4 month update

We had Jared’s 4 month check up and immunisations today. He was in such a good mood that I felt so bad to subject him to a needle in each thigh. The GP was amazed at how happy he was to be undressed to be measured and weighed – he loves being changed and laughs when I take his arms out of his sleeves as it tickles him. He’s a merry ol soul!


So, at 4 months and 1 week, Jared weighs 8.43kg and is 68cm long/tall. He’s on the higher end of the charts, which is great but is also why I have to go back to the chiropractor to get my back adjusted because of all the times I’ve done my back while carrying him.

Another thing I learned today was about the shift in the introduction of solids. Back when I had Jacob, we were told that anytime between 4 and 6 months was fine and to just introduce slowly such as give one food for a few days before trying another food, and to hold back on introducing “high-risk” food that cause allergies such as eggs, dairy, peanuts, etc. But now, it’s pretty much start at 4 months on the dot and introduce a number of things one after the other including things like eggs and nuts, as this actually helps in the scheme of reducing the likelihood of allergies.

Hence Jared has been upgraded to the status of “high chair”. He loved sitting in it but I put in a pillow to prop him as he’s still a bit wobbly. We tried some mashed banana with a bit of BM today – he mainly licked it as he still has the tongue thrust reflex, but I reckon he liked the taste nevertheless. I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it soon!


I may be biased, but Jared is such a delight. He is just happy most of the time unless there is a reason to be unhappy, such as a dirty nappy or his brother sitting on him. I am looking forward to many more of his milestones – some of the main ones we’ve seen of late are being able to roll from front to back (but not the other way round), sitting up for short periods of time, gooing and gaaing, and just most of the other things babies do at his age.

Also, on a closing note, one thing I love about winter is all the rain. Growing up in the tropics, rain never bothered me, and my body is finally acclimatizing to the cold. Rain equals muddy puddles! We went puddle jumping the other day and found the biggest puddle ever (which he eventually fell into, ugh!).

Have a nice week everyone!

Of baptisms and baby showers…

I always tell myself that I want to blog on the weekends but I never seem to find the time. There seem to be so many events on in the later months of the year… and next week, it’ll be December!

I was planning on blogging yesterday (and started the post then) but Jacob had a massive meltdown – not sure what caused it, maybe a growth spurt? The doctor cleared him with a perfect bill of health, so perhaps it was a one off.

He was very well-behaved at the doctor’s today and had a whinge when he got his shots, but is happily asleep now. The doctor says he’s heavy and tall for his age (75th percentile), which I can’t complain about I guess (except he is giving me sore wrists carrying him). He was a cutie yesterday too:


Anyway, my busy weekend actually started on Thursday night with my husband’s Year 12 school formal (he’s a high school teacher). It was held in a picturesque location in the hills, and it was simply lovely. I knew quite a few students from this year’s formal as I chaperoned on their Year 10 school camp. It was a relatively eventful one (and it was pretty much rained out) which involved taking shelter at a boathouse, surviving leeches galore and even a helicopter ride to hospital (but it all turned out fine in the end).

ImageI bought some heels to wear to the event but chickened out and wore my Airflex office shoes. There was a lot of gravel and my joints are still a bit loose from the pregnancy. But I promise you, leopard print heels, I will wear you soon!


It was also probably the longest I’ve ever been away from Jacob (and I was feeling a bit anxious, especially towards the end of the night). We used to bring him out with us at night but now we don’t want to spoil his routine, and he does find it easier to fall asleep in bed at night rather than somewhere foreign and noisy.

Speaking of which, we were out on Saturday night for two baptisms in the Adelaide City Church. I’ve only attended a few baptisms (including my own) but I find them such beautiful events. I love the fact that it symbolises a public expression of one’s faith, and how you are making a stand for what you believe in. Jacob, however, didn’t enjoy the baptismal experience as much and was completely restless. He did fall asleep in my arms for a while but I believe we’ll not be doing too many more night outings.

Thinking back on my own baptism a few years ago, there were fewer than 10 people present, as it was an afternoon session at a church I didn’t even go to (but they had the baptismal pool there). I remember the wind rustling through palm trees and the serenity in the air, and I knew that the audience wasn’t small. In fact, all the angels in heaven were present. 🙂

ImageThinking back on my own baby shower (http://ligurl27.wordpress.com/2013/06/10/my-first-baby-shower/), I had a relatively simple one – probably because I hadn’t been to many baby showers before and didn’t want too much of a fuss. But now I’ve been to a few and have a few more coming up in the next few months, I’m really into baby showers!

I went to one on Sunday, which had a lovely pastel theme and was held out in the garden. I’m still waiting on the pictures, but I assure you it was gorgeous. I have one to plan in January which will have a Hawaiian theme. All this made me think of what I’d like to do at my next baby shower (yes, assuming I have another baby on the way sometime). So, here are my Top 5 Baby Shower themes, regardless if I’m having a boy or a girl (and in no particular order):

1. Book club! No, we’re not going to be reading baby care books. It’ll probably involve people bringing a book for the baby (thought I already have heaps cos I love kids books). Maybe it could even follow the theme of one of the books. No, I must restrain myself from having a Harry Potter party. But that would be soooooo cool!


2. Pamper party! What a great excuse to have a relax with the girls – perhaps have a bit of a getaway to a day spa or just do each other nails. That would be a treat for me because I love massages and I don’t usually spend money on beautification (hence why I look like a plain Jane all the time).

3. Superheroes! I’d probably make it a co-ed baby shower and get Daniel to run some games. And I’d love Superhero gifts too, please! (On a separate note, I bought Jacob a Batman jumpsuit yesterday).


4. Jet-setter shower! Maybe with a globe cake and have aeroplanes and suitcases as part of the decor. I might include a Geography quiz in the games part too. 🙂

5. Pirate theme! Yes, I’ve been to a few pirate parties in the last few years, but it hasn’t lost its appeal (and I do have a pirate costume that I want to use again). Arrrr!


Just a disclaimer – I got those pictures off Google and don’t own any of them. Except the one of me. XD

On an ending note, I wish Skittles were as patient as this dog: http://distractify.com/fun/humor/scout-is-the-single-most-composed-dog-on-the-planet/