Written sometime between 4am and 5am in the comfort of my bedroom, typed on my phone as I rocked Jared to sleep. He’s 1 month old today, by the way!

Dimmed orange lights
Shadows awash on the wall.
A chill moves through the air
It’s 4am in the fall.
Gentle music of old
Singing you to sleep
Arms tired, hands numb
But rocking I will keep.
Gentle brown eyes
Unfaltering and strong
Persisting to stay up
How long, how long
The drawing of breaths
The whiff of milk
The warmth of hugs
Soft skin of silk
My dreams are tired
Thoughts, some not sane
But love wins the race
We will be here again
There is a tale
From not so long ago
A promise I made
Before you became so
Of love, joy and hope
Of sacrifice and strife
Because you end my world
Yet you are also my life
As I lay you down
Hours become days
It doesn’t seem to end
All turns into a daze
Then one day, light’s off
Silence down the hall
Save the breathing
Of someone not so small
Gentle music still plays
Yet now a different song
Give me courage
The will to be strong
Time once stood still
It also ran me off my feet
There is now a place
We will no longer meet
So guard your heart
Allow yourself a fond farewell
A moment never seen again
A story only time can tell.