But really, it’s great to have Dan at home to spend some time with Jacob (and in turn, I can spend a bit of time setting up that little venture that I’m working on. Details soon!).

Firstly, random question – which of the following do you think Jacob would be most keen on eating? (Orange, Strawberry or Kiwifruit)

ImageAnswer: His own foot! I don’t know why he sits like that but he usually ends up like that by the end of every meal. Sometimes, when he’s wearing socks, he pulls them off and chews them. Odd baby. But really, I think he likes kiwifruit the best out of the three (though it might just be a passing fad).

On Saturday, we discovered a new game – air hockey but using a baby instead of a puck. Jacob was crawling around aimlessly so I set him down on the table, but he decided to continue crawling around. So some of us urged him on to crawl to us and very soon it became a back-and-forth thing. He thought we were chasing him and found it hilarious.

ImageIn all seriousness, it is a long way to the ground for that table so we were keeping full attention on him. It’s funny how, because of previous tumbles that he’s had before, that he knows when he’s in trouble. When he loses his footing at times, you can see the expression on his face change to shock – but if he’s saved by something or someone, relief comes over him and he sometimes laughs. Funny little boy he is.

One reason why I’d never make a good food blogger is because I always forget to take pictures of the food! Today we went out to breakfast at Virginia Nursery, which is an oasis out in a rural-ish farming area. Most of our friends (including Dan) had Eggs Florentine which was simply divine – I pigged out a bit and had a full vegetarian breakfast. All this was topped with the delicious Vienna Chocolates we had (and Jacob had a tiny spoonful of cream). 

Another thing on the agenda for us was to go to have a look at a pram at someone’s house near that nursery. Yes, I’ve officially joined the “multiple prams” gang. I know people with up to 4 prams for different uses/occasions! Our rationale was to get a pram for travel – while our red one (Steelcraft Compact) is strong and sturdy, it’s a bit too bulky to travel with.

Jacob’s very first pram ride! We only bought the pram after he was born, so he came along to choose his pram!

Initially I was thinking of buying the cheapest pram possible (maybe the Kmart or Big W pram) but was concerned that it’d either be too flimsy or too uncomfortable for Jacob. So, I resorted to my favourite place to grab bargains – Gumtree! I found an awesome Steelcraft Express that was almost brand new for just $40!

ImageIt’s so new that the plastic is still on the footrest! Not sure if Jacob approves of it, but time will tell…

On a final note, silly me was cooking with my hair untied; I reached to get something and burned my hair! I hate burned hair because it gets all frizzy and smelly! (and yes, I’ve done it a few times before). I couldn’t be bothered going to a salon so I just gave myself a haircut! What do you think?

ImageOkay, my hair might just be getting a tad bit too bushy. I love having thick hair but really, it can get rather forest-like at times. Oh wait, you weren’t looking at me or my hair – you were looking at my gorgeous little boy. And that’s fine by me. 🙂 

Happy weekend (and happy week) everyone!



Baby Shower Number 1

We have another shocker of a hot week so I’m going to stay in as much as possible, and if I have errands, will run them as early as possible. Thank goodness that it wasn’t so hot on the day of baby shower number one! 🙂 My friend is due in early March and she’s having a baby boy!


She had the party out in the yard and it was a beach-themed party. There was soooo much delicious food! I love the idea of the wishing tree (why didn’t I think of that at my shower?) – people just write a wish on a leaf and stick it on. I also made the little umbrella cups in the picture – I got the idea off the net and it was supposed to look like the picture below, but the cream melted and the babies sank into the ‘sand’. Oh well!


I ordered some cupcakes from a friend of mine and they did not disappoint. There was a little girl there who was fascinated by the dummy on the cupcake baby’s mouth and ate it right off! There was so much food that the men (who had gone off to play golf) came back after to help us finish it up!


Game time! Her sister-in-law organised three games while I organised the two games below (and had a third one on standby, but it was getting late). I especially enjoyed the Bottle drinking race between the three pregnant ladies – one would not imagine how hard it is to drink from a baby bottle (the teat is soooo tiny!).


My friend is really creative, hence a lot of the things at her baby shower are handmade! She made a lot of the decorations by herself and even made some gorgeous little booties for her bombonieres with yummy Hershey’s chocolate (I LOVE HERSHEY’S, especially the Cookies and Cream one).


Finally, what was Jacob doing? He was there with the ladies socialising, as usual! He was a good boy and went down for an afternoon sleep so I could have something to eat. Thanks everyone for taking turns to take care of him! 🙂 Here he is in a bit of a standoff with the dog (which is about the same size as him, haha!). 


It was a really lovely day and it was awesome to have a public holiday the next day to recover from it (for those who are working anyway). Today it’s back to school for Dan (and also all the students) – hope everyone has a lovely day!

My first baby shower!

This is my first relatively personal post (and hence will explain what’s been keeping me so busy the last few days!)… my baby shower!

I’ve read that normally baby showers are held when the mother is about 8 months pregnant, but I reckon it’s good I had it a bit earlier (I’m about 29 weeks) as I felt more energetic and mobile.

Also, it was good to have enough energy to clean the house before the guests arrived – I do admit that I can get quite slack at cleaning the house, and only pull myself together when under pressure (i.e. started cleaning at 10.00am for a 2.00pm party!) But, at long last, the house was in order (and nobody discovered my “junk” room).

The theme was yellow and green (as we haven’t found out our baby’s gender yet). It was after looking at the napkins that I bought that I realised it was quite a patriotic “Australian” theme – but the balloons softened the effect.



It’s funny how most of my friends are Asian – now, don’t take it as being biased. I know lots of Caucasian Aussies (and people of other ethnic groups, for that matter) that are really awesome people. It boils down to three factors:

1. When I was at Uni, my course was quite a highly exclusive one where Australians would only pay for it if they were granted scholarships (otherwise, it would be way more than they would need to pay to do a similar course at a local institution). There were only 4 Australians in my graduating class of 100+.

2. At church, my husband grew up with a group of Caucasian Australian & NZ guys, and guess what – majority of them married Asian girls! In the pic above, all of us girls who have partners have Caucasian partners.

3. At work, I’m at an Australian based company but the founders are Singaporean and for some reason, our team is highly multicultural – not to mention, lots of employees LOVE the Asian culture (or at least, love to put on an Asian accent).

But anyway, Asian or not Asian, I love my girls heaps and want to thank them so much for always being there for me!


And with lots of variety with the guests comes a variety of food! We had lots of yummy things to eat (and drink) – on the top right is one of my party favourites (though it’s hard to take to people’s houses due to spillage, so more of a party at home food). It’s called Honeydew Sago, though I did mine with rockmelon as well. And below is a treat my father-in-law made, called cream lillies! He’s truly a Masterchef – he also does some mean cheesecakes, which you may see in the course of my future posts too.


And what is a baby shower without games?


1. Mum-to-be crossword puzzle – it’s so easy to make crossword puzzles online and I had real fun making it. I put in questions like “How much weight did I gain?” (8kg), “What’s my biggest craving?” (KFC) and “What’s my baby’s Chinese zodiac sign?” (Snake).

2. Diaper Derby – the two bottom photos might explain the gist. A group wraps one person up in a ‘diaper’ made from toilet paper – and the person who can catwalk around the room without it falling will be the winner. My niece Esther was the cutest model (and she’s probably used to being in diapers too!)


3. Guess the price – My mum-in-law bought a whole lot of baby items and we had to rank them from the lowest priced to the most expensive. It was actually pretty tricky – I don’t think any of us got all correct!

4. Guess the mum’s measurements – Basically, I cut a string measuring the actual length around my belly (probably around the bellybutton is best) and then the guests cut a piece that they estimate. Most of them got it way too long! It’s really quite deceptive…

5. Decorate a jumpsuit – All you need is a few plain jumpsuits, some fabric paints, permanent markers and ribbons for a fun decoration session! It’s funny how nobody used any ribbons as majority think my baby’s going to be a boy…
Which one would be your winner out of these?

IMG_7913 IMG_7912

6. Catch the what? – At weddings, people catch the bouquet so I thought it was fitting that at a baby shower, guests can catch a diaper and will potentially become the next mum-to-be? Lots of cheering and laughter to follow…

7. Baby names – I also put up posters on the wall for baby names. I love my friends & family – they have such creative ideas!

IMG_7911 IMG_7910

And finally, I would love to thank everyone for their thoughtful and gorgeous presents! I really am so blessed!