Scumbag Baby

I apologise for taking so long to write another post – maybe I’ll just have to take a step back and do only 2 posts a week (which seems to be the case anyway). I’ve been doing a bit of driving later and am going to put up a couple of posts about the gorgeous little towns tucked away in the Adelaide Hills.

But anyway, on to this post. Have you seen Memes about scumbag babies? I always thought they were relatively funny (until I actually realised that babies actually do those things).

Here are some examples (and disclaimer – these are not my images so if you click on them, they go to the original websites where I got them):





Here are a few scumbag things Jacob has done in the last few months (or as far as I remember anyway):

– He refuses to eat his food and throws it on the floor. But then he’ll try to eat food on the floor, and cry when I try to take it away from him.

– So, he’s playing in his playpen with plastic balls and throws a ball out, then cries and wants to get it (despite there being like a hundred other balls in the playpen?)

– He has a hundred toys to play with but insists on playing/biting my shoes. It doesn’t matter if he’s in a different room – he will go searching for my shoes to bite them.

– When I try to take a video of him laughing, he stops laughing the moment I start recording.

– When we watch movies at night after we put him to bed, he’ll wake up and cry right at the climatic parts of the show. And refuse to go back to sleep.

In all truth, he’s a good baby and is tolerant of my agenda. I do quite a few things and drag him along on my excursions, but he’s fairly patient and I think it’s all a give and take thing (and timing is so important). For example, with our road trip today, I timed it with his naps so for most of the car trip, he was asleep. He got to meet Nanny and cousin Esther at lunch (and I got this gorgeous shot with both of them smiling):


And because he was a bit squirmy, I stopped at a playground and let him play on the swing. I know it’s a blurry picture, but it’s a happy one.

ImageAnd for the grand finale(s), I’d just like to redirect you to a site about “Reasons why my toddler is crying” – there’s a full website where people upload them by the day, but here are some of my favourites.

Have a great week, folks!



The daily grump…

It’s just one of those Mondays and the first thing that came to mind was my favourite Grumpy Cat. Yes, Grumpy Cat knows exactly how I feel…


I think that I’m feeling the Monday blues more than anyone because of the following:

1. A crazy work backlog. Not that I’ve been procrastinating or anything, but today was just one of those days where I couldn’t check things off the to-do list fast enough – heck, I didn’t even have enough time to make up a to-do list today!

2. Heartburn, grrr. I found that what settles me (for at least a few hours anyway) is a yummy bubble tea! Okay, I know that those pearls are not good for me so I’ve switched to grass jelly. My current favourite is Chatime’s Oolong Milk Tea with pearls grass jelly, 50% sugar and no ice.


3. No more Game of Thrones episodes to look forward to. I can’t believe we have to wait til 2014 to find out what happens next! I suppose I could read the books, but then again, I hardly have time to vacuum my floor (and we know which is more important).

Even if Mondays are a low point, it just gets better from there (I hope, anyway!)



On an ending note, I can still fit into my size 8 dress (though I might have stretched it a bit). Yes, I have a lot of post-pregnancy work to do. Have a great week!